Bo and Hope arrive in Ohio to try and talk with this gun dealer. They bang on the door but no one answers. Bo hears someone coming so he hides as he watches them looking at something over the barrel of fire. When Bo identifies himself the stranger throws the box of papers at him that she was holding and runs off. When Hope comes back she sees the box was full of receipts.

Bo gets inside and walks around with his gun drawn asking the lady to come out so he can talk to her. He says he isn’t even in his district so all he is there for is to ask a few questions. He says the gun he is interested in was involved in an attempted murder and he needs some information on it. With his back turned to her, she comes out holding a gun on him telling him to go away or she will shoot him dead. Bo knocks the gun out of her hand and tells her he wants to know where that gun came from. She tells him the real dealer was her husband and she has been selling those guns to get some quick cash for her and her baby. She tells them her husband is dead.

They start going through all the records and finally Hope finds a receipt that has the serial numbers of the gun that Kate used. Bo asks her if she has other records and she says no. She tells them she got evicted so she has been camping out there in the storage room til she can sell the guns, and then she will have enough money to rent a place. Her baby was taken away from her til she can find a place for them to live. Bo tells Hope maybe he should call the FBI in and see if maybe they can squeeze a little more information out of her.

This makes her nervous so she asks Bo if a picture would help. He says why yes it would. She tells him her husband installed a hidden camera to take a picture of everyone he sold a gun to. Bo tells her he needs to see the picture on this certain date. While she goes off to find the pictures Hope tells Bo she wants him to go easy on this girl. She tells him she feels sorry for her. Bo says not to worry that he will let her go, she hasn’t really done anything wrong anyway. The girl comes out with a picture of the man that bought that gun. She hands it to them only for it to be a picture of Lucas Roberts. Bo looks at the picture better and notices in the picture that apparently Lucas bought two guns and now they are going to have to find it. After Bo and Hope leave Lucas gets a phone call warning him that they traced that gun back to him.

Kate goes to see Lucas to try and put their plan in order to try and make Sami think the DiMera vendetta is still on. Lucas is having second thoughts knowing how much she hates Sami. Kate tells him she does hate Sami but she loves him more. Lucas doesn’t want to make Sami’s family suffer any more but Kate says they have to do this if he wants her back. He is worried that if the cops trace that gun she had back to him he could be in a lot of trouble. Kate tells him they won’t and she wants him to just concentrate on getting Sami out of EJ’s life now.

They agree that whatever they decide to do it will have to look real since nothing the DiMera’s ever do is ever fake. They have to think of the right thing. Kate says she has it now. They could cut the brakes on Steve and Kayla’s car. Lucas is worried if they do this someone will get hurt and he doesn’t want to do that. He tells her if they cut the brakes on their car that would be attempted murder. She says she is not going to be trying to kill anyone. She says when they get in the car they won’t go far because once she cuts the brake lines, she is going to drain the gas tank. Lucas says no, because then Steve could just get some gas for it and then drive off. Kate says ok so it wasn’t a good plan, but at least she is trying. Lucas tells her he is not going to put Sami’s family through this. Kate asks him what is wrong with him. She reminds him that he has been through this before but as always to keep him clean he has always let her do the dirty work for him.

Even thought Lucas is against this and doesn’t want to do it Kate arranges for Kayla and Steve to be using their car by delivering Christmas packages to Lucas and Sami for her, or so Kate wants them to think. Before they leave Kate gets to the diner and crawls under their car. When Steve and Kayla come out the diner Steve sees someone come out from under their car and run away and he goes after them.

Kayla and Steve are at the diner with Hope and Bo’s daughter. They talk about them having a baby of their own. Kayla tries convincing Steve he would be a perfect Father. He tells her with his background and lifestyle he probably shouldn’t even consider having any more kids of his own. Kayla reminds Steve that his sister came from the same parents as he did and she has kids. She tells him that his sister’s kids are fine and Adrienne is doing just fine so why wouldn’t he. Kayla tells him she already knows that he would be a good father, she reminds him of how good he was with Stephanie. She finally convinces him for them to try and make a baby of their own now.

Jan Barrett

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