Bo and Hope discuss the shooting case and all the suspects. They are trying to figure out who the most likely suspect would be. They think about Kate and her gun. They think Kate is hiding something or covering for someone and they are wondering if maybe it is Lucas she is covering for. Bo is waiting on a report from the FBI on the gun that has the serial numbers removed. He says there is still no word. They are worried about Roman and how he is going to handle this case.

Abe comes by and brings the report in that Bo is waiting on. It was traced to a known gun dealer in Cincinnati. Abe said he called them, but as soon as he identified himself to the dealer, they hung up on him right away. Hope says it looks like someone is going to have to hightail it to Ohio. Abe says there is one thing they should know that this so called gun dealer is a woman. Bo and Hope decide they will both go to Ohio to talk to this woman.

Phillip is working up a good sweat while working out on the treadmill. He starts thinking about the dream he had of Belle coming to him telling him she told Shawn about her being in love with Phillip. Kate comes in and interrupts his thoughts. She tells him she is so glad he is so worried about making her bail. He says he talked to his lawyers and they told him she made bail. She feels that he turned his back on her just to score better with Belle. Kate tells Phillip that she overheard Roman herself tell the cops to bury evidence showing that it was Marlena’s gun that shot EJ. So now she is mad and tells Phillip she is going to take care of this one. She says if Roman thinks he is going to make her take the fall just to protect his precious Marlena then she will show him that she won’t let that happen.

Kate wants Phillip to help her. She wants him to call the right people as an anonymous caller reporting a tip of a cover-up of evidence. She says if they investigate it then Roman will either have to arrest Marlena or lose his job.

Marlena calls her nurse and has her cancel all her appointments and tells her it is because she will be away for a while. The door bell rings and it is Roman. She tells him she has been expecting him and invites him to come in. Marlena thanks him for giving her time to get her affairs in order before arresting her. When he finally gets a word in Roman tells her that ballistic reports came back and it wasn’t her gun that shot EJ. He tells her it was someone else’s gun that shot him. She says but she did shoot the gun. He says well she still didn’t shoot EJ. Roman gives Marlena the gun and the original ballistics report. She tells him this is evidence. He tells her not if it doesn’t exist. With no evidence no charges can be made. She begs him to take the gun and the evidence back but he says it is too late. He has already removed it from the evidence room. Marlena is worried that someone will find out about it.

While they are talking about it Kate walks in and says well, what do we have here? Marlena asks Kate how she dare enter her home without being invited in. Marlena tells her to get out before she kills her herself. Kate tells Roman she wants Marlena to turn herself in. He says and what if she doesn’t. She says she is glad he asked that. She takes out her phone and calls Phillip telling him to go on and make that call to the DA and tell him about the cover-up in the Salem PD. She turns around and just looks at Roman. Roman tells Kate to stop this. Marlena takes the phone from Kate and tells him not to make that call. His mother will call him back later. Roman tells Kate after all he has done for her this is how she repays him. She says she is fighting for her life now and walks out. Marlena tells Roman to take her in, she is ready to go. Later he runs into Bo and Hope before they leave for Ohio and he tells them he had to arrest Marlena. 

Chelsea is upset thinking she killed Ford Decker. Stephanie and Max tell her it was an accident. There was nothing she could have done to stop it. Chelsea doesn’t understand what Max is doing there. Stephanie tells her she had to call him, they needed help. Max says he is glad she did call him, because he is not going to let them or their sorority sisters go down for the likes of Ford Decker. After they get Chelsea calmed down she goes to take a shower. Max tells Stephanie not to worry about anything that he will take care of the body. He tells her he isn’t going to let anything happen to her, and then quickly says he meant them. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her not to worry.

When Chelsea gets out the shower she thinks back about what happened when Ford died. She thinks she should go to the cops but Stephanie tells her no, she can’t go and confess anything. Chelsea apologizes to Max, saying it isn’t that she doesn’t trust him. He tells her she doesn’t have to apologize. He says he checked out the house and all outside and in the basement and there is just no way they can move that body. They ask him why can’t they and he says because of the surveillance cameras set up outside by Billie. The only thing Max can think of is that Ford Decker is going to have to stay there forever. Chelsea goes out and gets a shovel for him. They are going to have to bury Ford in the basement.

While Chelsea and Stephanie are talking they hear a door open and they see a man coming in looking just like Ford and they both start screaming. Max tells them both to calm down that it is him. He tells them he has dressed in Ford’s cap and jacket so he will look like Ford so they can catch him on the camera leaving, so no one will know he never actually left. He has buried Ford in the basement but only he, and Stephanie and Chelsea are going to know about it.

Jan Barrett

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