Sami tells Lucas she is only lying to EJ about how she feels, not to him. She says she will find a way to convince him of that one day. She asks him to keep an eye on the twins while she runs some errands. When she leaves EJ was watching from his door and waits til she is gone. He goes to Lucas’s apartment and tells him he wants to see his son.

Lucas tells EJ it is ok for him to see Johnny so he invites him in. He hands the baby to EJ and tells him to be careful. Lucas asks him if he felt helpless when they told him he could no longer use his legs. EJ tells him yes at first until Sami talked to him and gave him a reason to want to live. Lucas says man I know ya legs are dead but are you brain dead too? EJ tells Lucas he is not going to get him to start doubting his own wife. Lucas makes it a point to say that EJ knew why Sami married him to begin with and now does he really think she suddenly is in love with him?

Sami comes in and asks what is going on. EJ says nothing, he was just there to visit with his son and they were just talking. EJ hands Johnny to her saying he is fast asleep and make he would want to lay with his sister. EJ leaves, thanking Lucas for his hospitality, and saying he will talk to them both later. Once he is gone Sami asks Lucas what was he trying to do, ruin everything. He tells her before he wondered about her being in love with EJ and he still doesn’t know for sure but one thing he does know for sure is that EJ is in love with her. She says yeah as long as he doesn’t say something to make EJ suspicious.

Lucas goes to out to get some fresh air, leaving Sami there in the apartment with the twins alone. The phone rings and it is EJ. He tells Sami he needs her help. She tells him she is all alone with the twins and she can’t leave. He just says please Samantha. So Sami goes across the hall leaving the door opened only to find EJ lying on the floor with his wheel chair turned over. She helps him get back in his chair and Sami feels sorry for him being left like that. She tells EJ he really should reconsider hiring an aide to help him. When she hears the babies crying she has to go back to her apartment but finds herself in tears before she goes in.

The girls talk about what happened with Ford. Cordy says she is glad he is dead, now she doesn’t have to be afraid of him. They need to decide what to do with his body. They start wondering if maybe they were wrong. Maybe he isn’t really dead after all. Stephanie says ok who is going down there with her to make sure he is dead. No one moves. Stephanie says ok, she will take care of Ford’s body. She tells them all to go on to class and all swear never to say a word about this. Once they all go to get ready for class, Stephanie calls Max and asks him to please help her, she is in big trouble. Stephanie convinces Max that they didn’t know what to do when Ford fell. She tells him they had to do something to make Ford pay for what he done to all those girls, still not revealing that ford had actually raped her too. Max says the first thing they need to do though is make sure he is dead.

As they start to go down in the basement Chelsea screams. She is dreaming that she sees Ford walking into her bedroom. He says surprise. He wants to know where did they leave off. Stephanie tries to comfort her telling her it is all over now. Max comes in the room and says he went down to the basement and Ford’s body was exactly where Stephanie said it was and yes he is dead.

Sami goes to see Marlena to see how she is doing. They talk about Sami’s marriage to EJ. Sami says she thinks she made a mistake by marrying EJ because Lucas is having a really hard time accepting it. Marlena asks her well what did she really expect. Marlena then tells Sami she might be going to prison. Sami is confused. Marlena tells her she was the woman in black at the church. She says she shot EJ or she thinks she did. She is waiting on Roman to come right now to arrest her. Sami says her father can’t do that. Marlena says he doesn’t have any choice. She admits the shooting was like a dream. She can’t even remember actually pulling the trigger but she does know she went there to get revenge for John’s death.

Lucas meets with Kate to talk about the shooting. She tells Lucas that the reason she went to the church had nothing to do with her feelings for Sami. She says as much as she hates Sami, she loves him more. She convinces Lucas that she has his best interest at heart. She tells him of a plan to make Sami think the vendetta hasn’t stopped even though she married EJ anyway. She tells Lucas if they can convince Sami that the vendetta is still going on she will leave EJ for ever. Lucas says OK he is in.

Jan Barrett

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