Sami and Lucas fight over her letting EJ take little Johnny. He accuses her of giving up on their love and their marriage. He thinks she is falling in love with EJ now. He tells her she is a DiMera now and as long as she is EJ’s wife she is no longer welcome in his apartment. She says he can’t make her leave. Her name is on their lease too. She tells him she understands how he feels. He tells her he will do what he has to do to get her out of his life. Sami seduces Lucas and they end up making love. She succeeded in getting him to change his mind again. She tells him that this is all just a show for EJ, she doesn’t love him, she love Lucas.

Chelsea starts fighting with Ford as he tries to rape her. The other girls come out the room with Stephanie yelling at him to get off of her you son of a bitch. Ford gets off Chelsea and shoves Stephanie into the other girls as Chelsea tries running away only to trip on the stairs. Ford catches up with her before she can get away. Chelsea gets away and runs upstairs but they start fighting at the top of the stairs. Chelsea shoves him away from her and Ford falls down the stairs. When he gets to the bottom he crawls a little ways and stops. Morgan asks him if he is OK. The others tell her to get away from him but she screams that he is not breathing. They try giving him CPR but Morgan and Sloan say it is too late, he is dead.

Some of the girls want to call the campus security and the others don’t want to call anyone yet. Stephanie points out to the others that if they call the law they will all be arrested for murder. No matter what story they give they would all be charged and have to go to jail. Chelsea can’t say much because of the drug in her body that Ford gave her. Cordy says Ford is dead because of what he done to them. She says she doesn’t feel bad about this. They say they all put in their share of the drug in Ford’s drink, so if they call the police they will all go to jail and they say they don’t want to go to jail over this. They all agree to keep quiet about it now. There are security cameras all over outside so they can’t get rid of the body that way. They say there is the basement. They can keep him down there til they can figure out what to do with him.

Morgan has flashbacks of the night Ford drugged her and tried to rape her. She remembers feeling sick and then nothing. She remembers waking up and being half naked and then she remembers laying her head back down on the bed feeling sick. Then Cordy remembers how Ford banged on the door at Stephanie’s house trying to get to them. Then Stephanie remembers when Ford attacked her too.

Tony and Anna go to see EJ at his apartment. Anna is quite taken with the baby and offers to take him and change him while EJ and Tony talk. Tony warns EJ to try to protect his son against Stefano. EJ says his son is a DiMera and he can’t think of what more protection he needs. Tony says all the more reason he needs to provide extra protection for the baby. EJ defends Stefano. Tony warns him of what Stefano is capable of.  Tony begs him to get Johnny as far away from Stefano as he can. EJ tells Tony that the truth of the matter is that he really loves Stefano. He says he loves Stefano because he knows that when Stefano does something he does it for blood. Tony tells him that the first time Stefano asks EJ for something and he doesn’t give it to him then Stefano will turn on him. Tony doesn’t give up trying to make EJ understand just how Stefano is.

Stefano talks to Rolf and tells him that he is afraid to think of EJ as the future for the DiMera’s. He says that Sami controls EJ’s emotions and he considers that as a weakness. He tells him how Sami came into the room and took little Johnny right out of his hands and EJ didn’t do anything to stop her. She has EJ wrapped around her finger.

Tony goes to Stefano and asks him for a favor. He asks him to please leave Elvis’ little son alone. Stefano tells him Johnny is an heir to the DiMera’s and he will always make sure that he has everything he ever wants.

EJ goes to Lucas and Sami’s apartment and tells them he has decided to bring Johnny home to be with his sister. He decided that Sami can take care of him much better than he can. He wants to try and end this animosity between him and Lucas and he leaves after Sami takes the baby.

Jan Barrett

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