Phillip dreams that Belle comes into his office and tells him she finally left Shawn. He dreams that she walked towards him wearing a black sexy dress, and she sits on his desk in front of him. He hears her tell him she has loved him and only him for years and has never stopped. Then he dreams again of her coming in telling him she killed Shawn to prove to him she loves him now. Phillip wakes from his desk and is startled after finding it was only a dream. He grabs his jacket and leaves the office.

Shawn is giving Belle a massage and he apologizes to her for ever doubting her. She tells him no need to apologize. She just wants him to keep doing what he is doing. She tells Shawn she is not the nice girl he thinks she is but he doesn’t want to know anything more.  He later wakes up and finds her staring out the window. He walks over to her and kisses her leading her slowly back to the bed to make love to her.

Bo tells Hope about Shawn’s chances now of getting into the Police Academy. He lets Hope know that he found out that Phillip didn’t write that letter to the Academy trying to get Shawn turned down. It was Belle instead. Hope finally tells Bo that she is starting to think it was a mistake for them not telling Shawn about Belle and Phillip. Bo wants to know why she has changed her mind. She tells him about the phone message she found on Belle’s phone and found out that Belle had been with Phillip the night before the wedding.

Chelsea comes in with supplies to set Ford up. Sloan is nervous about being alone with Ford so she says she doesn’t think she can do this. Chelsea tells her they have the monitors set so they will be able to hear everything. Stephanie tells them Ford Decker is a strong man, this isn’t safe. Chelsea says yes he is strong but he isn’t as strong as all of them put together. Chelsea pulls Stephanie to the side and asks her what is going on and wants to know why she keeps making excuses why they can’t continue this. The girls want to know after they pull their plan off, what happens after they let Ford go. They want to know how they are going to be able to protect themselves.

Sloan is too nervous to do this. They are worried that if Ford sees her shaking like this he will know something is up so Chelsea says fine then she will just have to do this. When Ford knocks on the door the girls all hide and Chelsea opens the door. Surprised to see her standing there he asks her what she is doing there. She asks him what he thinks. When he comes inside she tells him she had Sloan call him over for her because she didn’t think he would talk to her if she called him herself. She says she wanted to apologize to him. She tells him Cordy admitted to her that she lied about him raping her so she feels like she has to apologize to him for all the accusations against him. He says well it is about time she admits it. He walks around and when Chelsea asks him what is he doing he says just checking the place out. He heads towards Cordy’s room and Chelsea quickly tells him that is just Cordy’s room. He turns around and asks her if she really thinks he is stupid, he knows what is going on.

Chelsea plays him well by convincing him that she was wrong about him. She tells him she totally understands and thanks him for coming by. He says he isn’t going anywhere. She offers him a drink The girls are listening and they know she has to get him drinks. They all put their share of drugs into his drink and Chelsea tells them she has to make sure she doesn’t get it mixed up When she hands him his he asks about some music. He wants her to go put something on to listen to. While she is gone he slips the drug into her drink. When she comes back in they start to take a drink when he tells her to taste his first. She reluctantly takes a swallow, then hands him his drink back. She asks if he is satisfied now. He tells her not yet but he is going to be.

Later Ford and Chelsea are on the couch and Chelsea seems to be drugged sort of. Ford makes his move on her and even though she tells him to stop he tells her he knows she wants it and fights with her as he gets on top of her. The girls all come running in and Stephanie yells at him telling him to get off of her you son of a bitch.

Sami talks to EJ about hiring a nurse to help him and he starts tickling her joking around with her when she trips and falls into his lap. Before she can get up Lucas comes in and sees her in EJ’s lap. He gets mad and grabs EJ by the shirt and threatens him. Sami pulls Lucas off of EJ and asks EJ if he is ok. She thinks he needs to go back to the hospital to be sure he is ok but he refuses. Lucas wants to know what’s going on there. EJ says she may as well tell him the truth. Lucas wants to know what truth. EJ says she has been lying for him.

Jan Barrett

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