Marlena is sitting at the table once again thinking about the night John was hit by the car and then of the night in the hospital when she got him to rest when he passed away. Hope walks up to her table and interrupts her thoughts. Hope tells her she missed her at her Gram’s for Christmas traditions. Marlena tells her she got a call from the cleaners. Hope thinks that’s kind of odd for Christmas Day. Marlena said what else was odd was that the place was closed. A woman came out from the building next to it and told her that John was alive.

Hope wants to know who this woman was. Marlena says she said her name was Crystal and she was a psychic Marlena tells her what the woman said and she admits that now she thinks John is alive. She says she can feel it. Hope thinks this was a setup by the DiMera’s to cause a diversion. Marlena doesn’t think so. She believes what the woman told her. Hope suggests that they go right now to find this psychic. They take off and Marlena shows her where the woman came out. While banging on the door a man walks up telling them that no one has been in that building in a long time. He tells her the building has been condemned

Stefano calls Rolf a fool telling him that he let their guest get away when Rolf tells him that the man must have gotten out through the tunnel. They go out looking for him when they run into a small boy who claims to have seen the man. Stefano asks which way the man went. The little boy shows him which way he went Stefano gives him some money and then thanks him.

Kate is in her car and her phone rings. It is Lucas telling her that he is freezing and he is coming out right now so he can get warm. She tells him to relax she just wanted to make sure they weren’t followed. He says there were no sirens or dogs barking or any signs of them being followed so he is getting out. She says fine and gets out to help him out the trunk of the car. He gets in the car and tells her to put some heat on. He wants to know what they are doing at the airport. She tells him Phillip is sending a car and they will be on their way to Mexico. He says good, he can do Mexico and then asks what does she mean by We? She says she is going with him because he will need her. She says this is the only way to get him to Europe. She says the Kiriakis name has a lot of clout and Phillip is going to help them.

EJ tracks Lucas and Kate down to the airport and tells Sami to go to the airport and try to stop them. She wants to call Marlena and ask her to come watch the twins for her so she can go. EJ says he will watch them, for her to go and catch them before it is too late. She wants to know why he would do this. She doesn’t trust him at all. She thinks he is up to something. He tells her that if he looks good in her eyes then he will look good in the eyes of his son too. Sami still doesn’t trust him so he tells her then fine, call someone else to come look after the kids that she trusts. He says just hurry because Lucas is running out of time. He starts walking out the door but Sami says comes back, telling him she changed her mind. She leaves him there with the twins.
Lucas feels less than happy about doing this thinking Sami is going to hate him. Kate tells him if he doesn’t go, Stefano will have him killed for shooting EJ. He argues with her at first but then he finally realizes that she is right. While they are talking a car pulls up and a man tells Kate that Phillip sent him and he was told that there would be two passengers. She says there are and then turns around telling Lucas to get the luggage because they have to get out of there. Just as they are loading the luggage Sami runs up yelling for him to please not leave.

Stephanie and Max get to Chelsea who is worried now about Crawford Decker coming back with a search warrant for the house and then finding Ford’ body in the basement. She says they have to get that body out of there. Chelsea and Max go down in the basement to try and figure out a way to get rid of Ford’s body. Stephanie is upstairs waiting on them when the doorbell rings but she is scared to answer it. When she pulls herself together she opens the door. It is Billie and a police detective there with a warrant for the two of them to search the house. Stephanie asks where Ford’s Dad is. Billie tells her they decided to leave him at home. They say they will start the search upstairs and she asks Stephanie to tell Chelsea she wants to talk to her.

Max plans to put Ford’s body into the old hot water heater. Chelsea doesn’t think this will work but Max says it is a perfect idea to get him out of the house without them being picked up on the cameras. Max has Chelsea call maintenance to go outside by the front door to fix the light so they can slip out the door with the hot water heater without being spotted on the camera. They come upstairs with the old water heater and as soon as they go out with it Billie and the detective come in saying they are ready to search the basement. When they get down there the detective notices something on the floor in front of the new water heater. Billie asks him if he found something and his response is that he is not sure.

Jan Barrett

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