EJ goes to see Stefano but he finds that his key doesn’t work so he rings the doorbell. Rolf answers but won’t let him inside. He tells EJ that Stefano is not home. EJ says he will just go in and wait for him but Rolf tells him that no one is allowed to come in unless Stefano approves of it first, then he shuts the door. EJ finds a way to get inside and as he is rumbling through things someone comes from behind and knocks him out with a club, leaving him on the floor unconscious. Stefano walks in and finds EJ on the floor and helps him up telling him that’s what happens when people drink too much. EJ says he hasn’t been drinking that someone hit him from behind.

As he is helping EJ up Stefano tells him he knows it was his houseguest. Stefano says he was spotted going through his personal things in his desk and that’s why he was hit. EJ asks who is this house guest but Stefano says he will find out in due time. EJ asks Stefano what he meant by what he said about Johnny being taken care of. Stefano says Johnny is a DiMera and will be raised as one. EJ warns him that Johnny will be raised as he and Sami sees fit. Stefano says he will be making a grave mistake by doing that.

Sami calls Roman to talk to him about Lucas leaving. Roman gets the details from Sami about what she knows about Lucas leaving. He tells her that when they catch up with Lucas they are going to have to arrest Lucas for attempted murder.

Rolf comes in to let Stefano know that it is all over the news that there has been a warrant issued for the arrest of Lucas Roberts. Stefano is surprised and this gives EJ something to think about. Stefano says Samantha better hope she has not been foolish enough to take off with Lucas with his grandson. If she has she will be sorry. EJ says no she wouldn’t have done that but then excuses himself saying he has to go check on something.

EJ goes to see Sami and she is surprised that he is walking. At first she is surprised but then realizes that he must have been lying about him not being able to walk all this time. Then he starts to make excuses then stops himself saying he promised not to lie about anything anymore. She tells him Lucas did not shoot him. She thinks he and Stefano set it up to make it look like he did but EJ says his father would never have risked his life to try something as crazy as that. He then offers to help Sami find Lucas and she wants to know just what he would want in return. He says nothing but then says no that’s not true. He does want something. She says this better be good. He says he would like to ask her to let Johnny form his own opinion about him as he is growing up without her influence to turn him against him. He says Johnny is the only person in the world that loves him unconditionally and he really likes that.

Max goes to see Stephanie and at first she doesn’t answer the door but then decides to answer. She puts on a smile and tells him nothing is wrong but he tells her that he doesn’t believe her. He thinks something else is going on and he wishes she would talk to him about it. She admits to him that she has been acting pretty weird lately and she does apologize for that. She uses the excuse that she is worried about Cordy about what she went through. Max tells her that somehow he gets the feeling that they are not talking about Cordy here. He asks her directly if Ford did something to her to hurt her.

Nick and Chelsea are together alone in the sorority house talking about making love when suddenly someone is banging on their door. When Nick answers the door, it is Crawford Decker, Ford’s father looking for Chelsea. When he sees her he demands to know where his son his. Chelsea tells him she has no idea where Ford is. Nick tells him that Chelsea isn’t lying that she doesn’t know. He asks Chelsea what she did to his son. He knows she is the one that started putting those flyers out about Ford. Chelsea says Ford was a rapist and she had to warn others about him. He catches right away that she used the word was and asks is he not one now? Once again he asks her what she did to his son. Crawford goes upstairs saying he plans to search the house from top to bottom to find Ford. Chelsea says he can’t do that but he goes upstairs anyway. Nick called Billie and then he tells Chelsea to let him search. He says there is nothing he can find anyway right?

He comes downstairs and wants to know how to get in the basement. Just as he heads for it Billie comes in and stops him telling him she can’t let him search this house or any other house on campus without a search warrant. Out of hurt Crawford brings up how Billie covered for Chelsea when she hit her brother Zack killing him and says she is no different than her daughter. Billie hesitates and then answers that she made a mistake, they both did. She says she understands what he is going through so they will ignore his offensive comments. She tells him she went over the surveillance tapes and comes to the conclusion that the girls were telling the truth. She shows him the tapes but he says who is to say that that was even his son leaving in those tapes. Billie tells him to leave or she will have him arrested for trespassing and then he said if she does that he will make sure she ends up back on the streets again.

Nick tells Crawford he owes Billie an apology for that kind of comment. He says he isn’t going to apologize for anything. He turns around and heads for the basement but Chelsea tells him he can’t go down there. He asks her why not. She says he can’t go without a search warrant. Billie tells him she is going to ask him one more time to leave or she will call the police. He says God help Chelsea if she has done something to his son and then leaves. Crawford leaves and then Billie asks Chelsea has something else happened that she doesn’t know about. Chelsea says no, so Billie leaves. When Nick gets a call that he has to take from one of his students Chelsea calls Stephanie and tells her Crawford is gone right now but will be back with a search warrant. Stephanie asks her what they are going to do. Chelsea says she and Max need to get over there. They have to move the body.

Jan Barrett

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