Marlena is lying in bed thinking about the night that John was killed when suddenly she hears a noise that startles her. When she sees nothing there she picks up his picture and asks him how she is going to get through Christmas without him. She hears the noise again and gets up to investigate. When she gets downstairs she finds Sami who tells her Merry Christmas. She brings her a Christmas present which is a double framed picture of the twins.

Marlena calls Roman and asks him to come over. When he gets there she asks him if he can call and find out where Brady is. Marlena tells Roman now that he is there Sami can give him her good news. Sami tells him that she has left EJ for good. She is going to file for a divorce. Marlena says it is odd because they can’t even find Cloe in Vienna. Sami says she can’t believe she didn’t know it but Cloe is there in town. Marlena is mad now that Cloe never let her know she was back in town. Marlena calls Cloe and tells her she wants some answers about Brady and she will expect to see her within the hour.

While Marlena and Roman and Sami wait on Cloe, Roman’s phone rings and he says it is from Vienna and says he will take the call in the other room. Cloe comes in and Marlena drills her about where Brady is. She tells Marlena that she doesn’t know where Brady is. She says they had a bad fight and he ran out on her leaving her alone. She says she didn’t know what to do so she came home. Marlena tells her she should have come to her to let her know. Cloe swears to her that she doesn’t know where Brady is but Marlena doesn’t believe her. She says she is hiding something, but Cloe says that’s not true. Marlena says she wants to know where Brady is now. Roman walks in and says that is what the Vienna police want to know to. He says they want to question Cloe about it too.

Cloe goes to see Phillip and he tells her that his sources confirm that she and Brady are not divorced even though she claims they are. She tells Phillip she had to find a way home because the Vienna police were looking for her because she was there on an expired Visa. She hasn’t seen Brady, she has no idea what happened to him. She tells Phillip Brady isn’t the same person he was before, he has changed. Phillip offers to make some calls to see what he can find out but she asks him not to yet. She says she is in some trouble and she promises to explain it more to him when she can but asks that he be there in case she might need his help.

At the Christmas party at the Pub Stephanie brings Cordy with her who is spending Christmas Holiday’s with her. Max comes up and as soon as he does Stephanie says she is going to look for Hope. Max follows her and asks why she is so nervous around him and wants to know if it is because of that kiss. She tells him he caught her off guard.

Cordy and Stephanie are in the ladies room discussing what Ford done to Stephanie. Stephanie begs her to keep her secret. She can’t bare it if anyone found out. Cordy agrees. Cordy tells Stephanie she really needs to talk to her Mom and tell her everything. Stephanie agrees but when they go out to tell Kayla Stephanie says she can’t. Cordy tells her she has to.
Kayla notices Stephanie with Cordy and sees Stephanie is crying. Kayla walks over to her and asks her what is wrong. Cordy starts off and then Stephanie tells her she has something she has to tell her. Kayla says she will get Steve but Stephanie says she doesn’t want her Dad to know. She confesses to Kayla that Ford Decker was the guy she was with that night but the thing is she didn’t tell her she didn’t want to be with him, he had raped her. Kayla tells her that they will get Ford for this. She says Bo will make sure he pays. Knowing Ford is dead and she can’t say, Stephanie tells her she can’t tell Bo or Steve about this.

Belle and Shawn try making a toast to each other in the traditional newlywed style but it doesn’t work. They laugh saying it just doesn’t work doing that. Shawn says oh that is right they are newlyweds. She says yes 4 big weeks. He says and they thought it wouldn’t last. She says there is nothing that will ever come between them again. As Hope is hugging Belle telling her this will all be OK, Phillip walks in shocking Belle and Hope too. He says Merry Christmas to all. Belle tells Phillip he needs to leave and he is not welcome there. She tells him he isn’t there for Bo and Hope. She says she knows he is only there for her. She tells him she has to give up all hopes that anything will be between them. She says she is in love with Shawn and he has to get use to it. Phillip stands there and says ok, then turns

Jan Barrett – Merry Christmas Everyone!

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