Phillip and Cloe are on their date and he is kissing her when suddenly he stops and tells her this is a mistake. Cloe says a girl could take that as an insult. She tells him that maybe she just isn’t his type. He says no woman is his type. She says only one that’s a blonde and married. He turns away and she tells him to relax she isn’t looking for a commitment; she is only looking to have a little fun. He turns back around and he kisses her. She rips his shirt open and he yells that that‘s his favorite shirt. She says she will buy him another one. He kisses her again. After Cloe runs it into the ground that it will always be Belle for him he opens the door for her. She asks if he is throwing her out. He says he believes the term for it is that he is showing her the door. She says a few years ago she would have been insulted. Now she looks at this as a challenge.

When Cloe leaves Phillip decides to do some investigating on Cloe. He calls his assistant in and shows her pictures of Cloe and says to find out what she can about her. She comes back in and tells Phillip that apparently there was never a divorce or a separation or anything between Cloe and Brady. She says in fact no one has heard from Brady in 3 weeks. Phillip finds this intriguing and decides to call Cloe and invite her back to his office. He apologizes for the mood he was in earlier.

Shawn tells Belle everything will be ok soon. She says she doesn’t know since his Dad is still pretty upset with her for helping Phillip with the gun. Shawn assures her that Bo will get over it. He says this is a new beginning for them with no secrets between them. She agrees with him and says right no secrets.

Kayla and Steve come in for the party and Shawn and Steve go off somewhere leaving Belle and Kayla alone to talk. Belle is pretty rude to Kayla at first making a remark about Kayla knowing about her and Phillip being together. Kayla comes back at her and tells her Hope did tell her but only because she needed someone to confide in. She tells Belle that she doesn’t see what the problem is, after all Belle did choose to marry Shawn instead of staying with Phillip. Belle tells her it is because she doesn’t want to be with Phillip, she loves Shawn. Kayla says well then there is nothing to worry about

While everyone is having fun, Bo and Hope are about to cut their cake when Cloe walks in. They insist that she join them. At first she says no but they talk her into staying. She whispers to Belle that she can leave if it will make her feel better but Belle tells her she doesn’t bother her. Cloe tells her to meet her in the ladies room. Belle asks for what. Cloe says she wants to talk to her about Phillip. Belle says she isn’t interested but Cloe says she has something to tell her that shouldn’t be said publicly then walks away towards the ladies room leaving Belle standing there rolling her eyes. Cloe tells Belle that back in Phillip’s office she practically threw herself at him and he turned her down. Belle says Phillip always did have good taste. She tells her that all she has to do is say the word and she could have Phillip eating out of her hand. When they leave the ladies room, Hope slips out of one of the stalls. She heard everything.

Sami tells Lucas she needs to make a list of things they need to get like Christmas lights and a tree and him a Santa suit and she goes to get paper. He tells her not this year. She says what is he talking about this is the twins first Christmas. He says no because he isn’t going to be there this year for Christmas. He lies and tells her that Will called and wants him to go to Switzerland to see him. Sami says she can call Will and have him come home. Lucas says he didn’t want her to come, just him. She says she guesses he hates her now. Lucas says no but he hates how things were going. She says but now it will be different because she will never go back to EJ. Lucas says maybe, and agrees to go there first to talk to him about it.

Suddenly it hits Sami and she asks him how will he be able to get there. She remembers that Bo took Lucas’s passport. He says oh yeah that’s right. Then Sami says this isn’t about Will is it. She asks if it has something to do with that gun. Lucas promises that he is going to see Will. He tells Sami he is going out to get a tree and for her to wait for him. She is worried he won’t come back but he promises he will. While he is gone she calls Will to see if he will back Lucas’s story but she gets no answer.

EJ calls Tony and asks him to meet him at the church. When Tony gets there EJ tells him it is good to see him again. Tony asks him why he called him to meet him. EJ tells him Samantha walked out on him and says she isn’t coming back. He tells Tony Samantha is not interested in his heart unless it stops. Tony asks him what he plans on doing about it. Tony tells EJ he needs to decide if he wants to be his own man, or Stefano’s son. EJ says that’s just it. He doesn’t think he can be his own. Tony says the thing is if he can become his own man, then that may just be the man that Samantha Brady can fall in love with.

EJ admits to Tony that he is worried that Stefano will get so mad that he will go out for revenge and people he cares about will get hurt. He says especially Samantha and his son. EJ says he hates to upset his Father since his health is so fragile. Tony stops him and tells him that Stefano’s health isn’t as fragile as he wants EJ to think. Tony’s suggestion to EJ is that he talks to God for the right answer and then leaves wishing EJ the best of luck. EJ talks to God about being a father saying he wants to be a good father to his son and he begs God to give him another chance with Samantha. He says if so he promises him to become a changed man.

Jan Barrett – Merry Christmas To All!

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