Maggie is helping Shawn plan a surprise anniversary dinner for Bo and Hope. He runs into Cloe and he tells her she has some guts showing up there after the stunt she pulled at the reunion. She apologizes for telling him but she stands by what she done thinking he had a right to know about it. She tells him how Belle was so nervous about her seeing her there and then later that night she got a call from Phillip asking her not to tell Shawn she saw Belle there. Shawn tells her to be honest if he had been there he probably would have thought the same thing as she did so he forgives her. She tells Shawn she has a date with Phillip tonight. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do that.

Belle is at the Pub studying when Phillip startles her. She tells him he shouldn’t be there and asks him to please leave since Shawn would be there soon. Phillip tells her that husband was the one that betrayed her, not him. She says she is happy that Shawn told the truth and she is just lucky that he is so forgiving. He asks her how he can help. She says she wants him to leave her alone. He tells her maybe she should be honest with Shawn and tell him the truth about them making love. Belle asks him if he is crazy. She says that would be a disaster. He tells her it would be better if Shawn found out from her instead of Bo or Hope or her Mom or even Kayla. She makes him promise not to tell Shawn himself.

Phillip tells Belle that he has a date with Cloe tonight. He tells her that who knows maybe he and Cloe can rekindle that old flame they use to have together. Belle tells him her divorce has only been final a month and she is already after him. She tells him she doesn’t think he should get involved with Cloe. Phillip asks her why she cares anyway. Belle says Cloe is just using him and his response before walking out the door is who knows maybe what he wants right now is for someone to use him.

When Shawn comes back to the Pub Belle asks him if he has everything set for his parent’s party and he says yes. Then he tells her he is tired so he is going to lay down for 15 minutes or so. She tells him Phillip was there. She says he only came to see if she was alright after the deal with the gun. She said she did not invite him in. She said she told him to leave when he got there. She tells Shawn she is telling him this so he doesn’t think she is hiding anything from him. She begs him to forgive her for what she helped Phillip do. He says no, at least not right now. He asks her if she knows why Phillip pulled her in on this. She says she knows he only did it to get close to her. He says yeah that’s why and she allowed him to do it.

They talk more and he tells her if their marriage is going to work they have to be totally honest with each other. He tells her if there is anything else that has happened that she feels he should know about now is the time to admit it. She says with tears in her eyes that there is something she has to tell him. He tells her whatever it is he can handle it. She asks him if he is sure. He says well what else could be worse than her and Phillip setting him up with the gun. She changes her mind quickly about telling him so she lies to him and says she doesn’t want to have any more kids. He says ok that’s fine, and now he has to go get ready because he told Maggie they would be back in an hour and that was 30 minutes ago so he has to go get ready. When he goes upstairs Belle breaks down and cries.

Billie goes to see Lucas after he calls her. He tells her he needs a big favor from her concerning his daughter. He asks her if she will be Godmother to his daughter. Billie is surprised saying this was the last thing she expected him to ask her to do. She says someone like Maggie or Hope would be a better choice but he says no he wants her. She says she will be honored. She tells him though that she knows about Bo having his gun. She asks him if he is looking for someone to look after his little girl because he thinks he is about to be arrested.

Sami tells EJ that she wants an annulment of their marriage. She wants out of this marriage right now. She tells him she is sick of it all and never should have married him. He accuses her of lying to him but she throws it right back to him by calling him on all of his lies to her. She tells him to call his Father and have him call the Pope or whoever it takes to get this done now. He tells her not to do this. She says he reminds her of how she use to be and then some, only thinking of himself. She says she is getting the twins and getting out of there. He tells her to trust him, if she does this people in her life that she loves will die. She gets so mad that she shoves EJ causing him to fall on the floor out of his wheelchair.

Lucas comes in after hearing them arguing and EJ is asking for help to get up. Lucas tells him he won’t get any help from him. Sami tells Lucas it is over with her and EJ and she is getting a divorce from him. Lucas tells her she won’t get any arguments from him over that. She says she is going to get the twins. While she is out the room EJ tells Lucas he knows it was him that shot him and he will be sorry if they do this. Sami tells him after they go back to their apartment that she is so sorry that it took her so long to realize what he and her family kept telling her was the truth. Lucas is thinking about Kate talking to him about getting out of town and Sami notices he is not paying any attention to her. She asks him if he heard what she said. She says this is the first time in months that she feels relaxed.

Jan Barrett

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