Marlena called Roman and asked him to help her move some boxes that she packed up of John’s things. Roman tells Marlena that the DA has made a deal in her case and they have decided to charge her with a lesser crime that will mean no jail time for her. She is so excited she doesn’t know what to say. He says they made the same deal with Kate too. Marlena says that’s good but she wonders now, who shot EJ then. Roman says that’s the million dollar question. Marlena shows Roman the picture they found in John’s belongings. On the back it says it is a picture of John and his mother. Marlena asks Roman to help her find the woman in this picture. He says that’s not much to go on though, she suggests that he start with the necklace the woman in the picture is wearing.

Hope goes to the pub and runs into Belle. Belle shows her some clothes she bought for Sami’s twins. Hope mentions how Sami and Lucas are good parents. Belle tells her that she and Shawn are good parents to Claire and she says they even tell her that both Mommy and Daddy love her very much, every night. Hope asks her but which Daddy might that be, Shawn or Phillip. Belle tells her she has not been with Phillip but Hope asks her about her meeting with Phillip the night before the reunion. She says they only talked about Claire. Hope tells her she had said she would stay away from Phillip. She was supposed to cut all ties with him. Belle lectures Hope on how she doesn’t trust her anymore. Hope tells her she shouldn’t be the one lecturing her, after all she has already given her more than enough chances to prove herself and she keeps failing. Belle tells Hope that she is married to Shawn now so if she don’t like it that’s just too bad.

EJ tells Sami that he is working on his Christmas card list and tells her he will sign her name on them. He tells her he even wrote a poem with his bragging rights as a proud parent. Sami tells him they are not going to be mailing them out. She says she is going next door and she shouldn’t be long. He asks her not to go, but she says she hasn’t moved all her things in there yet. He tells her how he stood up on his own during his therapy session this morning. He wants to know if maybe they could go into the bedroom and exercise some of those feelings she claims she is getting back with him.

EJ tells Sami he had this exam at the hospital. She says she didn’t know he had an appointment. He explains to her about how the modern techniques these days can take a picture of the bullet in his back to find out if it came from Lucas’s gun or not. Sami says it didn’t. EJ tells her let’s just say it did. He is prepared to make her a deal to guarantee that it doesn’t show as coming from Lucas’s gun. She asks what kind of deal. He says all he wants from her is her. He wants her to move in with him permanently. He wants her to live with him as his wife, and that means sleeping in his bed with him as his wife. In return he will agree not to press charges on Lucas and he will make sure his Father will not retaliate against Lucas. She smiles and walks over to him and asks him if he wants to know what she thinks of him. He says what. She raises her hand to slap him but he pulls back enough to grab her hand before she can.

Shawn goes to see Phillip and tells him he is turning him in for planting the gun just so he would be sure that he would find it. Phillip tells him to think about this before he does it and how it will hurt Belle. Shawn says he is going to leave Belle’s name out of it. Phillip says Roman would never believe that he would do something for Shawn to help his career on his own. They are talking about it when Bo walks in and asks what was going on. Shawn tells Bo that Phillip planted the gun and paid the men that had it to make it look like they found the gun. Bo asks him for proof after Phillip denies it. Shawn starts to say something then stops and says never mind just forget about it. Bo asks what is it, then says it is because of Belle, isn’t it? When they walk out Bo tells Shawn that he done the right thing by telling the truth. He says not to worry about Belle. He will do what he can to keep her out of it.

At the Pub Bo starts to tell Hope about Phillip planting the gun when Shawn walks in and stops him. He asks Hope if he can talk to Bo a minute. When she walks over to the bar Shawn asks Bo not to tell his mother about it. Bo tells him he can’t promise not to do that but he can promise there will be no fighting about it in front of Claire. While at the bar Hope sees Belle come out with Claire in her arms talking about going to see Santa Claus today. She spots Shawn talking to Bo and she looks scared. Hope speaks out to her, asking her what is wrong, she looks worried. Belle tells her she doesn’t want to talk about it in front of Claire. Bo and Hope leave and as soon as they are out the door, Hope tells Bo to tell her what’s going on, she can’t wait to hear. They both figure they know exactly what Phillip wanted from Belle in return for him helping Shawn.

While Claire is helping Caroline make cookies Belles asks Shawn if it was her or was his Dad sort of cold to her. He says no at first then says ok, maybe he was. She asks if he knows why. He says he knows about her helping Phillip plant the gun. The first thing she said was Oh My God is Phillip in trouble. Shawn says he kept her name out of it. He says he had to tell his father because Phillip wouldn’t cooperate. Shawn walks off and the first thing Belle does is calls Phillip to ask him how could he have told Bo she was in on that. He tells her he didn’t tell them anything, Shawn did. He says he didn’t betray her, her husband did.

Lucas tells Kate that Bo and Roman have his gun. He says he plans on pleading guilty. Kate tells him she knows he didn’t do this. He tells her exactly what happened that night and then he admits shooting EJ. Kate tells him they will get through this. He says no they won’t, because he did it. Kate hesitates and then says there is one thing they can do. He asks what that might be. She says he can leave the country. Lucas says he can’t. Kate says as soon as Stefano finds out he shot his son he will come after him. He says he will not abandon his daughter now. She tells him to go to Switzerland. Kate tells him she will find a way to get him out of the country. Lucas finally agrees.

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