Max comes up to Cordy and Stephanie. Stephanie asks him what he is doing there.  Cordy apologizes for causing so much trouble and she tells her that’s what sisters are for. When she starts to leave she asks Stephanie to please remember what she said to her. Max asks her if she told Cordy the truth about Ford since she was so stressed out but Stephanie says no. She says they helped each other out. Max offers to buy Stephanie a drink so they can talk. He admits that he overheard Cordy telling her that she needs to tell someone something to make her feel better.

She tells him it is nothing and tries to leave but he asks her where the girl that he once knew is. He says oh well he is sorry he just thought that there was a connection there somewhere and starts to leave himself. Stephanie stops him and tells him there is something she does need to tell him. She tells him that she found Cordy with a bottle of pills. Max asks her if she thinks she was suicidal. Stephanie tells her she might have but she says she will be ok now she is sure. Max gives her the credit for saving Cordy. Stephanie accuses Max of only looking to get a girl in bed with him. He asks her is this what she thinks of him. She says he shows up now and hits on her.

She tells him Nick is a better man than he will ever be. She points out the things that Nick does to show a girl he really loves or cares for her instead of all the con jobs to get a girl in bed with him. She says that alone makes him a better man than he and Jeremy will ever be. Max gets mad and tells her to never compare him with Jeremy again. Max tells her if all she wants is to be friends, then that is just how it will be. He admits to Stephanie that he broke up with Morgan tonight. He ends up kissing her but she pulls away saying she can’t do this and leaves.

Kate goes to see Phillip. She remembers going to Phillip and asking him about how Shawn found that gun. She remembers accusing him of lusting after Belle so much that his own mother is in trouble now. A woman from the DA’s office is meeting them and she says there is a good chance they can offer a plea bargain that will satisfy both sides. She offers Kate a plea bargain of a lesser charge which could give her a maximum time of 18 months but she could be out in possibly 3 months. Kate says she is not going to prison. Phillip thanks the woman and before she leaves she tells them that she can assure them this is a one time offer only. By refusing it she will go to court for attempted murder.

As she was about to go out the door, Phillip asks her how is the plea bargaining going with the Marlena Black case. She says she is not at liberty to discuss that with him. Phillip tells her that he has evidence that there were emails exchanged between the DA’s office and Roman Brady discussing her case. He shows her the transcripts. She asks where he got them. Now she is nervous. She says it is possible that the DA will offer something else. She says if Kate pleads guilty of illegally discharging a weapon, it will only give her 5 years probation. Kate asks would this mean no jail time.

Phillip says no deal. He wants to know if Kate offers something else, like evidence of illegal doings of Stefano DiMera. Kate says she would rather serve time that rat out Stefano. Phillip still makes offers. The woman asks would Kate be willing to wear a wire. Kate says she would rather burn in hell. Kate absolutely refuses. Phillip tells her to let him make this clear. If she makes this deal all she will have to do is pay a fine and do a little community service and she will walk away free. He tells the woman she will do this, which Kate finally agrees to it. Before she leaves she tells him that Lucas might be needing help too. She says he was at the church too that night with a gun. Phillip asks did he fire the gun. Kate says he won’t confide in her for it but he still might need help. She makes Phillip promise that if and when the time comes to help Lucas.

Marlena tells Hope that as soon as she heard about the shooting she went straight to Stefano and told him she was going to kill him. She says with God as her witness she meant it. Hope asks her if she threatened Stefano. She says she did more than threaten him. She says she put the fear of God in him. Hope says she hopes he doesn’t go after her now. Marlena says she hopes to God he does. They start going through some of John’s personal things and Marlena finds a letter addressed to John with no return address on it. She says this is odd as she opens it. She finds a picture in it of a woman with the words Mama written on the back and that is all. Now she is really confused.

Stefano tells a guy that an old enemy of the DiMera’s has surfaced and he wants him and his men to end this for him. Stefano says this assassin threatened his life. He says he wants his men and his power from his country to catch this woman and get rid of her. After Stefano throws a fit the man says he was only joking about being reluctant and then asks how he can help.

Stefano is in a room where there is a patient and he tells Rolph to leave him alone with the patient. He starts talking to him by telling him of his empire and how he has no plans of letting someone take it away especially a woman. He looks at the covered body and asks if they understand.

Jan Barrett

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