Steve comes home and Kayla tells him she will be right out but wants to know how the car is. He jokingly says he passed on having the bullet proof windshield in since it is clear that it wasn’t the DiMera’s that cut their brake line. She comes out the room wearing a sexy gown telling him she can think of a few things for him to do at home right now. Later in bed Steve asks Kayla if she has by any chance noticed anything strange with Stephanie, like that something is going on. Kayla says no not really. He thinks she is hiding something and is going to talk to her about it to see if he can find out what it is.

Nick goes to the sorority house to see Chelsea with Max with him. When Chelsea comes out she asks him if she forgot something at the restaurant or something and he tells her yeah this, and he kisses her. Then he asks her who she was talking about at the restaurant earlier when she told someone on the phone that she can’t stop thinking of him. Chelsea tells him she was talking about Ford Decker. She tells him that Ford is missing and that’s what her Mother called the meeting for that she had to leave him to come to. Chelsea tells Nick the same story the girls decided to tell everyone.

Stephanie finds Cordy in a bathroom stall crying. Stephanie tells her they were so worried about her. She spots something in Cordy’s hand which is a medicine bottle and Stephanie panics, asking her how many pills did she take. Cordy tells her that she doesn’t understand because she hasn’t gone through this. Stephanie tells her yes she can and she finally admits it is because Ford raped her too. Cordy says she doesn’t believe her, she says she thinks she is lying. Stephanie tells her they don’t have time for this she needs to call 911 but Cordy says it is ok, she didn’t take any pills yet. She says she just wants it all to stop, the feelings she has been having and the memories.

Stephanie tells Cordy she didn’t tell anyone about Ford raping her because she went after him because she wanted to make Max jealous that night. She went to the party and things got out of control. She says she wanted to tell them all but she just couldn’t because she was so ashamed. She says that night she ran into Ford, she thought he was cute. She says when he asked her to go back to his room she thought she was safe. Cordy asks her how come she didn’t tell her about this before now. Stephanie says because she was scared, she admits being a total impostor and hypocrite. Stephanie tells her not to forgive her for being a coward. Cordy says yes she can but she has to do something for her first, she says she has to promise to forgive herself.

Cordy asks Stephanie she has something she has to do and she is really scared. Stephanie tells her she will help anyway she can. Cordy says really, and then asks Stephanie to go to Therapy with her. Stephanie tells her she doesn’t think she can do that. Cordy tells her she needs to tell her parents then. She says if her Dad found out he would go ballistic and her Mom has been through this before herself so she can’t put her through it again. Cordy tells her she needs to tell them anyway. As they are leaving Cordy asks Stephanie to promise her that she will tell someone about what happened to her. She says if she doesn’t it will eat her alive. Neither of them knows Max just walked in and overhears them.

Max is down in the basement at the sorority house checking the hot water heater for the girls and is spooked when he hears noises that are unexplained. He checked to make sure that where he buried Ford wasn’t disturbed. When he goes back upstairs Morgan asks him when the hot water will be back on and he says soon. She says good because they are going to take a nice long bubble bath and she kisses him. Max can’t go that far with Morgan and turns her down. She tells him she is going to regret this and then tells him Merry Christmas and he leaves.

Marlena goes to see Sami. One of the twins has been crying and Sami is on edge. She tells Marlena about Lucas lying to her about going to the church the night EJ was shot. She tells her about the gun too. Marlena asks if she thinks Lucas shot EJ, and Sami tells her no, Lucas swore to her that he didn’t. Sami tells Marlena she can’t think of anyone else that hates EJ more than Lucas does. She tells Marlena how Lucas hired a nurse to come sit with the twins that night when he went to the church.

Sami admits to Marlena that she had to make EJ think she is starting to care for him to make this all look real but she says Lucas should trust her more to know that she didn’t mean that. Marlena tells Sami not to play this game with the DiMera’s. Sami reminds Marlena that the DiMera’s murdered John. Marlena says she gets that and they will pay so that he dearly beloved husband didn’t die in vain. Marlena tells Sami that if she really loves Lucas then she will get the marriage to EJ annulled. She tells her to take care of her husband and her children and let her family take care of the rest.

Jan Barrett

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