Nick plans a romantic evening with Chelsea. He turns off her cell phone and tells her he wants it to just be her and him tonight. He tries to make a toast and then tell her he loves her but when she see the glass he has she remembers the night Ford spiked her drink, but she can’t tell him about it.

Morgan calls Stephanie and asks her to come help them. Cordy is locked up in her room refusing to come out. They are worried that she will crack and turn them all in for ford’s death. Cordy lets them in her room and they all try to convince her that Ford can’t hurt her anymore. She is having nightmares of the night he died. In her dreams she looks down on him thinking he is dead but he jumps up and grabs her. She thinks they need to go to the police and tell them what happened so her nightmares can end. She says it seems that none of them are sorry he is dead now.

Billie comes in at the sorority house and tells the girls she needs to talk to all of them. Morgan calls Chelsea and tells her that her mom wants to talk to all of them right now and she needs to come. Chelsea says she can’t get you know who out of her head and Nick overhears her but doesn’t say anything to her about it when she leaves.

While trying to make sure their stories are straight Stephanie is forced to tell the girls that she had to call someone else in to help them with Ford’s body. She tells them someone she trusts with her life left the house the next morning dressed in Ford’s jacket looking just like Ford on the security cameras. Billie lets them know that Ford is missing but his father hasn’t reported it yet since this isn’t the first time he has disappear4ed. She tells them that the one thing his father knows for sure is that Ford was there at the sorority house the night he was last seen. He was seen on the security cameras. Billie wants to know why they let a rapist in there to begin with. They say he came in drunk and they let him sleep on the sofa and they took turns watching him all night.

Sami and Lucas argue over the package more. She insists on him telling her what is in this package. First he tries telling her it is a huge check but she doesn’t buy that. Finally he confesses that his gun is in the package.

Bo calls EJ and questions him about the package. EJ tells him he signed for Lucas for it since he wasn’t home when the delivery came. Bo asks him if he opened it. EJ says of course not, that would be an invasion of privacy yet he is holding the gun in his hand as he speaks. He asks Bo if he should bring it to Lucas or what. Bo tells him no, to hold onto it, he will be right there to get it.

Stefano goes to see EJ to let him know his doctor has cleared him to travel so he is going away for a personal matter. He tells EJ to promise him to take his wife and son and move them to Italy after the holidays so he can get the DiMera family back on the right track. EJ promises to try. Stefano warns EJ to never let a woman dictate his life to him and then he leaves.

Kate calls Lucas to warn him that EJ has the gun and that Bo is on his way over there to get it. She figures that Sami must be there while she is talking to him and she tells him he has to get that gun before Bo gets his hands on it. Sami and Lucas storm in and demand the package that EJ has of Lucas’s. He tells them now that he mentions it he does have something for him. He pulls out the package and Lucas says hand it over. He says not yet and Sami asks what they are going to have to do to get it. He tells Sami he wants her and the baby to go with him to Italy during the New Year. Lucas says forget it but Sami says she will think about it. EJ says no he wants a definite answer. Lucas says no, so EJ says well then they can’t have the package. When Lucas tries to get it from EJ Bo walks in and asks what is going on in here. He tells Lucas he sees that his mother already called him. Lucas grabs the box and tells Bo this is private property. Bo shows him a warrant for the box and takes it from Lucas and Lucas leaves.

Bo asks Sami if she knows what is in the box, at first she says no but he asks her again. She admits it is a gun but she says he didn’t use the gun. Bo tells her that Lucas hired a nurse that night to watch the twins and went to the church. Bo tells her they will test the gun and if it wasn’t one used in the shooting then Lucas will be cleared. When he leaves she whispers that she just knows he didn’t do it. Bo goes to Lucas and tells him he wants his passport and Sami tells him Lucas isn’t going anywhere. Bo says it is routine and then he tells Lucas that the box is on its way to the lab. He says it will be after the holidays before they get the results back since it isn’t going to be an in lab test. He explains it is because the key piece of evidence is inside EJ.

Jan Barrett

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