Bo is questioning Kate about the guns that Lucas bought. He tells her that Lucas lied about not being at the church and now he is running around town trying to track down a package. He says he is willing to bet his motorcycle that that package contains that second gun. Bo asks Kate what is in that package that Lucas is so desperately trying to find. Kate says that’s a good question and the next time she talks to Lucas she will ask him. Bo takes out his phone and tells her now is as good a time as any for her to do just that. When she calls she doesn’t get an answer.

Lucas is freaking out on Sami wanting to know what happened to that package. She tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He tells her they told him they delivered it to this apartment today and he wants it. She tells him no one delivered anything there while she was there, and she asks him what is in this package. Lucas tells Sami that the delivery company told him they left it there and that he signed for it but he wasn’t even there.

Across the hall EJ is about to open the package when someone knocks at the door. When he asks who it is, the delivery man that delivered the package is there. When EJ gets to the door the man tells EJ about the mix up and that he knows he lied about who he was. EJ tries to lie it way out of it when he says he was only trying to do his neighbor a favor but it is all OK now. He tells the guy he gave Lucas the package but he isn’t home now, he took his ex-wife out to dinner.

Cloe asks Phillip to buy her a drink. When they get to the bar he tells her he is going home because he has a big day ahead of him tomorrow. She asks him if he is still mad at her. He says this is no high school days anymore. She tells him after all these years he still has a thing for Belle Black. Phillip corrects her saying it is Belle Brady now. Cloe suggests to Phillip that they get together for old times sake. He tells her that they can’t go back to their high school days. He wants to know why she wants to hurt Shawn or Belle. She says that’s the last thing she wanted to do. She just thought Shawn deserved to know the truth. Phillip says maybe he should rethink her proposal. He says she keeps insisting that they have this sort of connection so maybe she should prove it. She reaches over to him and whispers starting now.

Roman comes into the restaurant where Bo is with Kate and tells him that the delivery company says they did deliver a package to Lucas Horton’s apartment. Bo says but Lucas never received it. He wonders if the man just left it by his door and maybe someone else picked it up. Roman says no this package requires a signature. So they can’t figure out where the package went. Roman asks Kate what she wants from him. She tells him she wants him to treat her the same way as he treats Marlena. Roman tells her the difference between her and Marlena is that Kate always thinks of Kate first. She has always thought of herself first.

Bo goes back to Kate when Roman leaves and continues questioning her. He reminds her that obstruction of justice can land her back in jail. He tells her if she doesn’t co-operate she could end up in jail for a day or two or three. He just wants to know what’s in that package. Kate tells him she doesn’t know. Her phone rings and it is Lucas so Kate doesn’t have a choice but to ask him about the package. He tells her the package isn’t there, that someone else signed for it but it isn’t there. She tells him that’s all she needed to know and hangs up. She tells Bo that Lucas says what package? Bo tells her that Lucas is family and he is not gunning for him, he just needs to know what he is hiding. He gets a call and he smiles saying great, good work. When he hangs up he tells Kate she just lost her chance to help Lucas. They have located the package and she will never guess who has it.

Sami comes barging into EJ’s apartment while he is going through physical therapy, asking him did he think she was going to let him get away from eaves dropping on her, waving the baby monitor in her hand. EJ just looks at her. She tears the apartment apart looking for the other monitor even after EJ swears he knows nothing about it. She finds it behind a cushion on the sofa off, and throws it, then leaves the apartment. EJ locks the door behind her then gets the package out again to attempt to open it again. He gets it open and he finds a gun and just laughs.

Hope tries to talk to Phillip. She asks him to please leave Shawn alone. She tells him that Belle made her choice between him and Shawn and it is time he accepts that. Later she tells Bo that Phillip is going to be trouble and Belle is scared of that now.

Jan Barrett

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