Belle and Shawn go home. He doesn’t want to talk to her but she is insisting. She swears to him that she did nothing wrong that night with Phillip, at least she never intended to. Shawn tells her Phillip only did this to try and make him look bad. She says it was only to help him but he tells her since when has Phillip ever done anything to try and make him look good. She says he is right and then he asks for the key to get into their room. When they get inside they hear Hope knocking on their door to talk to them.

When Shawn opens the door Hope can see that there is something wrong. Shawn invites her in and she says if she has come at a bad time she can come back later. Belle tells her no and then offers to give them some alone time to talk and excuses herself. Hope asks Shawn what is wrong. He tells her that Phillip showed up at the reunion and ruined it all. Hope wants to know specifically what Phillip did to upset him but Shawn is reluctant to tell her.

Belle came in and gave Shawn the phone to talk to Claire. While he was on the phone Hope asked Belle what happened with Phillip. She says the same thing that always happens between Phillip and Shawn when they are in the same room together, which is why she is making sure she stays away from Phillip. Hope asks her what happened though. Belle tells her that Cloe told Shawn about her seeing her with Phillip before. Hope looks at Belle, and Belle says nothing happened, they just talked.. Hope says but the deal was that she is supposed to stay away from Phillip. Shawn walks in and interrupts by telling Hope he is tired and wants to go to bed so Hope leaves.

Shawn and Belle argue more over Phillip. He tells her that she got him into trouble doing this with the gun. He finally tells her that this is final. She has to make her choice right now. Either she gives Phillip up completely, meaning she and Claire can no longer see him or their marriage is over. He says there is no room in their marriage for Phillip too. She tries to get him to talk more but he says this is it, he is tired and all he wants to do now is go to bed. She climbs in bed with him asking him if he wants to be alone. He tells her of course he wants her there but he just isn’t sure that she wants to be there with him, she says his name and he pulls away from her turning the light off.

Billie and Bo talk about Lucas. Bo tells her he doesn’t want to play games. He wants to know if Lucas made an appearance at the church the night Sami married EJ. Bo tells her that she can always count on him when the chips are down so can he count on her. So he says if she tells him Lucas was home all night with the kids he will believe her. Billie gives in and admits Lucas did go out for a while and that he did go to the church. Billie says that as soon as she heard about the shooting she went straight to Lucas’s apartment and he was there with the twins. Billie tells Bo that Lucas didn’t shoot EJ.

Lucas goes to find his gun. He brings the track number with him and they tell him that the package was out back on another truck sending it back to his address. Kate reminds him that if the cops get hold of this gun then he is going to be in a lot of trouble. When he leaves to go home, Lucas seems to feel he is being followed so he goes back in and tells Kate. She tells him this sounds like a little paranoia and she tells him that only she and he know about Lucas no one else, right. He hesitates and then says right. He tells her to pass him her car keys and he will drive off in her car and then if someone is following him they will realize they were too late when they miss him. They exchange car keys and he tells her to stay there til he can get out of there at least.

EJ has both the babies in his apartment with the door locked. He hurries back to his chair when Sami knocks wanting in. He opens the door and Sami wants to know how he got the baby out of her crib from his wheelchair. He explains that the baby was crying and he had to reach over for her. He says that as soon as he picked her up she started crying and then fell back asleep. He enjoyed the feeling of a small child in his arms and being able to comfort her like that. Sami says she needs to get both babies home so she can feed them and change them. He offers to let her stay there and do it and let him help her.

EJ talks to Sami. He wants her to at least show him a little bit of affection. Sami tells him she knows how frustrated he is. She says she wishes they had more time together but she is pretty busy these days with the twins to take care of and her struggling between two families is adding an awful lot of stress on her so she is asking him to please be a little more understanding. He tells her he loves her and would do anything for her. He asks her to stay but she tells him she will take the twins and get them fed and changed and settled in and then she will come back. He tells her see how happy she has just made him. Sami gets home and finds the baby monitor and realizes that EJ has been spying on them. She packs it all up to bring back to EJ but before she can leave Lucas comes in asking about the package. Sami doesn’t know what he is talking about though.

Bo and Hope track down the nurse that Lucas hired to stay with the twins the night of Sami’s wedding. She basically told them the same thing as Billie told Bo about that night. Bo gets a call from the man he has following Lucas telling him that Lucas was spotted slipping out the back door of a restaurant and getting into Kate’s car and taking off leaving Kate there. Bo tells him to stay with Lucas and then hangs up. He explains to Hope what happened and then says Kate is in this up to her neck. Hope asks if Kate is still there and he says that’s their next stop, to put the squeeze on her now. They find Kate later and ask her questions.

EJ hears the delivery man outside in the hall and walks out the door. The man says he has a package for Lucas Horton. EJ says that’s him and explains he was next door helping his neighbor in the wheelchair and then he signs for the package and then hurries back to his wheelchair.

Jan Barrett

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