Belle and Shawn are ready to go off to their class reunion. Belle stays outside and chats with high school friends while Shawn heads inside. The girls tell Belle they owe so much to her. They say she was always the one that gave them so much inspiration in school. While they all talk, another girl walks up and says hi and then announces that she is looking for Phillip Kiriakis, she heard he was still as hot as ever. Just then Phillip walks up saying hello ladies.

As they all go inside Cloe comes in and is looking for Phillip. She remembers back when she ran into Belle coming out of Phillip’s hotel room. Cloe lets Phillip know that she never forgot him. He tells her but she married Brady. She reminds him that she is also divorced from Brady now too but not because of him. While they are talking Belle comes out and interrupts. Phillip offers to get Bells a jacket and when he is gone, Cloe asks Belle what is going on between her and Phillip. Belle tells her they are only friends. Cloe isn’t buying it though. Belle is upset when Cloe tells her that she and Brady got a divorce now. This means Cloe is available. Belle acts like she is jealous when she drills Cloe about her and Brady being divorced and accuses her of hitting on Phillip.

Cloe goes in and looks for Shawn. She pulls him to the side and tells him she has something to tell him. She says she ran into Belle the night she got home. He says well Belle never mentioned that to him. She tells him she ran into her at her hotel and Belle was there with Phillip. She says she and Phillip had taken a room there together. Shawn walks over to Belle and asks her if she is sleeping with Phillip. Belle is shocked and she looks at Cloe.

Bo tells Abe about a new technique he found out about from the FBI where it might be possible to identify a bullet while still inside someone like in EJ’s case. They aren’t sure it will work in this case but it might be worth a try.

Lucas tells Kate that they traced her gun back to him. Kate tells Lucas to get the gun and they can get rid of it now before the cops get it. Lucas tells her he can’t, because he got rid of it already. He thinks back of how he sent the gun away. While trying to figure out what to do, Lucas’s doorbell rings. It is EJ with a gift for the baby. Lucas takes it and shuts the door in EJ’s face. When EJ is back in his apartment he can hear Kate and Lucas talking from the baby monitor which is on. Kate tells Lucas they need to find that gun. Lucas makes a call to try and track a package.

While EJ is listening to them, a knock at Lucas’s door finds Bo and Abe and the cops standing there with a warrant to search his apartment. Lucas asks why, what are they looking for. Bo tells him, his gun. Lucas is cool and tells Kate it is ok, let them search the place. He tells Bo they will wait outside for them. Bo tells Abe the gun isn’t there and he can tell because Lucas was too calm about them searching the place.

Kayla worries about someone tampering with their car. She tells Steve she is going to call for a tow truck but Steve stops her. He tells her he just had a flashback memory from the past when they we in a car and he suggests that they bring back those memories. He tells her they can call the garage later. After they get in the car Kayla asks Steve if he really thinks it is a good idea to try and conceive a baby in the car like this and he says yes he does. After seeing Kayla and Steve’s car in the parking lot of the Pub Hope wonders who could be in the car making it rock so she opens the door, shocked to see Steve and Kayla. She hurries up and shuts the door and walks away in a daze.

When Kayla and Steve come back into the Pub Hope teases Kayla. Kayla is embarrassed and says she is glad it was Hope and not Bo or Roman that opened the door on her and Steve because they would never let her hear the end of it. Hope laughs and says she might not either. Kayla asks her how Shawn and Belle are doing after the wedding. Hope confesses that she wonders if she is doing the right thing by not telling Shawn the truth about Belle. Kayla says she thought she decided as long as Belle stays away from Phillip that this is the best way to handle it. Hope says she did, but Belle didn’t stay away from Phillip. She tells Kayla that Belle was with Phillip the night before the wedding but she doesn’t know what exactly happened between them. She said she spoke to Marlena who in turn agreed to talk to Belle but she hasn’t heard from her since. Kayla advises her to talk to Shawn, she thinks he should know.

Steve comes in and tells Kayla that he had the mechanic look at their car. Kayla asks did it look like someone tampered with it. He says it is exactly what it looked like. Someone cut their brake line.

Jan Barrett

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