Anna goes to the church and sees John. She asks if the wedding is still going on. He says no so she tells him she was looking for Marlena. John asks what is going on. She tells him Phoenix is back, Stefano is awake.

Tony and EJ are talking to Stefano telling him they can’t believe that Marlena did this to him. He tells them how he was being tortured by not being able to move or talk. He says he will destroy her life in time.

Sami walks in saying OMG it is true. She says she heard he was there but she had to come see for herself. She storms towards Stefano and tells him she heard what he said about her mother, and then she demands to know what he has done with her mother. Stefano says how disappointed he is to hear that EJ and Sami are no longer married. Sami tells Stefano she is not going to let him get away with this. EJ pulls her out of the room.

Marlena is seen lying on the floor in her place not being able to move. She whispers “Help me”

John asks Anna when did this happen. She says it doesn’t matter. John says if Stefano is away he has some catching up to do with him. He tells Anna not to worry, Stefano won’t hurt her. He asks her about Blondie and he runs out to find Marlena.

Sami tells EJ she can’t believe he was defending Stefano. She tells EJ that her mother is missing and she knows Stefano has done something to her. EJ says his father has been in a state facility in a coma. Sami says he probably had one of his goods to kidnap her mother. He tells her if they are to get anything out of Stefano yelling at him is not the way to do it. He tells her to let him find it out. She tells him she thinks Stefano is up to some horrible plan and she says she is going to find out what it is. 

John looks all through the mansion for Marlena. He asks Anna if she checked the townhouse and is she sure Marlena wasn’t there. She says she went there but she didn’t have a key to go inside to check and she asks him if he has one. He says he don’t need one and goes out the door with Anna following him. John finds his tires on his car have been slashed so he goes and gets helmets and they take off on the bike to look for Marlena.

EJ tells Sami not to panic. She can see that EJ even looks worried now. Sami says if Stefano can’t own her mother he would rather destroy her. EJ stops Sami when she starts to go back in the room with Stefano. He tells her if she wants to do something, start with looking for her mother so they leave the hospital together.

Tony demands to know what Stefano did to Marlena. Stefano tells him he is a believer of an eye for an eye. He tells Tony he is insulting his intelligence by giving him advice in a situation such as this. Stefano explains how Marlena tortured him. He says she tried to send him to hell but fortunately she didn’t succeed. He says now she is all his and he is going to make her pay for the rest of her miserable life.

Tony asks him for some proof. Stefano asks him if his word isn’t enough. Tony says even if he believed him it wouldn’t be enough for a judge and a jury without proof. Stefano says there won’t be any jury or judge. As Stefano describes it he tells Tony he remembers screaming as loud as he could but no one could hear him. He remembers hearing him and Elvis and Lexi talking about how much they wished they could help him. Stefano tells Tony that if the upright citizens of Salem think he was difficult before, they have no idea what is in store for them now. He asks what did that homicidal maniac think that she could inject him and get away with it.

John and Anna get to the penthouse and find Marlena on the floor. John tells Anna to call 911. He checks on Marlena and says she isn’t breathing. He starts giving her CPR. EJ and Sami walk in and Sami screams out OMG Mom! John continues working on Marlena while EJ holds Sami back as she is crying. Anna just stands by watching. Suddenly Marlena takes a deep breath and John says “Sensational” and continues working on her.

Tony thinks maybe Stefano was injected with a truth serum. He tells Stefano that he should feel blessed that he has his life back. He tells him he has an opportunity now to prove he has a heart by calling this vendetta off with Marlena. Stefano tells him no, but even if he wants to it is too late now.

Tony notices Anna out in the hall so he walks out the room to talk with her. She tells him about them finding Marlena and how she thinks Stefano did this to her. Meanwhile in the room where they brought Marlena Kayla comes in to check her with Sami begging her to take care of her. Kayla throws them all out the room so she can examine Marlena. Sami tells EJ and John that they have got to find out what that maniac did to her mother. John starts to walk off saying he will have a talk with Stefano but Sami stops him. She tells him he can’t go right now, she says her Mom needs him.

Kayla comes out the room and tells John they don’t know what is wrong with Marlena but they are running some tests on her. She pulls him to the side and tells him she spotted him at the wedding and tells him he has become a cold bastard. She tells him the old John would have done anything he could to protect them. She says she wouldn’t have let anyone stop their wedding. John calls her Dr. Johnson, and then he says she will never know what he feels inside. He tells her to get back to her patient.

Kayla tells John she knows he is a good man. She says everyone can see that. She reminds him he was a hero at the plane crash and now when he saved Marlena’s life tonight. She tells him that he loves that woman in there and she will always be the great love of his life. When Kayla walks off John goes in the room with Marlena and just stares at her while Sami watches him.

Anna tells Tony she was riding on John Black’s Harley looking for Marlena. Tony is impressed. Tony tells him he has to go have a serious talk with his father. When he goes to see Stefano he asks him why he did it. Stefano asks him if Marlena was ok. Tony says she is fighting for her life so of course she is not ok. Tony scolds him for what he has done to Marlena. Stefano tells him he can’t move and he was tortured for months. He tells Tony to get the hell out of his sight. Tony says gladly and starts to walk out. Stefano tells him just so he is clear, this was not a random act of cruelty. He said he made a promise to himself that he would return the favor to Marlena and he is making good on it.

Sami tells John she knows they have had their ups and downs lately, and then she says that is a serious understatement. He says he doesn’t want to do this now. She says well she does, but she wants him to know it is important that she thanks him. John tells her well now they are even. Sami tells him that her mother will always love him and she says she thinks he loves her too. She says maybe they should all start having faith in who he is now and stop waiting for someone who will never come back.

Kayla thanks Anna for helping to find Marlena. She says she and John are both responsible for Marlena being alive right now.

Tony tells Stefano is he wants to burn Salem he will have to go through him. Stefano tells him he thinks he has lost his backbone. Tony tells him he won’t let him turn Salem into a carnival of horrors.  Stefano tells him family is always what this has been about so he better choose now what side he wants to be on because the lines will soon be drawn. Tony asks him what is going to happen now. Stefano says he will see, he says everyone will see.

Anna and EJ are sitting out in the waiting room. Sami asks EJ if she can talk to him for a minute. When EJ walks over to Sami Anna silently says a prayer, “Please God protect us from Stefano’s evil”

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