The reporter continues questioning Bo in front of everyone demanding to know how Bo sleeps at night. Bo says this is not the time and place. The man says they are going to move a lot of papers with this one. Caroline asks Bo if he knows anything about this. The reporter asks doesn’t everyone want to know what Bo Brady is hiding.

Melanie’s friend has her arrested accusing her of stealing her diamond bracelet. She says Melanie wanted it so she could sell it because the diamonds on the bracelet were the real deal. Melanie comes back at her saying yeah like her nose and her boobs are. Max steps in and breaks things up.

Stefano tells Tony and EJ he isn’t sure who he can trust since both of his sons have betrayed him. Tony tells Stefano he has no idea what has happened since he has been incapacitated. Stefano tells him that John already told him. Tony asks if John knows he is awake. Stefano tells him no and he wants to keep it that way. Stefano thinks back to when John told him about him being his bastard half-brother. He says he is going to make him and everyone who betrayed him pay.

Marlena’s stalker is gone but she is seen lying on the floor unconscious.

Morgan continues to beat Phillip as they play poker. She brags now that she has beaten him at darts and poker. She asks what other ways can she beat him. Her phone rings and when she sees that it is her mom calling she doesn’t answer. She tells Phillip that her mother acts like she cares but she really thinks she doesn’t. She tells Phillip that her mother acted like she never even loved her father. She tells him how they use to be together when she was little and how happy they use to be and were so much in love. .

Roman and Abe question the reporter, Brad. He tells them that Bo tampered with evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Everyone denies it and asks if anyone knows what this is all about. Brad says he has proof. John is lurking inside watching it all.

Morgan tells Phillip her mother’s family was rich but her father wanted to make it on his own so her mother loaned him money to start an internet business and when it failed her mother never let him forget it. She said her mom started treating him as though he was a failure and he hated that. She said they tried to stay together because of her but finally they gave up and split up. She says she misses her father so much and she is so afraid she will never see him again. She says she keeps hoping he is going to call her one day and tell her he is on his way to see her. Phillip tells her he is so sorry. She says don’t be. She says John Black is the one that should be sorry.

Stefano tells EJ and Tony that he swears that John will be his pawn again one day. Then he says poor Marlena. He says what she must be going through. Meanwhile we see Marlena again on the floor starting to move but then she goes unconscious again.

Max hands the girl the bracelet and says it won’t happen again. The girl wants to know who he is and where did he come from. Max tries to get Melanie to apologize but she refuses. Now the girl says she wants to press charges on them both so Max and Melanie are both put in jail. Melanie tries pulling a con job on the guard but he doesn’t fall for it. He tells her he can’t let them out until bail has been paid.

Stephanie walks in asking what is going on. Max asks her to just bail them out. She says she would be happy to pay his bail but she won’t pay for Melanie’s. Stephanie calls Melanie a spoiled selfless little brat and she refuses to bail her out. Melanie tells the guard she wants to make her phone call so he hands her a phone. Stephanie tells Max they don’t even have enough money to bail him out. A friend of Melanie’s shows up and is ready to bail Melanie out but Stephanie tries to talk him out of it. Georgie pays the bail for Melanie anyway and they leave with Max still behind bars. Stephanie begs the guard to help them When he asks if she is being separated from Max she says very much so. He says he can fix that and he puts her in there with him. She tells Max how sorry she is. Max asks the guard if they can make bail on a payment plan. Of course he says no.

Brad asks Hope about the email she got at work. She asks how did he know about that and how did he find out? He takes out a copy of it and reads it out loud. Everyone starts talking when Abe finally gets them all quiet and tells Brad if he has something to say to say it. Brad says he has something to say. He says Paul Hollingsworth is dead and this man is protecting him. Abe wants to know how Brad got the email. They ask Bo if there is any evidence. Brad says there was a tape, but Bo got rid of it. Abe looks at Bo and asks him if there was a tape and Bo says there was, making everyone look in disbelief.

Morgan asks Phillip if he would make a few calls to see if he can find out if there has been any new development. He tells her he would do anything for her and then he kisses her.

Kate wheels Victor in the room and they are surprised to see Morgan there. They ask her if they can speak to Phillip. They tell Phillip that the press has found out about the tape. Victor tells Phillip he doesn’t know who the reporter was but says it doesn’t look good for Bo. Phillip feels guilty saying this is his fault. Morgan brings in a phone handing it to victor saying it keeps ringing. Victor tells him he will be right back. Morgan wants to know if she missed something here. Phillip tells her it’s time he tells her what is going on.

EJ tells Stefano that he and Tony care about him. Stefano asks him if that is why he told everyone where John was being held captive. He says he wants to make sure the person responsible for him being there pays dearly. EJ asks who that might be. Then Marlena is shown once again waking up. She pulls the phone cord from the table knocking the phone over to the floor but she passes out again before she can make a call.

Roman tells Bo he needs some answers. He wants to know where the tape is. He asks if he destroyed it. Bo says it has been destroyed. Roman figures that he must be covering for someone. Bo tells him no one else is going to pay for his mistake. He says he knew what he was doing so he will accept the consequences. Hope tells Bo it is time for them to go home but he tells her he can’t go home, then looks at Roman and asks isn’t that right. Roman tells him he can’t go home. Chelsea steps up and says he can’t arrest Bo.

Stefano tells EJ and Tony that things are already taken care of. He admits that it was Marlena Evans that did this to him. He says so now she will pay. Marlena hears her phone beeping but can’t seem to move.

Phillip tells her to begin with he had nothing to do with her father’s disappearance. He tells her about the tape and how he threatened to kill her father. She screams at him that she trusted him. Morgan gets upset and slaps Phillip then tells him to go to hell. When she leaves Kate asks Phillip what is going on. He tells her that he told Morgan about the tape. Kate says that if what is on that tape comes out he needs to know that his father and her will do whatever it takes to protect him. Phillip goes after Morgan.

When Roman and Bo leave the church and everyone else is gone, John walks out and crosses a name off his little book he has.  Meanwhile Tony and EJ say that Marlena wouldn’t hurt a fly. Stefano says she set out to destroy his life so now he gets the pleasure of returning the favor to her. Then we see Marlena lying on the floor.

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