Bo and Hope ride along in the horse and carriage kissing. They think back to how it was when they were in New Orleans at the plantation home.

EJ rushes in and says sorry for keeping her waiting. Tony runs in after and asks what is going on, asking if it has something to do with their father. Lexi says she called for this meeting because she wants to know what is going on.

Marlena gets a call on her phone and she sees it is a call from John. A stalker is watching her through an opening of the door.

John takes a pillow and holds it over Stefano’s face. He tells him he stole his life calling him a bastard. He says now he is taking over. Suddenly the machines start beeping. John’s phone rings and it is Marlena. He tells Stefano he will be right back. He tells her they need to talk and she says it is about Ava. He says she is gone and accuses her of calling the cops and telling them about her being gone.

Bo takes Hope inside the church and she tells him he has taken her breath away. She tells him it is like New Orleans all over again. He says that is where she first became his and he knew they would be together for all the days of their lives. He gets on his knees and asks Hope if she will marry him. She tells him he knows she will. When he opens the doors to go inside they see the family all in there waiting for them. Hope is so surprised and she kisses Bo.

Bo thanks everyone for coming saying they couldn’t renew their vows without everyone there. He reads a letter from Sean and Belle while everyone listens. He tells everyone about the terrible ordeal he went through a while back which almost took his life. He said after that he made a vow not to ever take anything for granted again. He says he asked his Mom and Doug to officiate the ceremony.

Doug steps up and starts talking about back in the old days and how he thought Bo was too much of a rebel to be trusted with his little girl Hope. He tells the audience about how Bo kidnapped Hope and took her away from an ill-fated wedding. He whisked her away on a stolen cop motorcycle. He says there is a heck of a lot more to this guy that he ever dreamed possible.

Doug calls Steve and Kayla up. Steve says these two much love each other a lot because they keep marrying each other over and over. They take everyone back in a tale of the past weddings starting from the beginning with their first marriage at the Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans even though it was a real wedding.

Lexi tells EJ and Tony she should be at St. Luke’s but before she goes she wants to know what is going on with the two of them. She says she wants to know now. They ask her to be a little more specific. She says why the change of heart. She says before they were content to leave their father in that place to rot.

Next Kayla and Steve mention how they tied the knot in their real English royal wedding. Kayla says talk about your fairy tale endings as they flashback to the wedding.  Ciara asks Hope if she looked like a princess. Everyone laughs and Bo says you bet she did and she still does. Kayla says after that wedding, they sailed off into the sunset on Bo’s sailboat where they show flashbacks of them leaving on the boat.

Kayla says to everyone’s delight they returned and Steve says but circumstances drove them apart. But they were brought back together and they are back in another flashback of their wedding in the maternity ward the day their son Zach was born.  Steve says they did it up right again in a Christmas Eve wedding. In the flashback Hope gives Bo his ring. She tells him she gives him this ring as a sign of her hope and fidelity.

Kayla says the best is yet to come when Bo and Hope kiss each other.

Tony tells Lexi that he thinks it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. He says if their father wakes he will be furious.

Marlena talks to John while the stalker watches her. She tells him she had to contact the cops about Ava. She asks him if he was serious about what he said about Stefano. She begs him not to do anything foolish. Caroline reads a poem from Alice that she and Tom recited every year on their anniversary. Marlena asks John where he is. He tells her he is with Stefano and he is completely at his mercy and he was at his. He tells Marlena not to worry he won’t do anything. He says there is something else he has to do first. When he hangs the phone up he puts the oxygen back in Stefano’s nose and places the pillow over his face and walks out the room.

When asked to say their vows Hope says she didn’t have anything rehearsed. She looks at Bo and says she sees the man she helplessly fell in love with when she was just a girl. She tells him he still makes her heart flutter. She ends it with a kiss and then she tells him she loves him.

Bo tells Hope that he still wants only her and she is the only one he needs. He says she believed in him and her faith in him has made him the man he is today. Doug stands up and says they will exchanges the wedding bands now. Hope whispers to Bo that she doesn’t have hers anymore. He says yes you do and he opens a box with Hope’s ring in it.

Lexi asks Tony and EJ if they are telling her that since Stefano will be angry at them that they should not wake him up. They tell her that letting it happen naturally would be the best way to do it. Lexi leaves for the church.

Hope asks Bo how this is possible. She tells Bo she doesn’t have one for him. He calls Ciara who tells Bo, here it is daddy. Bo explains the ring is the one that his Ma put on his Pop’s finger 50 years ago. Bo tells her it has been way too long since she has worn her wedding ring. He had an exact replica made with one slight difference. He had today’s date engraved on it with the original date too.

Doug and Caroline walk up and he thanks everyone for coming to share this ceremony. Caroline says a prayer asking him to continue blessing Bo and Hope. \

After the ceremony is over Bo invites everyone back to his house for a New Orleans Style BBQ. Before they can leave a reporter walks up unexpectedly and asks Bo how he can sleep at night knowing he is a liar and a disgrace to the police department. John watches through the doors.

EJ goes to see Stefano and asks him to please wake up, saying he needs to talk to him again. Tony comes in hearing EJ and says so he knows. They go out the room and Tony asks EJ how come he didn’t tell him. EJ asks him how come he didn’t tell him. They say that Stefano swore them to secrecy. They want to know what Stefano is up to. They go back in the room to find out.

Marlena gets dressed. She checks her purse and then when she turns around she takes a deep sharp breath. She tells the masked stalker to stay away from her. She picks up a letterhead and says she is warning him. She notices he is carrying a needle. She tells him to get out of her way or she will use this on him. She tells the stalked not to underestimate her saying she will stab him. She throws the letter opener at him and tries running but he catches her and throws her on the bed holding her arms back with her screaming.

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