Chelsea and Bo are making last minute arrangements for Hope’s surprise. Bo is nervous and Chelsea tries calming him down. Julie, Maggie, Kayla and Steve arrive to help. The ladies all start talking about Stefano but Bo asks them to change the subject. Hope walks in and wants to know what is going on. They all say nothing.

John goes in Stefano’s room and asks how the bastard is. He tells EJ he had the sudden need to visit his dear brother. EJ wants to talk about Ava. John says she left him a note. John isn’t happy that EJ didn’t discuss the new developments in Ava’s case. They talk about bribing the judge and how she got replaced in the case. EJ tells John when they find Ava she will get the maximum sentence but John says she is a Vitali and they know how to hide from the law.

Lexi and Tony talk about Stefano while they stand next to his bedside. They can’t figure out how come he isn’t awake. She says if there are no changes in a few days they are going to have to send him back to the facility. When she leaves, Stefano says, “Anthony, you must not tell anyone I am awake. Do this for me and all will be forgiven.”

Julie tells Hope finally she is home and they have to get her ready. They tell her it is a surprise. Julie sends Steve and Bo off saying they will take care of things now. In the kitchen Bo asks Steve if he thinks Hope was really surprised. He tells Steve about him finally telling Hope the truth about what he did but says she knows what he did was wrong and it can come back and bite him. He tells Steve though there is someone else that knows. He says it is whoever made Paul disappear but he thinks John and Ava are behind it.

John wants to know how the DA found out about Ava leaving. EJ doesn’t know but John says he is glad she got away. John tells EJ he doesn’t know where she went but even if he did he wouldn’t tell. EJ asks if he had feelings for Ava. John says as much as he is capable but he thinks she had feelings for him. He says it doesn’t matter now because she is gone. John tells EJ if Stefano wakes up he is going to want his empire back. He tells EJ if that happens then EJ might have to make a choice. EJ tells him if the time comes that he has to choose between him and his father then he will choose himself.

The hairdresser comes in and Hope still can’t figure out what is going on. She tries bullying Chelsea by telling her she won’t let her borrow any more of her jewelry if she doesn’t tell her what is gong on but Chelsea doesn’t fall for it. The women congratulate Chelsea for not giving in.

Tony asks Stefano is he has been conscious all this time. Stefano tells him he doesn’t think so. He asks Tony to promise him not to tell anyone he is awake. Tony says he needs medical attention but Stefano says if he is to live, the person who did this to him must not know he is awake. Tony asks who did this to him. About that time Anna comes into the room and says “OMG I don’t believe it.”

Bo is on the phone with Caroline telling her they would be honored to have something of Pops. Chelsea walks in and she tells Bo that everything is going ok so far. In the other room Hope comes out after her hair has been done. She tells them she thinks Bo has planned a fabulous dinner planned but the girls still won’t tell her what is going on.

Tony tells Anna that he was just speaking to Stefano in case he can hear. Anna says she brought this cross to stab Stefano with in his black heart. Tony gets her out in the hallway and tells her there is something he has to tell her about Stefano. She screams that Stefano is awake when Tony tells her. Lexi walks up and asks if it is true.

John is on the phone and he says. “Call me Blondie, we need to talk.”

Hope comes downstairs in her dress and says she heard them talking about crawfish and gumbo and says she hadn’t had any of that since she was in New Orleans with Bo. She thinks back to when they were in New Orleans. She says she will never forget that trip. She said it was very special. She says that is where she and Bo were first married. She said it wasn’t legal but it was definitely romantic. She says it was beautiful. Then she says wait a minute, ding, ding, ding, “I’m getting married today, right?”

EJ goes in and sits and talks to Stefano and tells him how Johnny takes after his old man’s old man. He says he hopes Stefano gets to see him soon. He starts to walk out when Stefano says, “Elvis” EJ wants to get a nurse but Stefano tells him no. EJ wants to at least get Lexi but Stefano stops him. Stefano asks if EJ would have known he was awake would he have said what he said. EJ says yes but Stefano doesn’t want anyone to know he is awake. He says no one must know. He says there are things he needs him to find out. EJ wants to know what things but Stefano says in good time. EJ promises not to tell anyone.

Steve goes back into the kitchen with Bo and tells him that Doug and Mickey are setting things up out there. Bo starts to go check on Hope but Steve tells him he is under strict orders to keep him away from the bride. Steve tells Bo he thinks it is cool that he is doing this.

Hope has tears in her eyes. Maggie hands her a Brady handkerchief. She tells Hope it is something old. Kayla gives her a bracelet. Julie lends her a pendant of Addie’s. Chelsea gives her a blue garter. Hope thanks them all for making today so special for her.

Tony tells Lexi Stefano isn’t awake. John goes in to see Stefano and Tony sends Lexi after him. Anna asks him how come he lied to Lexi. He says Stefano asked him not to but he had to tell her the truth because he promised not to lie to her. She worries saying Stefano never wanted them together. She is worried now that something bad is going to happen.

John suggests that they give Stefano an anti-psychotic drug and send him back to the state hospital. Tony and EJ say they wouldn’t allow anyone to do that. Lexi comes in and wants to do some tests on Stefano. Tony asks if this is really necessary. EJ thinks there must be another way. She says she wants to see just how conscious Stefano really is. While she is testing him, Stefano’s eyes open wide. John smiles and says he knew the bastard was awake.

Hope is outside waiting for what is next when a horse drawn carriage comes up. Bo laughs and asks her what she thinks. She kisses him. He picks her up and sets her in the carriage as they think back to the horse carriage ride in New Orleans. Hope tells Bo this is perfect. He tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet.

Lexi says he is non-responsive. Lexi says that it could have been just a muscle spasm. They step out of the room. Lexi says there are other options. She says she knows it is radical but she thinks electrotherapy is the next step. EJ says absolutely not. Tony agrees with EJ and asks if there is something else they can try. John says just shock the bastard. Tony asks if he cares if he lives or dies, John says no and asks does he. John gets a call and Lexi asks Tony and EJ if there is something they are not telling her about their father.

Marlena is on the phone saying she has to take a shower and then she wants to go to the hospital to check on Stefano. When she goes into the bathroom someone opens the bedroom door wearing a mask.

Stefano is in his bed at the hospital and suddenly he starts laughing.

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