Max is trying to convince Melanie that he is her brother. He tells her about his life after his Mom was killed and how he was put into foster care. She doesn’t believe him so Max shows her the picture of her and his mom. She says Trent is the only one that has a copy of that picture. She wants to know why her Dad didn’t tell her about him and starts to call him but Max tells her not to. She wants to know why she shouldn’t ask her Dad about him. He tells her that he came all that way to track her down. She says she likes the idea of having a big brother shelling out money on her. She thinks her Dad wouldn’t be too happy about him meeting her. Stephanie walks in and Max introduces her. A fan comes up wanting Max’s autograph saying he is Max Brady the race car driver. Melanie says that is why he looked so familiar. She says if she has to have a brother it is cool to have a famous one.

Phillip checked himself out of the hospital and is home when Hope shows up telling him they need to talk. She lets him know this isn’t a social call. She says she knows everything. She tells him she is a cop and she asked questions. She said she confronted Bo and he told her everything. She said he committed a crime. She tells him she has to protect Bo and that is exactly what she will do. Phillip apologizes but he tells her that protecting family is honorable. Bo will be fine. She tells him he doesn’t know that and what if the truth comes out. She says that anonymous email means someone else knows. He tells her that the tape was destroyed. She tells him she knows what was on that tape. He says he had no intentions of hurting Paul and Bo knows that. Bo insists to Hope that John is behind all this. He asks her if they are even investigating John. She tells him she isn’t at liberty to discuss the case with him.

John comes downstairs looking for Ava when he finds a letter from her telling him by the time he reads this she will be far away. John says Ava you have made a big mistake. The doorbell rings and it is Marlena. She tells John she came to warn him that Stefano is in the hospital, saying he had a seizure and he is expected to come out of the coma. John wants to know how this could happen. She says she underestimated Stefano’s strength when she injected him. She says Stefano will accuse her and will come after John for taking over his empire. John asks her is she is still his wife, she says yes. He says well then they can’t testify against each other. She says she doesn’t think there will be a trial. He says there might be if he kills Stefano. Marlena tells John that they can deal with Stefano in another way. He asks like she did? He tells her if you want a job done right, do it yourself, and he leaves. Marlena spots the letter from Ava and after she reads it she calls Roman telling him that Ava has jumped bail.

Tony is upset worrying that Stefano will wake up and seek revenge on everyone that put him in the hospital. Tony tells EJ that there might be permanent damage but then again it could be that Stefano is up to something evil as they speak. Tony tells EJ he doesn’t know why he is so worried. He thinks experiences like this can change people. He says maybe Stefano will wake up and throw a party. Then he says who is he kidding, Dracula never wakes up in a good mood. He tells EJ he thinks he should rethink about working for John. EJ says he would think his father would be happy to have someone keeping an eye on John. Tony is sure that Stefano will want to take back his empire. Kayla walks in and says that is a terrifying thought.

Kayla tells Tony that Stefano’s brain scan shows activity and she wants Lexi to look at it. EJ asks her if there is anyway of knowing if he is going to wake up. Kayla says they are just going to have to wait and see.

John walks in and says he heard the old bastard might be waking up. He walks over to Stefano’s bed and leans over him and whispers, what are you plotting now? Kayla tells John there is a good chance he can hear him. John asks her if he will wake up. She says he may or he may not. She says if he does he might not remember anyone. She says there is also the possibility that he is deteriorating. Kayla tells Tony to stop by the nurse’s station to sign some papers.

Tony goes to call Anna and EJ is out in the hall thinking when Nicole startles him. She tells him she just had to come see him. He thanks her and then hugs her. EJ doesn’t know what to feel about all this. He tells her that is he wakes up there will be hell to pay. She asks him how he will fell if he does wake up. He says he will be devastated.

Melanie questions Max about racing and they tell her that Stephanie use to race with him. Max gets a call and walks off to take it. With Stephanie and Melanie alone Melanie’s phone rings. She acts so happy to hear her Dad’s voice. She makes up a lie telling him she gave a nun all her money for a mission in Africa so Trent tells her he will try and wire her some more money, She wants to hang up but he wants to talk to her and he asks her about people she might have met there. He wants to know if she met anyone interesting.

Morgan surprises Phillip by pouring him a glass of lemonade. She said she gave Henderson time off saying she will take care of Phillip whether he likes it or not. He tells her he likes it very much.

Marlena stare in the room with Stefano. She fantasizes about being in the room and him grabbing her arm telling her she is not going to get away with this. She comes back to reality when John walks up behind her. He tells her not to interfere. She says she can’t let him kill Stefano. He says not to worry he will be quick and no one will be able to trace it back to him.

Trent sees Nicole at the hospital. He wants to know what she found out about Max’s trip to France. She tells him he has to have more patience. He tells her he needs to track him down before… then tells her never mind. She says when she finds out something he will find out something. He grabs her and says if she doesn’t keep a civil tongue he will go down the hall and have a talk with Victor. She asks him how long has he known. He says since the beginning. He tells her he would be upset to know she defrauded him out of a huge divorce settlement when they weren’t even legally married.

Max thanks Melanie for not telling Trent about him being there. He tells her he would like to get to know her better. She excuses herself to go fix her makeup. Stephanie tells Max Melanie sure is a piece of work. Max asks her to at least cut her some slack for now and she agrees to. When Melanie comes out the bathroom she sees police officers walking and she says oh hell. The cops grab Melanie and drag her out with her kicking and screaming. She yells out for Max to help her. Max and Stephanie chase after them when they leave.

EJ interrupts Trent and Nicole asking to speak to her for a moment. EJ tells her loud enough that Trent can hear saying that he heard from Max and he is in France hanging out with some of his old racing buddies. She thanks him and he says when she gets the bill, just write him a check and he leaves. Nicole relays the message to Trent. He tells her he is satisfied for now. She tells him good now go away.

Marlena tells John that she doesn’t condone murder. She tells him before she had to do what she did. John says he appreciates what she did for him. She smiles and says someone had to care for him. She says she guesses he has Ava to do that for him now. He says not exactly. He says things have changed. She says they have? He tells her if she doesn’t want to involve herself with Stefano that is fine, he can take care of the situation himself. She asks what he is going to do. He tells her she doesn’t need to know the details.

Marlena goes back to see Stefano. She tells him it is Marlena. She says she isn’t sure how that stroke affected him. She wants to know if he remembers what she did to him in his jail cell. She says she wants him to know she will do it again in a heartbeat. The machines start going off and Kayla walks in wanting to know what’s going on. Tony is behind her wanting to know if he is waking up. Stefano is talking to himself saying, “Prepare yourselves. I will have my revenge.”

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