Lexi tells Theo that Chelsea has the day off so she won’t be there with him today. She is trying to get him to go with her when John walks in asking what the hell is going on around here. She tells him to watch his language around her son. He tells her that Marlena is missing. He says she isn’t in her room and she can’t be found.

Marlena walks into her office and her receptionist asks her what she is doing there. She tells her that this is her office and she works here. The girl thought she would be in the hospital a few more days. The girl tells Marlena there is a patient in her office waiting for her. She says the woman was upset when she told her that Marlena wasn’t there. Marlena heads to her office when she gets this funny feeling inside her. She tries shaking it and goes on.

Daniel and Kate are at the pub waiting on Chelsea who wants to talk to them both. Kate thinks that maybe since she didn’t tell them to both go to hell it should be a good sign that she will listen to what they have to say about what happened between them.

EJ is on the phone discussing Sami’s custody case when suddenly he hears Tony and Anna walking in and Anna is yelling at Tony to help her. EJ goes to the front door and asks them what is going on here. Tony looks at him with a huge smile on his face and says, “We’re moving in.”  EJ asks him what the meaning of this is. Tony says he has just as much a right to be there as he does. Anna disagrees saying they both were written out of the will so they neither should be there.

EJ agrees that John has made a mess of things but EJ wants to take care of John. Tony asks him what his plan is. Tony doesn’t go for it. He insists that he is moving in like it or not.

Chelsea comes in at the pub and Kate and Daniel tells Chelsea that they are there and they want to talk. Chelsea sits down and says she doesn’t know where to start. She says she is trying to understand that she and Daniel were not together when this happened but how does she get past the fact that her boyfriend slept with her grandmother.

Lexi comes back and tells John she called security and they are looking for Marlena. She says her clothes are gone so she might have just walked out on her own which doesn’t make John too happy. Lexi says she is not going to take any of his abuse because she hasn’t done anything wrong neither has her staff.

The patient is happy to see Marlena. She tells Marlena she isn’t crazy but she doesn’t know how much more she can take. She starts telling her how bad things are with her boss and her family. She tells Marlena she is scared she is going to end up alone. She says sometimes she almost feels paralyzed. She says she feels powerless to stop this. Marlena tells her she has to take charge of her life because she is not paralyzed.

Anna tries to talk Tony out of moving them into the mansion. She wants to take their things and go back to their own home. Tony tells her he is not going to back down on this. He intends to fight to get the DiMera fortune back. He asks her to back him in this. She agrees but she says she doesn’t have to like it one bit. When she walks off EJ does the same thing telling Tony he can handle this without him. Tony isn’t worried about John. EJ tells Tony he is forgetting about one rather large impediment, their Father!

Marlena is getting the new patient calmed down when John barges in and orders her to get back to her hospital room. The patient runs out and Marlena is mad that he ran her off. The receptionist offers to call security but Marlena tells her she can handle John. She tells John she can take care of herself, she says she isn’t sure she even needs him in her life.

Chelsea wants to know if Daniel took himself off her case so he could hook up with her grandma. Kate and Daniel both deny it and they explain why he did what he did. Kate tells her how she ran into Daniel at the Pub after that and he was a mess so she got him out of there and they ended up talking a lot and they ended up turning to each other for comfort. Chelsea wants to know if that was the first time.

John wants to know why Marlena is acting like this. He says for months she only wanted him back in her life. She says she is not playing games here. She tells him she almost died. She said as she laid there in that bed she realized she wasted months of her life and now she sees that she has a future and she knows she wants to live that life. She said she has done nothing but try to focus on getting his life back but now she realizes it has to be about her now.

He says he didn’t realize she was so selfish. She asks him if he is saying that he loves her and he says no but then he says he doesn’t know. He just remembers watching her almost die made him feel like he had a noose around his neck and he knew he didn’t want to live his life without her. She starts crying saying she felt so alone back then. He tells her she isn’t alone, he is there. She cries more and she hugs him and they kiss.

Kate and Daniel continue explaining what happened between them. Chelsea wants to know if it was called a cheap little affair or a fling. They both say it was neither. Kate’s phone rings and she walks away to take the call. Daniel tells Chelsea he doesn’t know what else to say but he knows he doesn’t want to lose her. He takes her hands into his and he says he just can’t.

Tony goes in to check on Anna who is crying. She is worried that Stefano is coming back since there was an invoice showing he was having his stuff sent back. Tony is being stubborn saying he is tired of this going on with John. Anna says he doesn’t need the money, he has his own. Tony says this is not about money. He says this place should be theirs. She reminds him that it is EJ’s to and not to forget about him. He tells her one thing at a time.

John and Marlena make love on her couch in her office. He tells her that was fantastic. He says he knew he could win her back. She accuses him of making her a challenge. He says yes but then changes it. EJ calls saying he needs to come home because they have a little situation there. John tells him he has a situation of his own there right now so he trusts that EJ will take care of it there. When he hangs up Marlena is getting dressed and she tells him he is not the man she fell in love with so she is leaving. He tells her she isn’t going anywhere without him. He says he has to protect her.

Tony tells Anna not to worry. Meanwhile John brings Marlena back to the mansion with him. She kisses him outside the door then pulls away from him and then she says she is only staying one night. When they walk in they see boxes of stuff all over. Marlena asks what all of this is. John says that is what he would like to know.

Chelsea tells Kate and Daniel she doesn’t know if she can get over this. She says the one thing that bothers her is that they both knew how she would feel about this but yet they did it anyway. She starts crying and stands up and says she has to go and walks out leaving Daniel and Kate sitting there not knowing what to say.

She goes to the hospital and tells her that she has tried to get over this but she can’t. Lexi suggests that she gives this some time. Chelsea says no, she and Daniel are finished now.

EJ walks in and tells John that Tony is moving back in. He says he told him they had trouble. John says he is moving in over his dead body. Meanwhile Anna whispers to Tony that John is there. The phone rings and it is Stefano telling Tony to have his room ready because he is coming home.

Jan Barrett

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