Bo and Hope talk about them only having 48 hours to find Hollingsworth. Bo is worried if they can’t then Phillip will go to jail and the real perp, i.e. John will go free. Hope is worried that Bo will lose his badge if this happens. He reminds her that she is in on this now too.

Phillip sees Morgan and he asks her how she is doing. She tells him not too good. They start arguing over what Phillip did. She point blank asks him if he killed her father. She asks him if he strangled him or did he shoot him and then throw his body into the river. She says she knows he is a man of idle threats. He tells her she doesn’t really know him at all. She says apparently not. Phillip tells her he cares for her or else he would have never told her about that tape. He said he wasn’t playing her. When he walks off Morgan thinks back to the fantasy she had of Phillip when he was in the hospital.

Chelsea walks in on Kate and Daniel hugging and she asks what is going on. Kate lies saying they were just talking about this lockdown thing. They start talking idle talk when Chelsea asks Daniel to sneak away with her for a bit. He tells her they can have dinner. He had a meeting to go to so he gives her his apartment key and says he will meet her there.

John is with Marlena and he tells her he really wants to protect her from Stefano so he wants her to go home with him. She tells him she is sorry but she can’t do that. He asks her didn’t she like it before when she was there. He asks her if it is the cigar smoke because if it is he can go outside and smoke. She tells him it isn’t that. She just isn’t ready. She tells him she wasn’t in a coma, she was paralyzed but her mind was awake and alert. She says the thing is when you’re like that all these thoughts run around in your brain. She says as much as he doesn’t want to accept it, he isn’t the man she married and never will be.

He tells her he has been thinking himself. He says when that gas hit him he realized he does care about her. He says he knows that the new John can protect her just as much as the old John could have. She tells him that is not what she wants.

John thinks she is still under the influence of the gases. She says she isn’t. He says all she has talked about since he met her was for them to be together. She says since they met? She tells him she has loved him for more than half of her life. He says that is a long time but he thinks she will change her mind when she is thinking more clearly. Roman walks in and wants to see how Marlena is doing. She says she is fine but John doesn’t think she is thinking clearly. Marlena disagrees saying she is finally thinking clearly for the first time.  She says she has made decisions about the person with whom she wants to spend her future with. She tells John she is sorry but for right now he doesn’t seem to be that person.

Chelsea is at Daniel’s apartment waiting for him on his bed. Meanwhile Daniel and Kate are at the hospital talking about Chelsea finding out about them. Kate says Chelsea can never find out about them. She says she would never forgive them.

Marlena vows to make changes in her life. She says she has done this before. She tells John that he is not the only great love of her life. She tells him that before he came along there was Roman. John questions her by asking Roman? He says she can’t be serious. Roman tells John that he and Marlena were married. John says he knew that. Marlena thinks John wonders is she ever loved him and she says the fact is that yes she did, very much. He asks what happened between them. Marlena tells him he happened.

He thinks she needs to sleep on all of this before making any decisions but he wants her to go back to the mansion with him. Roman and John start arguing over what is best for Marlena right now when Marlena tells them both to stop because they are upsetting her. John tells Roman that the doctor said not to upset her. John asks for Roman to go out in the hall. John accuses Roman of enjoying this all. John tells Roman to stay away from his wife.

Daniel walks in and finds Chelsea in his bedroom. He tells her he thought they were going to have dinner. Chelsea says she thinks what she has planned might be just as satisfying as she kisses him. He asks her if she is sure and she says yes and they start kissing more. He stops and tells her not to move, saying he will be right back. He goes to shower and his phone starts ringing. She picks it up and sees a text message on it and has that look of shock on her face. She gets up and starts getting dressed when Daniel comes out. He asks her if something happened. She says yes she saw the text message he got. She tells him it says, “Daniel, thank you for tonight. We will never speak of what happened between us again.” She closed the phone and throws it at him calling him a son of a bitch and she leaves.

Phillip tells Bo Victor should have never put him in this position. He says it was wrong of him. A woman walks up asking if he is Phillip Kiriakis. She hands him papers. He tells Bo he has been summoned to appear before a grand jury.

Hope joins Morgan and tells her she hopes she doesn’t mind her butting in. Morgan tells her that Phillip told her he threatened to kill her father. Hope defends Phillip by saying he is no killer. She says if he was Bo would never have done what he did.

John and Roman go back in Marlena’s room and they apologize to her for upsetting her. John tells her he thinks the old John can be brought back. She says no way because the disc with his memory on it has been destroyed. She says Stefano has it. She tells Roman he got it somehow and then she turns to John and says he will never be able to go back to his old self again. John insists that he will get it back from Stefano but Marlena tells him he is wasting his time. He says she has always told him the old John is inside him somewhere and now he wants to find him. He asks her to come back with him until they catch Stefano. She says she needs time. He agrees and starts to leave wanting Roman to leave with him but Marlena says she needs Roman to stay.

Kate meets with Kate and tells her there was a change of plans with Daniel. Kate says oh, well then what did she want to see her about. Chelsea tells Kate she knows. Kate wants to know what she knows. Chelsea tells her she knows about her and Daniel.

Morgan is sitting inside the pub when she looks out the window and sees her father. She runs outside calling for her Daddy but can’t see him anywhere. She tells Hope she just saw her Daddy looking at her through the window but now he is gone.

Bo talks with Abe about his 48 hour deadline. Bo tells him about Phillip being called in before the grand jury. Bo tells Abe that Phillip is innocent but he is still a suspect. Hope comes up and tells Bo that Morgan claims she saw her father. Morgan still runs around yelling for her dad.

Marlena tells Roman she isn’t feeling fine. She asks if he thinks she is doing the right thing here. He says she is asking the wrong guy. He thinks she is doing the right thing. She says well then she will just go home alone but he says no way. He says she can go home but he will go with her to protect her. He says it will be just like it was when they met.

A nurse comes in wanting to do a blood screen on Marlena so Roman steps outside. Roman comes in to say goodbye but Marlena is a little tired. John comes back asking for an answer from her. She says she appreciates his offer because she knows how much he wants to protect her but she says she is afraid it is too little too late, the answer is still no as she yawns. She seems really tired and to be falling asleep, so Roman suggests that they let her rest. John tells her he is sorry and the Roman tells her to get some sleep.

Out in the hall John tells Roman congratulations Commander, he may just have his shot after all. John gets a call and he asks, “You what? No, he could not have escaped. Find him.” Then he hangs up.

Morgan tells Hope and Bo and Abe to find her father and bring him back to her. Phillip told her he hopes he is still alive. Morgan looks at him and says that then he’d be off the hook. He tells her that wasn’t what he was thinking. He says he knows she loves her father and he knows how much she wants him back.

Kate denies knowing what Chelsea is talking about until Daniel walks in and apologizes. He tells Kate Chelsea knows, she saw her text message to him. He says she knows they slept together.

Jan Barrett

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