Nicole nags Trent about his reasons for not wanting Max and Melanie together. Trent tells her he is not going to discuss this with her. She says it is no discussion, it is just a question. He says it is none of her business. She says fine and she starts to walk off. He grabs her and tells her if she tries leaving again before he is through with her he will go have a talk with Mr. Kiriakis. Nicole says if he wanted her to stay all he had to do was ask her to stay. Trent’s phone rings and interrupts. Nicole figures out that he is having trouble with over the limit credit cards. She says it looks like someone likes to shop. She tells him that this could send him to the poorhouse quick. Trent orders a stronger drink.

Meanwhile Nick brings Melanie to the jail to bail Max and Stephanie out. Melanie wants to know if they set her up when she realizes Nick knows Max and Stephanie. She apologizes to them for leaving them there and says there is nothing she can do to get them out though. Stephanie says they are there because of her so she better come up with something. Melanie says she has no way of helping them but she is sure that Nick can come up with something. Melanie thinks Nick has lots of money but he tells her he doesn’t have it.

Caroline talks to Chelsea about her new job. Caroline seems to think she may just have found her calling with this new job. She says the children just love her.

Victor comes in and Caroline tells him he is no longer welcome there. She is upset with Victor for putting their son at a terrible risk. Victor offers to explain what all this is about. He tells her that he asked Bo to hold back the evidence he had on Phillip and now the evidence has been destroyed. She tells him to protect Phillip he let Bo put everything in his life at risk. She says she may never be able to forgive him for that.

Daniel says Phillip can go home. He asks if someone is around to take him home just as Kate walks in saying she is there to take him home. Kate gets a call and walks out the room so Daniel gives Phillip his final orders to be released. He goes out with Kate and he asks her how she is doing. She tells him she is still worried about Chelsea finding out the truth about them. Daniel assures her that won’t happen.

Bo and Hope try talking to Roman about the trouble Bo is in. Bo tells him that he needs to talk to him as a brother and not as his boss. Roman refuses to listen. Bo asks again and finally convinces Roman to listen. He tells Roman that the tape he had given to Victor was a duplicate and he still has the original. Roman can’t understand how come he didn’t turn it in. Bo says without tangible evidence they have nothing. He still thinks John Black is behind this all. Roman says no matter what Bo withheld evidence and that is against the law. Bo asks him to bend the rules just this once. He says they need some more time to find Hollingsworth. Hope tells Roman they are so close. Roman decides to give him 48 hours and if he can’t find Hollingsworth after that then he will take that tape as evidence.

Chelsea is at the hospital with one of her kids when Phillip comes out. They talk and Chelsea asks him if he has seen Daniel. He says he is there somewhere. He was with his Mom. Chelsea asks Phillip if he knows what the deal is between her Dad and him. When he realizes that she is not going to let this drop, Phillip admits what Bo did for him. Chelsea blows up with Phillip blaming him that her Dad might lose everything,

Daniel and Kate argue over why she is so worried about Chelsea finding out the truth. She says Chelsea has been through a lot and she will do anything to protect her. They continue talking and he tells her he cares about her and she says she cares about him too but they did decide to go their separate ways before it went too far. As they talk it leads to talk of Phillip. She admits she knows about the evidence that Bo tampered with. He asks what does that mean. She says it means he shouldn’t ask any more questions but she says to please know that what she did was to protect Phillip.

Victor tells Caroline he feels terrible about this. Caroline has no sympathy for Victor. She thinks he used Bo’s sympathy to get him to do what he did for him. Victor admits perhaps it was a mistake for him coming there. Caroline tells him coming there was a mistake. He says just one of his many mistakes. She tells him she wished that Bo had never found out he was his Dad. She said if he hadn’t have found out none of this would have happened. She tells him when he forced Bo’s hand to help him that is where she draws the line with him. She has to go for a phone call but she tells him she wants him to be gone when she comes back.

Victor catches up with Bo and Hope and asks Hope for a minute alone with Bo to talk to him. Victor tells Bo he is sorry about all this. He tells Bo that he admitted to Caroline about the evidence. He says he didn’t tell her what was on the tape but she knows the rest now and then he leaves. Hope comes back and asks him if he really thinks John is desperate enough to ruin Phillip’s life. Phillip calls Bo and tells him that he and Hope risking what they have is not right. He tells Phillip that he is not going to let them take the fall for him.

Trent over hears Caroline on the phone talking to Max. Max asks her not to tell Trent about them being in France. Meanwhile Max and Stephanie are told that their bail has been set to like $15,000 USD. Max tells Melanie if she isn’t going to do something about it then he will just have to call Trent. She asks him if he is crazy. She asks him if he wants her to lose her freedom. She tells him he can’t call her father because he will freak and throw her in a convent and her life will be over. Stephanie tells her it is all her fault they are in jail to begin with so she should call some of her rich friends and ask for help. She is only worried about her reputation. She says her friends will never let her live this down. Max says neither will their Father so he wants to know which one it will be.

Kate and Daniel are hugging as he comforts her when Chelsea walks up and see them through the window in the door.

Jan Barrett

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