Max and Stephanie are still in jail and they wonder where Melanie is. He says they could at least give them their cell phones so they can call someone. He says it should be a law against this. Stephanie says she doesn’t think they go by the books there. Stephanie gets an idea on a way to get the guards attention. Nick arrives in town and he happens to run into Melanie and her friend and overhears her telling her friend that she is broke and that she needs to find her a rich man. He pretends to be talking on his cell phone as he walks by her telling someone he wants six figures or he will take his prototype elsewhere. Melanie hears him and her eyes brighten up. She tells her friends that she thinks she just found her new man.

Trent talks to Nicole at the Pub. He asks how she is and she says much worse now that she has seen him. He tells her that when his wife isn’t happy then he isn’t either. Nicole tells him to go to hell.

John asks Marlena what does she mean when she asked who is he. He says he is John Black. She apologizes and says things got fuzzy for a minute there. He says she gave him a chill. She says she remembers everything.

Lucas tells Sami he is taking Allie. EJ tells him he can’t do that without Sami’s permission. He says if he takes her he will go to jail with no get out of jail free card. Sami tells Lucas they need to talk but he doesn’t want to. She tells him this is about them and he yells that there is no us. EJ says he will give them some privacy saying he will go up and check on the twins. She asks him to be sure to double check the windows and all. Lucas wants to know why she is so worried. She tells him it’s nothing. He wants to know if someone is trying to hurt the kids. She tells him they have all had a rough day. He wants to know if this has anything to do with Stefano. He says he has to get Allie out of there if he is going to keep her safe. He says he is going to call Mickey and end this once and for all.

Max doesn’t like Stephanie primping and showing more cleavage to get the guard’s attention. He offers her $100 if she can pull this off but she says he doesn’t have $100. She calls for the guard and is disappointed when a female guard walks in asking her what she wants. Max gloats and teases Stephanie saying at least she tried. Later another guard walks in and says he is called Sebastian but they can call him Seb. He recognizes Stephanie as a race car driver. She gets him to slip her a cell phone.

Nick sits at a table and Melanie walks up to him asking if she can borrow his newspaper. He tells her he only reads the financial section but invites her to sit with him so they can both read it.

John asks Marlena is she remembers how all this happened. She starts having flashbacks about the stalker that attacked her and injected her. She doesn’t remember who found her though. He tells her that he and Anna found her. She asks him if he found who did this and John says no. She says Stefano must have been behind it. She says he gave her the same drug that she gave him. John says yes he did. She tells him Stefano was there taunting her and telling her he was going to make her suffer the way she made him suffer. She starts crying and he tells her not to cry.

Nicole asks Trent what he wants. He says a little respect from his wife would be nice. She tells him not to call her that. She starts to walk off as she tells him she doesn’t have to put up with this. He brings up EJ to her.

EJ tells Sami that the twins are ok. She tells him this has been a difficult day. EJ hugs her and says things will be just fine. Mickey and Maggie walk in and Lucas tells him he wants full custody of Allie. Mickey says he wants to talk to Sami. He goes in while Maggie keeps Lucas outside the room. EJ tells Mickey that Lucas doesn’t have a legal ground here. Mickey says he really thinks that Lucas has a legal chance here.

Marlena wants to find Sami and she says she is worried about Johnny. Marlena thinks back to when Stefano was in the room with her and about his threats to her. She tells John no one is safe from that madman.

Nicole tells Trent nothing is going on between her and EJ. She says it is none of his business though. He says good because he would hate to have to tell Victor that she is still married to him. She says she has done everything he has asked her to do and that is all. He takes out his phone and starts to dial so she agrees one last thing and that is it.

Stephanie calls her Mom and Dad and gets their voice mail. She tells them she is just checking in and asks them to call her back. Max suggests them calling Bo and Hope but she doesn’t want her parents to hear about this from them. She notices a text message from Nick on her phone and she says OMG he is here.

Melanie tells her friend that Nick is like putty in her hands. Nick buys drinks and asks Melanie to tell him a little about herself. She tells him she is a student there. While they talk Nick’s phone rings and it is Stephanie telling him she and Max is in jail. She tells him about Max’s sister and she accuses her of being a con artist. She asks him to come get them out. Max tells her to tell him to follow the rats and the roaches. When he hangs up Melanie asks him who that was on his phone.

Lexi comes in to see Marlena and asks how her patient is. Marlena says she is ready to go home. She tells John he doesn’t have to wait but he wants to. Lexi says as long as it is ok with Marlena. She starts asking her questions and Marlena passes answering all correctly. When Lexi says good job, Marlena asks if she can go home now. John asks Lexi if Marlena is good to go now. Marlena wants to know why John is so suddenly interested in what happens to her.

EJ tells Mickey that no judge will give custody to a man that just got out of prison for attempted murder and that is an alcoholic. Mickey doesn’t think that is true.

Lucas admits to Maggie that it is over between him and Sami. He says he doesn’t trust her anymore. He has to move on. Maggie asks him if he is moving on with Cloe.

John tells Marlena that if it weren’t for him she would still be in the coma. Lexi takes John outside the room and tells him not to get Marlena agitated. She says they don’t know what effect the toxins will have on her so they need to take this one step at a time.

Max tells Stephanie he hopes Nick can bail them out of jail. Stephanie can’t wait to get home so she can sleep in her own bed again. Max tells her he plans to stick around a little longer because he still needs to find answers. Stephanie is against it calling Melanie a rude, selfish manipulative liar. Max wonders if all that isn’t an act but Stephanie thinks Melanie is all about herself only.

Melanie asks Nick if the call was from his girlfriend. He says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. She tells him she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Nick tells her he has to go to the police station because his passport was stolen and invites her to go with him.

Trent admits to Nicole that Melanie is his daughter and he wants Nicole to find out if Melanie has run into Max. Nicole figures out what Trent is worried about. She tells him that she bets he doesn’t want Max to tell his sister what an SOB her father really is. Trent tells Nicole that he just wants to keep Max away from Melanie. He says it wouldn’t be good for either one of them if they found each other. Nicole says he still hasn’t told her why. He says because he doesn’t intend to.

EJ tells Mickey that Stefano has nothing to do with this with Lucas. Mickey wonders if Stefano could be a threat to the twins but EJ assures him that they are safe from his father right now.

Maggie worries that Lucas is rushing into this too fast with Cloe. He tells her that Cloe has some things about her that he was interested in with Sami. She tells him not to replace one bad choice with another. He tells her is Cloe does turn out to be the real deal that is great but he isn’t getting his hopes up. She tells him it sounds like he is already starting to fall for her.

John goes back in Marlena’s room and talks about what he said to her earlier. He says he didn’t mean to upset her. He says what ever happens he will protect her from Stefano. He tells her that when she is released from the hospital he wants her to go home with him. She says she is sorry but she just can’t do that.

Nick and Melanie get to the jail and Melanie is surprised when she sees that Max and Stephanie know Nick. She wants to know is this was an ambush.

Maggie tells Lucas all she wants is for him to be happy. She says if Cloe can do that for him then that is wonderful. He tells her the only thing that will make him happy is to get his daughter and get out of there. He goes in the room where Sami, EJ and Mickey are and Sami tells him he is not taking Allie. He screams at her asking if she wants to go to court. He says she won’t win. There is no way in hell that she will.

Jan Barrett

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