Abe is in a panic at the hospital trying to find a way to get upstairs. He wants to know what the hell is going on up there.

Nicole is worried about EJ. She notices the monitor from the security cameras. She walks over to it and sees EJ and Sami together in the stairwell kissing. She starts to walk off when Roman stops her saying he had thought she had gone. She goes back to the monitor and looks again in tears shaking her head.

Lucas wakes up in his hospital room. He finds Cloe passed out too and wakes her up.

Steve bangs on the door yelling for somebody to help them. Kayla is in the room crying because her baby is gone. Steve tries to comfort her telling her they are going to get him back. She tells Steve she thinks Stefano is behind this. She tells him how Marlena told her he was the one that gave her those drugs. Steve loses it saying if that SOB touched their baby he will kill him with his bare hands. They start banging on the door screaming again.

EJ stops Sami and tells her they can’t do this. They both start laughing and realize they have to get help getting out of there.

Lexi asks Abe if he really thinks her father could be behind this. He thinks Stefano could have been faking it even though Lexi says she tested him herself. He thinks Stefano is behind all of this. He says if he is all hell is going to break loose..

Kate tells Roman that Lucas is on that floor. He tells her about Stefano being there and about the possibility that he could be awake. She worries that he will go after Lucas for trying to kill EJ.

Cloe tells Lucas her head is killing her and she is dizzy. He gives her a bag to breathe into telling her to take short shallow breaths. When she says it helped they decide to go look around and try to find a way out of there. Once in the hallway, Cloe says the thought of running into Stefano scares the hell out of her. Suddenly Stefano appears and says As well it should my dear!

The officer tells Roman he got the video camera working and they all see Sami and EJ together. Roman tells him to get the other cameras activated too. Kate sees Sami with EJ and says OMG. She knew something was going on between those two. She says Lucas is so much better off without Sami.

EJ tells Sami she is being so quiet. She says well circumstances and danger. He asks her if there is something else. She suggests that they look for help. He asks her to tell him what they did wasn’t a mistake. She tells him what happened, happened. She says she can’t imagine her life without him. He thanks her and tells her he can’t imagine his life without her either and they hug each other.

Lucas steps in front of Cloe to keep Stefano from her. Stefano tells Lucas he is not the one that will cause Lucas any pain. Lucas asks him what that is supposed to mean. Stefano shows him on his cell phone the video with Sami and EJ together. He tells him this will show him everything he wants to know. When he looks he walks away. Stefano tells him, “As I said, I am not the one who is going to hurt you.” Cloe looks and says she isn’t surprised. Lucas says he isn’t surprised either.

Kate asks Lexi where Roman is. When she says she doesn’t know, Kate goes on a rampage with her telling her is her father is behind this he will go after Lucas. Lexi says she wishes she could tell her otherwise but if she knows her father, he will go after anyone that has wronged him.

Lucas asks Stefano what he wants him to do over this. Lose his mind? He asks Stefano what he is even doing here calling him an Old Man. Stefano warns him that it isn’t wise of him to insult him. He says he isn’t going to punish him for shooting his son, at least not now. He in fact tells him that he is glad Sami finally realized that her place is by EJ’s side. He says they will be the future of his family. Lucas tells Stefano to go to hell. Stefano smirks that at least he won’t be alone.

Roman breaks into the stairwell and rescues Sami and EJ. She tells him the last time she saw her mother she was ok. Roman sends his boys up to see if they can get through the door. Abe sends Sami and EJ to get checked out to make sure they are ok. When they come out they are in each other’s arms and Nicole watches them without being seen.

Kayla is crying continuously banging on the door with Steve trying to calm her down. She wonders if the gas has killed everyone else on the floor. Suddenly they hear the baby crying.

Cloe wonders what Stefano is up to. Lucas doesn’t know and doesn’t care but wonders how come they are the only ones up there. They go back in his room and tell her after he finds the phone still dead that they should just sit tight until someone comes and rescues them. She says she is happy he is there with her. He vows not to let anything happen to her and then they hug.

Sami and EJ tell Lexi and Kate about Marlena admitting that she injected Stefano with the toxin to cause his paralysis. EJ explains how it all happened. Kate asks Sami if Lucas was up there and then she asks her if she cares about Lucas at all. Sami says of course she does. They start to argue together when Lexi breaks it up. EJ tells Sami everyone is going to be ok and he hugs her.

Lucas tells Cloe he is so sick of Sami not know what she wants. He says the only time she is honest is when it benefits herself. Things will never change with her. She tells him she is so sorry. He tells her not to be sorry, now he has his freedom. He says he can concentrate on his future now. She tells him if he plays his cards right she could be a part of that future. He says then he better play his cards right them.

They suddenly hear a baby crying and decide to go look for it. They look around and they hear Steve and Kayla banging on the door. Lucas yells through the door asking who is in there and then he lets them know who he is. Kayla gives him the code to open the door. As soon as the door is opened they run towards the sound of the baby crying.

Sami tells Kate that she thinks Lucas is going to be ok. Kate tells her she doesn’t know that and frankly she doesn’t think she gives a damn and then she walks away. Lexi tells Nicole that she can tell that she cares fro EJ. Nicole tells her she can’t bare to see him blinded by Sami. Lexi says she feels the same way, she can’t bare it either. She says if she can see any way to get him away from Sami to go for it. She tells Lexi she has been down that road before and she just doesn’t see it. Lexi says ok, she understands.

EJ walks up and interrupts. He tells her that Sami is ready for her to exam her so Lexi leaves. EJ sees Nicole and smiles. He hugs her and tells her it is good to see her. He says he didn’t know she was there. She tells him she doesn’t know what is worse, being trapped with Stefano or stuck in a stairwell with Sami. He says ahh so that explains a lot. He says so she knows about that. She tells him about the video camera. She tells him the open shirt, the clinging, the kissing, the visual is buried deep inside her brain.

Lexi checks out Sami and she tells her about the hallucinating from breathing the gas. She tells her about her thinking EJ was Stefano as he came down the stairs.

Steve and Kayla find the baby safe in a cradle. Kayla runs over to him and picks him up and holds him close to her still crying and saying his name over and over again. Kayla wonders what was the purpose of all this. Steve thinks Stefano was only using the baby to get to them. She notices a mark on his wrist. Steve thinks maybe it is just a freckle.

Abe and Roman get up on the floor and enter Stefano’s room only to find the room empty. Stefano’s image appears on the TV set saying hello to them. He tells them it is about time they get there. Roman sends the guys to rescue the rest. Stefano pretends he knows nothing about what happened there but says fortunately he was able to get away before it got to him. He tells them that he wants Marlena arrested for what she did to him. He tells them she is the one that injected him with the toxin and if they don’t see that justice is done with her, and then he assures them he will.

EJ tries to explain to Nicole about what happened in the stairwell but she isn’t listening. Lexi interrupts them and tells him he needs to get checked out. He says he is ok but Sami tells him he really needs to be checked out. He gives in and walks away leaving Nicole standing there as she looks at the monitor of the stairwell.

Jan Barrett

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