Tony and Anna pass out from the gases as John is working on the wiring. When he notices them and checks on them he hears Stefano’s voice telling him it is too late and he laughs. John punches the speaker and then walks off.

Marlena is in bed with the mask over her face with someone removing it from her face. Marlena looks at her and says, You! The woman looks at her and smiles placing the mask over her own face, then removes it and says, It’s me Sam!

John runs into another room looking for Stefano yelling his name out and a little boy says he is Stefano. John asks if this is some kind of a setup. John asks him if he knows who he is. He says his mother was Colleen, asking if that sounds familiar. The young boy says Colleen ruined her life. .

Marlena tells this woman she can’t be Sam. She says her sister was murdered a long time ago. Then she asks if she isn’t dreaming and she really is Sam then she must be dead. Sam tells her she is alive but she did a bad thing and now she is going to have to pay for it.

Sam tells Marlena she crossed the line. She asked Marlena why she injected Stefano with the drug. She says she knows why but wants to know if Marlena knows. Marlena begs Sam to help her with the antidote. She tells Sam she thought she was there to help her but Sam only wants to know what Marlena did in details and why she did it. Marlena tells her how she did this to protect John from Stefano. Marlena tells Sam she injected Stefano because the bastard deserved it. Sam gets excited saying yes, now they are getting somewhere. Marlena asks her why she is here, and Sam says she is here to help her. Sam tells Marlena that revenge never was her style. Marlena tells her no, she knows it was her style instead. They have a flashback back to the time Sam drugged Marlena.

The young Stefano says that Colleen tricked his father. John explains that it wasn’t his mother’s fault and that it was their father’s fault. The boy runs out the room saying No! John runs after him and once in the hall he sees his father, Santo. Santo tells him hello. John lashes out at him for leaving his mother alone pregnant. Santos tells John he never knew she was pregnant. He says if he had known he would have been there for her and him. Santo tells John that Stefano use to be pure as the driven snow but life has turned him into a monster.

Marlena says Sam wasn’t very nice back then. Sam tells her she was misguided but tells her that she had found a way back then to help her so now she will find a way to help her now. She says she is there now to help because Marlena has lost her way. She says she spent all her time and energy trying to save John but lost sight of who she is as a person now. Sam tells Marlena the love she has for John may have just cost her, her life.

Santos tells John he is there to give him a message. He says the life John is leading now is wrong. He tells him Stefano made him forget who he really is but that doesn’t have to mean he has to be so cold and unfeeling. John remarks how amazing it is that he is giving him advice of all people. Santo tells him not to be like him or Stefano. He says he is Colleen’s son and he is a good man. John tells him he has no idea who he is and neither does Colleen since she abandoned him. John gets angrier and yells that his mother abandoned him and when he turns around Santo is gone.

Stefano is holding little Joe rocking him back and forth. He says he bets that Steve and Kayla have big plans for him. Stefano says but he has some big plans for him too.

Marlena says if it weren’t for John she would still be lying on that floor. Sam blames John for Marlena’s life being such a mess. Marlena says she would do it all over again if she had to. Marlena tells Sam how horrible it was being with a man that has no memory of their past together. She tells Sam how John has been becoming just like Stefano, living in his mansion and all. She says the man she knows and loves would have despised the New John. She says she has to get better so she can help him. Sam says you can’t help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped.

Santo comes back and tells John that Colleen did what she thought was best for John. He tells John that Marlena is a good woman, saying she can help him. John insists that he doesn’t need her. Suddenly the old John is standing there telling the new John that he is wrong there and he says that is a fact. The new John asks the old John what he wants. He turns around and Santo is gone again. He tells the new John he is there to help him and is sure to mention that he doesn’t like the way he is living right now. He said if it were him he never would have moved in to the DiMera empire. The new John says they are entitled to all that Stefano has. The old John tells him that they are already rich, they don’t need Stefano’s money. The old John reminds him that being a DiMera has its disadvantages like his upcoming drug trial.

Marlena tells Sam she would like John. Sam asks her what he is like. Marlena tells her that she loves him so much. She tells her that they have a child together and he has a son from a previous marriage. Then Marlena thinks about the old days with John. Sam tells Marlena she can see why she loved the old John. She says but he is gone now, and she has to accept that. Marlena says she can’t accept that.

The Old John talks to the new on talking about Marlena. He tells him life is about love, family and friendship. He says before Stefano took it all away he had it all. He tells him the life he had was so much better and he just walked away from it. The New John says he would like for this old John to walk away now. He says he has had enough of this garbage for today. The old John says Marlena can help bring him back to his old self Santo agrees and the old John tells John that Marlena loves him. He tells him not to throw away the best thing that ever happened to him and that is Marlena.

Marlena tells Sam she can’t give up on John and Sam says she can see that. She tells Marlena that there was a time when people wanted her to give up on helping her too but she didn’t. Marlena tells her that she was a drug addict. Sam remembers when they sent her away. She tells Marlena she was able to forgive herself because of her. Marlena tells her that it was her own strength and determination to get her off the drugs. She says John is in a different place and thinks he doesn’t need the help and that is why she has to help him. Sam tells her that she has to go and that she is really going to miss her. They both shed a few tears and when Sam is about to go, Marlena tells her she needs her help with something.

Stefano is holding the baby when Rolf walks in and Stefano asks him if he completed his assignment. Rolf says he has and how it is an honor to be working for him again. Stefano tells him there is much to be done. Rolf asks if he wants him to take the baby. Stefano hands him the baby and then Rolf assures him he will follow his instructions to the letter and then he leaves with the baby.

Tony and Anna wake up. Anna says she had a strange dream about Stefano. Tony says so did he. He thinks John may have gotten the ventilation system activated. They look around for John. Tony says he must have gone to find Marlena and to look for help. He tells Anna he will make sure Stefano gets what he deserves. Anna tells him not to talk like that or it will make him no better than Stefano. Tony tells her he is not his father.

Stefano talks to someone on the phone and then tells Rolf everything has gone exactly as he has  planned.

Sam tells Marlena she can’t give her the antidote. Marlena says she can’t because she is paralyzed. Sam tells her yes he can. She says she has to save herself, she is the only one that can. When Sam disappears, Marlena tells herself she can do this. She is moving her hand as she reaches for the syringe telling herself she needs it. She picks up the syringe and shoots it in her leg with it.

The new John says he doesn’t know what he is going to do about Marlena. Santo tells him whatever he decides to do, not to give up on love. He hugs him and then he disappears, leaving John with a tear rolling down his face.

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