Nicole sees an officer and asks if there is a way to get upstairs. He tells her everything is locked down and no one can get in up there.

Roman tells Abe what is going on and how everything is locked down even on the emergency backup. Roman gives Abe a list of all that are on that floor which includes Stefano. Abe says he can’t believe he would have anything to do with that. Lexi walks up and says don’t be so sure about that. She says Stefano could have come out of his catatonic state. She said the last time she saw him he was still unconscious but he could have come out at any time since he was showing brain activity.

Tony talks to Stefano and Stefano tells him he is a disgrace to the DiMera name. He says he disgusts him. Tony picks up a wrench and yells that that’s enough calling him a conniving bastard but it was Tony hallucinating thinking John was Stefano.

Marlena lies in bed not being able to move when she starts thinking about what Stefano told her. She tells herself that she won’t let him do it. She says she has to get that antidote. She tries to work on her own mind to make herself move and her thumb moves.

Kayla wonders around trying to help Steve and the baby but she can’t wake him. She crawls over to the door and still can’t get it to open but she passes out while she tries.

Sami thinks back to how she thought EJ was Stefano coming down the stairs and she grabbed his foot causing him to fall down the stairs and now he is unconscious. She realizes it is EJ now and she panics telling him he has to wake up. She tells him he has to wake up. She apologizes for all she said to him. She tells him he promised to help her fight Stefano and help her get out of there. She cries and then checks to see if he is still breathing. She tells him she is so sorry, she didn’t know it was him. She says her life won’t be the same without him. Suddenly his eyes open and Sami is looking at him.

Tony finds Anna unconscious. He panics as he tells her to wake up. He begs her to come back to him. He kisses her and she opens her eyes. She looks at him saying his name. He tells her he is here and then he asks her what happened. She tells him that the last thing she remembers was Stefano coming towards her. He tells her the gas is making them all hallucinate. He tells her it made him think John was Stefano. She asks him what Stefano is doing to them.

Phillip walks in and tries to assure Nicole that EJ can take care of himself. He says he doesn’t think this is a random malfunction.

Roman, Lexi and Abe start looking for an access route. Phillip stops them and starts asking questions about what they have found out. Nicole asks if there is anything else they can tell them about Cloe or Lucas or EJ. Nicole is surprised when she heard that EJ is with Sami. Roman asks her if that concerns her. She says she just thought he was visiting Stefano alone.

EJ sits up and she asks him if he is ok. He tells Sami he has a headache now to deal with. Sami tells him how sorry she is. When he figures out that Sami is the one that tripped him she explains that she thought he was Stefano. He tells her he was chasing her because he knew she was upset. She says she really didn’t know what she was doing. He tells her it is ok. He remembers what she was saying just as he was waking up. He asks her if she knew what she was saying when she said she couldn’t live without him. She tries to worm her way out of it by saying that she didn’t think this was the right time and he says it is the perfect time. He asks her where she stands with Lucas and she say that really isn’t up to her. She says he has dropped her like a hot potato because of one little thing.

She tells EJ maybe them making love was a mistake but she says they can’t change what they did and she says she can’t change how she feels about him. She says she has to stop lying to herself.

Anna goes into Marlena’s room and starts talking to her when she realizes that her oxygen mask is off so she puts it back. She tells Marlena that the gas is making people crazy. Marlena looks at the needle and Anna can see she is trying to tell her something.

John suddenly hears Stefano’s voice through the speaker saying it is his conscience speaking. He tells John he has been a bad soldier but that is about to change. John speaks back telling him he always was a coward and then tells him to come out and show his face. Stefano tells him to behave and be the pawn that he is. He tells him he can reboot him and his metamorphosis will be complete.

Lexi asks Nicole if she is ok. Nicole tells her that she is just worried about what is going on. Lexi tells her she can see she has a thing for her brother. She is surprised because she always thought she only went for men with money and EJ hardly has money now that John has taken over. Nicole is offended and says she isn’t in love with EJ. Lexi warns her that she is sure her brother is only interested in Sami.

EJ finally gets Sami to admit that she meant it when she said she still had feelings for him. She changes the subject by telling him she is so worried about her family. EJ tries to calm her down. He tells her to stop and she yells that he can’t keep saying that. He hugs her to try and calm her down.

Stefano assures John that he will get him back into the lab. John tells him he will never get him back into that chair because he is going to kill him first. He starts hitting the speaker. Tony walks up and tells John he can explain about him trying to attack him with the wrench. John tells him that is enough. Tony tells him he didn’t mean to try and hurt him. He says he thought he was Stefano and explains he thinks the gas is making them do things. He tells Tony to look at what he is doing for instance. John says the real Stefano was taunting him and then decides to start working again on the wiring.

Anna tries to figure out what Marlena is trying to tell her. When she can’t she gives up and leaves the room, leaving Marlena lying there trying to figure out a way to get the syringe herself.

Nicole tells Lexi that Sami has hurt EJ so many times and EJ knows that. She says she is sure that he has had enough of Sami and is tired of her hurting him. Lexi says well that would be nice and then excuses herself saying she has to get back to work.

Meanwhile EJ and Sami are in the stairwell and they are cuddling. EJ tells her that he needs to know how she feels about Lucas right now. She says she loves him and she always will but he doesn’t want anything to do with her now so she has to move on. He asks her if that is why she is saying now that she has feelings for him. She says no, but when she saw him lying on the floor and she thought she had killed him a lot of things came into her mind. She tells him anything is possible. She apologizes for not being able to promise more. He says that is ok, it is more than he had before. Then he pulls her back into his arms. She looks up as EJ and asks can they just stay like this. He tells her everything will be ok.

Stefano appears in the room where Kayla and Steve are passed out in and he hears the baby crying so he walks up to him.

Tim tells Roman and Abe that they can tie the security cameras into the monitor at the nurse’s station.

Sami and EJ are still cuddling when they share a kiss together, just as the detectives hook up the camera and Nicole sees them.

Steve wakes up choking. He goes over to Kayla who is just waking up herself. Once they get up they run over to check on the baby. Kayla loses it when they find he is not there. The door is still locked but they pound on it anyway screaming.

John is still working on the wiring when Anna walks up. She starts choking and passes out. John tells them to hang on because he is almost done as he starts twisting the wires together. Tony and Anna are both passed out.

The cameras stop working. Roman gets a call and he tells everyone that someone is trying to activate the emergency ventilation system. He says it doesn’t look good.

Marlena is in her bed when suddenly a hand moves towards her and removes her mask. Marlena looks up and all she says is “You!”

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