Roman is on top of this thing at the hospital. He requests a list of all the patients and visitors on the floor.

Nicole walks in and tells Phillip she wonders what is going on up there.

Stefano walks in to see Marlena. He asks her if she is trying to say something as he removes her mask. He tells her he is not going to kill her. He has something much more interesting in his mind.

Tony and John and Anna find the power room. Tony remarks to Anna not to touch anything saying she doesn’t even know how to jump start a car. She says she will just stand over in the corner and paint her nails. Tony mention show ironic it is that Stefano has brought them together.

Stefano tells Marlena this is called payback. She will be trapped for the rest of her life within her own body. He tells her he thinks he has come up with a good plan. She whispers that she is sorry. He says it is too late for apologies. She mentions John. He tells her she never had John, because John always belonged to him. He says once he eliminates her then he will be able to reclaim his pawn.

Stefano tells Marlena he is sorry it has come to this calling her his queen for the night. He thinks back to the night at the opera with Marlena. Stefano tells Marlena it seems as if it were just yesterday. He says they could have had a glorious life together. He talks about what they could have done together. He says he would have treated her like royalty. She tells him she didn’t mean to hurt him. He tells her to close her eyes and sleep. She starts to whimper but he shushes her telling her to sleep. He picks up the needle and asks her if this is what she wants saying maybe it would give her a lovely slumber.

Anna tells Tony and John they need to set their differences aside and work together on this to get something done. She storms out the room. John asks Tony if she brings that kind of energy into the bedroom. Tony walks out without answering and John says he will take that as a yes. When Tony catches up with Anna they talk and he tells her he doesn’t want to waste time worrying about Stefano. Anna tells him to go back in and help John because he needs help. She tells him she will be ok. Anna tells him no fighting though, she wants her man in one piece.

Stefano tells Marlena he doesn’t know what is in the needle, saying pain killer most likely. He says let’s see what it can do. She knows what it is so she says to herself to please do it. He bends over to inject her but the lights start to flicker so he puts the needle down and tells her not to go anywhere and walks out.

John asks Tony how come Stefano tried turning him into Robinson Crusoe. Tony tells him he and Stefano had their share of differences. They talk about Stefano how things are with Tony and Stefano these days. Tony tells John that Stefano never expected John to fall in love with the only woman he himself truly loved.

Nicole asks Roman if he knows who might be up there. She asks him to let them know if he finds out. She and Phillip talk about it and they wonder if maybe EJ is up there. Phillip says Cloe might have been visiting Lucas too. Nicole says she feels like she is stuck in some sort of slasher movie.

Anna goes to Stefano’s room and starts to search it. She hears Stefano’s voice asking her is she is looking for something. She tells herself she is imagining things. As she looks around more, she hears his voice say she is wasting her time looking. She turns around and she sees Stefano standing there and she screams out loud.

Stefano goes back in Marlena’s room and picks up the needle again. He wonders if it is the antidote. He says they both know that is not possible because there is none. He looks out the window when he hears sirens. He says it is a shame she won’t have the opportunity to give a farewell to her loved ones. He asks her if she would like to say good bye to John. She says, please. He rubs it in that she and John were separated. He says they never really got along together anyway. She says they did. He tells her he was told that John had been courting a mob princess. He says well her John is tucked away on that little disc. She says it was fixed. He laughs and takes the broken disc out of his pocket and asks her if this is the disc she means.

Nicole says things like this don’t usually bother her. She says she must really be falling for EJ. She says she hasn’t felt like this in a long time. She says people think all she cares about is a man’s bank account. Then she says who she is kidding. She says Kate paid her $5 million to get married. Phillip tells her that was a long time ago. She says she wishes she could start over. He says sometimes he feels that way too. She says she is not proud of her past. She says but she can only move on and hope that she can find a man that can accept her for who she is. He says well if EJ could accept Sami, he shouldn’t have a problem with her.

Tony tells John how much Marlena loves him. He tells John her words at John’s funeral when they thought he was dead were heart breaking. He says she told him he was her knight in shining armor. She said she didn’t know if she was ever going to feel safe again. Tony says what he and Marlena had was special. He said when she heard he was alive it was a miracle. He asks John if he has any idea how wonderful it was to see Marlena smile again.

John thinks back to when Marlena freed him from the chair in the lab. Tony asks John if he remembers. He tells John that Marlena is a good woman. John says he is not the man Marlena is looking for. Tony tells John that Stefano may not have gotten what he wanted when he didn’t get Marlena but he did get the next best thing. John asks what that might be. Tony says his revenge. He said his father finally divided him and Marlena.

Nicole tells Phillip it is too soon for her to tell EJ how she really feels about him. Phillip tells her he learned that you don’t always get a second chance. He says if there is something or someone you want you’ve got to go for it. He asks her if she is sure that she wants to be involved with EJ DiMera since he isn’t the most trustworthy guys in the world. She answers that they are a perfect match. Roman walks up and Nicole asks who is up there on the floor.

Stefano tells Marlena it is none of her business how he got this disc. He tells her he would leave it with her but there is no way it can be prepared. He asks her if she thought it would be fair to ask John to care for a paralyzed wife. He says that would be selfish. She calls him a bastard. He tells her if he was her he would choose his words a little more wisely.

John tells Tony the last he remembers is that Blondie was still his wife. Tony tells him yes but slowly he is losing all of his family. John tells him well he still has him.

Stefano tells Marlena she is lucky that she is even breathing. He doesn’t want to hear another word from her. He asks if she understands him. He says he has to go check on a friend. As he is about to walk out he tells her not to do anything stupid. Then he laughs and says actually you can’t do anything, can you?

Nicole asks Roman if EJ is up there and Roman says yes. Phillip asks about Lucas and Cloe and Roman say they are too. Nicole asks Phillip if he is really over Cloe. Phillip asks what does it matter, because he doesn’t deserve Cloe, He says actually he doesn’t deserve anyone. She asks what Phillip is feeling so guilty about. She tells him if he ever wants to talk about she is there for him. Phillip says thanks but this is the kind of thing better left buried.

Stefano goes back to his room where Anna is lying unconscious. He tells her she was getting too close. He says he never wanted it to come to this.

John tells Tony the time is here, he needs to make a choice. What’s it going to be, the man who banished him or the man who can give him a piece of the future. Tony says they should work together on the ventilation system. John says he will take that as his answer. Tony imagines hearing Stefano telling him that he knew he had no backbone. He tells Tony that he sees he is siding with the enemy. Stefano tells him he will see him burn in hell. Tony picks up a wrench and throws it at the image he sees of Stefano screaming calling him a bastard.

Stefano is now back in Marlena’s room. He tells her when he sees she is still awake that she sure is putting up a fight here. He tells her to close her eyes and sleep. She closes her eyes and when she opens them again Stefano is gone. She starts saying, “Help!” “Help!”  

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