Kayla puts the oxygen mask over Marlena’s face and tells her she will be right back.

Steve is ripping through the room looking for something to use to pry the door open when the baby starts crying. He tries calming Lil Joe down and then says he has to get this door open. He bangs on the door yelling if anyone is out there. He tries using his cell phone but it is dead. He starts screaming asking if everything is locked in this place.

The nurse tells Cloe and Lucas that the whole hospital floor is on lockdown. When she leaves Lucas notices the gas coming from the vents. Lucas starts pulling out needles and tape from his arms when Cloe asks what is that. He tells her he isn’t sticking around to find out.

Sami is freaking out as the gang listens to a news bulletin on TV announcing that they still don’t know what is going on but says the Salem PD is on their way to the hospital.

Kayla finds the nurse and asks what is going on here. She tells her that everyone on this floor is trapped here. Kayla thinks about Steve and runs to look for him.

Anna is freaking out. When Tony tells her they need to calm down. She asks him if they are being poisoned. He says if that were the case they would all be dead by now.

Steve finds an oxygen mask and puts it over the baby’s face. Kayla uses her hospital code to open the door and comes in. She calls out his name and then goes towards the baby. Steve yells at her not to let the door shut. She is asking “What?” The door shuts and now they are all locked in together.

After Lucas gets dressed they use towels to cover their faces with as Cloe tells him she keeps trying to get a signal on her cell phone. She asks if he thinks this gas is fatal. He tells her not to worry about that right now and he tells her they will get out of there together and he promises her that.

A hand removes Marlena’s mask from her face. Later John walks in and sees her choking. He tells her it will be ok. He asks if she has seen Stefano but she can’t answer.  He tells Marlena that he knows she is trying to communicate with him. He puts the mask on her face and tells her he will be back.

Sami is with EJ and he is trying to keep her calm. She says she thinks Allie and Johnny are wondering where they are right now. Suddenly Sami starts freaking out and when she looks at EJ she sees and hears Stefano laughing instead. She starts screaming OMG! OMG! You son-of-a-bitch you did this to us. When EJ tries to make her understand she is hallucinating she runs off.

Tony gives Anna a towel. She tells him she thinks Stefano is trying to kill them. She asks him how he is doing and he admits having hallucinations and that he has feelings of extreme anger. Tony blames himself for not stopping Stefano before this. She tells him he is a man of great character and strength. She says she knows he would have stopped him if he could have. Tony promises that they will get out of this and Stefano will never hurt her and they will never be separated again.

Kayla apologizes to Steve and then she passes out. Steve tries to wake her begging her to please wake up. 

Sami runs into Stefano in the hallway. He tells her Good Evening. He tells her he has been looking for her. She tells him he is crazy for what he did to her mother. He tells her that her mother committed a heinous terrible crime. He tells her she is the future for his family. She says she wants nothing to do with his family. He tells her if she goes along with him little Giovanni will be the first in line of heirs.

Cloe and Lucas start choking from the gas fumes. She thinks maybe they should split up to look for a way out. Lucas tells her to take short breaths. He tells her there is no way he is leaving her right now but she promises she will be ok. So he takes off in the opposite direction.

Tony tells Anna they are going to fight back against Stefano. She tells him to go find help alone because she needs to rest. Tony doesn’t like leaving her but she tells him to go find John and then come back for her so he leaves.

EJ finds John and John asks him if he is functional. EJ tells him not really as he is choking. John tells him they are dealing with a psychopath. EJ is surprised that John isn’t affected by the gas. John says Stefano told Marlena that he is immune to toxins now from when Stefano held him prisoner. He tells EJ he is going to check on Marlena and EJ is going to look for Sami.

Cloe goes into Marlena’s room and asks her what happened to her. Not knowing what is going on she tells Marlena she will go see if she can find more out. When she passes in front of the mirror she sees herself with a scarred face like it was before her surgery and she screams.

Sami asks Stefano if that is what he is wanting, more heirs. She says Johnny will grow up to be strong and decent. He tells her not to fight the inevitable. He says he admires the passion in her. She tells him she is passionate about staying away from the DiMera’s. She finds a stairwell door and it opens it as she yells for Stefano to Go To Hell and then she runs out. Stefano laughs and says not this time.

Steve gets Kayla awake. She worries about he baby but Steve says he will be ok. They can’t get out the room though. He puts the mask over her face and she whispers to him what would she do without him. She thinks about Marlena and he tells her she did all she could and now she is there taking care of their son.

Sami runs down the stairs as she gets flashbacks of when she met with Stefano before about making the deal to marry EJ to stop the vendetta against her family. She starts running and crying as she runs. Meanwhile EJ finds the door for the stairwell and yells out for her.

Cloe runs in a panic after seeing her scars. Stefano stops her and asks her if she is ok and then he tells her she looks marvelous. She tells him he can’t be real and he was supposed to be in a coma. He tells her he is very much alive. She tells him she is going to go see if she can find some help and he tells her yes, she is going to need it. HE tells her it was a pleasure to see her again. He goes into Marlena’s room. He tells her the tides are certainly turning. He asks her is she is comfortable. He tells her to get use to it. He removes her mask and blows some of the gas into her face and then places the mask back. He asks her if she really thought she could get away with what she did to him. He tells her she underestimated him and then he says she always has.

Lucas runs into Cloe and she is panicky telling him that the vapor did this to her. He tells her that her face is fine. They realize that the vapor is causing her to hallucinate. He says Stefano probably caused this. She tells him she just saw Stefano. John and Tony just walked in and asked her where she saw him. She tells him just outside Marlena’s room.

Tony asks how come the fumes aren’t affecting John. He tells him it is because he was Stefano’s personal lab rat. They go together to see if they can figure out a way to ventilate the building.

Stefano asks Marlena if she is trying to speak. He says she seems to have something on her mind as he removes the mask.

Kayla tells Steve she is ok. Steve passes out and Kayla panics going from Steve to the baby. She crawls to the door begging for someone to help them.

EJ goes down to the stairwell yelling for Sami. She is hallucinating thinking it is Stefano so she gets behind the stairs and trips him as he comes down. When he rolls down to the bottom of the stairwell Sami walks over to him and still thinking he is Stefano, she screams “Die you son-of-a-bitch!”

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