Sami and John are with Kayla as she tries to find a way to save Marlena. Sam tells her that they know Stefano is behind this. John says he won’t get away with it. Sami asks Kayla to find something to help her. Kayla asks Sami and John to step out. When they go out the room John says he will be right back. EJ tells him it won’t do any good to talk to Stefano.

Anna and Tony argue with Stefano and when Stefano talks bad about Anna, Tony screams at him that he is talking about his wife. Stefano is shocked that they are married. They continue arguing until John walks in and interrupts. Tony asks John if he is thinking about hurting Stefano. John tells him not now because he needs him alive. John tells him he wants to know what he did to Blondie and he says he holds him responsible. Stefano says he knows nothing about what he is talking about.

Steve comes in and asks Kayla what happened to Marlena. She tells him she has been injected with a paralyzing toxin. Marlena says very softly, “Stefano” Steve is surprised when Kayla tells him that Stefano is back and he is awake. He wants to know what Stefano sot her up with. Kayla says she doesn’t know but she is going to find out. She says she had the lab put everything else aside and find out what they need to cure Marlena.

Stefano tells John he heard everything before they took him away about him being his half brother. John reminds Stefano that he has taken over his empire. Stefano tells him he hopes he has enjoyed it because that is all about to change.

Sami and EJ talk and he says he thinks Marlena did what she did to his father. She defends Marlena saying if she did it, she only did it to protect her family. Sami can’t believe EJ feels sorry for his father. She tells him there is a right side and a wrong side to this situation. She says she hopes he chooses carefully which side he is on.

John puts it in Stefano’s face that the one thing he planned when he programmed him was to kill Colleen Brady and it failed. Stefano said he was bitterly disappointed when he found that out. He tells John to get use to it because he is still his pawn. John tells Stefano that Colleen is dead and she died with all her family and friends around her. Stefano says but the important thing is that she is dead.

Kayla tells Marlena she needs to do an EKG and a cat scan but Marlena is getting worse. Steve asks EJ if he had anything to do with this and he says no. Sami wonders if Rolf could be involved. EJ leaves to go talk to Rolf. Marlena tells Kayla she knows what was given to her. She says it was the same toxin that she gave to Stefano. She tells Kayla it is enough to paralyze someone, not to kill them. She says before long she won’t be able to move or speak.

Anna is upset that Tony let Stefano talk to her like he did. He tells her that they have to find out soon what is going on. He says what Stefano did to Marlena was vengeance and he won’t be satisfied until Marlena is dead.

Stefano tells John if he had done anything to Marlena it would be because of what she did to him. He tells John that he once was in love with Marlena and she was his Achilles heel. He said she put him through hell beyond imagination. He tells John he has plans for everyone that has betrayed him. John tells him he can’t let him do that. Stefano says it is too late, it is already in motion. John grabs Stefano by the neck. EJ comes in and stops him. John is defending his move for Blondie. EJ tells him if he was in love with Marlena he wouldn’t have carried on with Ava. Stefano is surprised to hear that John was with Vitali’s daughter.

John tells Stefano that he is his enemy. He says that means that his enemies are his friends. John tells Stefano that EJ is his lawyer and he is living in the mansion with him. Stefano thinks this is another betrayal by EJ. John tells him to get use to it and he leaves to go check on Marlena.

Kayla and Sami are with Marlena when John walks in and tells Marlena she better fight this and he is there to help her.

Later Tony goes to see Marlena and he asks her is she did what Stefano is accusing her of doing. She tells him yes, but she did it because she didn’t have any other choice. He says she must have had a good reason. He says of all the people he never would have thought it could have been her. He still thinks she was wrong and evil for doing it though. She tells him she had to protect her family. He tells her she sounds like Stefano.

Stefano thinks EJ has forgotten that he is his father. Stefano wants to know why EJ wanted to destroy John. Before EJ can answer John comes in saying, Time’s up nephew, He is taking over. EJ leaves the room. John takes Stefano’s hand and starts bending his fingers back. Stefano tells him if he breaks even one little finger then someone else he cares about will pay. He says he has already told him that it has already started.

Sami heads towards Stefano’s room and EJ stops her. She says she is going to make Stefano tell her how to save her mother. While they argue suddenly they hear banging sounds and Sami asks what that noise is. Sami tells EJ she has a strange feeling that something is going to happen. She tells EJ she is going out for some air.

Back in Stefano’s room he laughs and says Ah, there, it’s done. John asks him what is done. Stefano says the fate of his enemies is sealed.

Marlena tells Tony she isn’t sorry for what she did. Tony tells her she should have known better after so many attempts. He tells her that because of her basic goodness she couldn’t kill his father. He says he thinks there is a strong possibility that Stefano will try to kill her but he tells Marlena that he feels that Stefano came back to kill everyone.

Stefano tells John is he told him what he did now, it would take away the excitement of discovery. He says but there is no way to stop it now. John decides not to let Stefano have the pleasure of seeing what he has planned go down so he takes Stefano’s neck in a grip and you can hear Stefano choking. Steve walks in and pulls John off Stefano. He tells John Stefano did the same thing to him but he got it back. Steve tells him if he kills him he will probably kill Marlena too. Stefano thanks Steve. Steve tells him not to thank him. He said if John isn’t around later then he will kill him himself.

Anna goes to see Marlena. She tells her John was pretty upset, saying he is worried about Stefano. Marlena tells her it is getting harder to move and breathe. Anna tells her to hang in there and not to let that monster win. She tells her that she has so much to live for. She says when she gets better they can figure out a way to destroy Stefano and she will help. Marlena thanks her and says that is how it began. Meanwhile Kayla is in the lab smiling thinking she might have something to help Marlena.

Sami comes back and tells EJ that the door to the roof was shut and locked. EJ says he will call down and report it but he doesn’t get a signal on his cell phone. Sami tells him it was the same way with her phone too. They decide to check the other doors and elevators.

Anna notices that Marlena is getting worse. Marlena tells her that soon she won’t be able to move at all. Anna curses Stefano. Kayla walks in and tells Marlena that she might have found something to slow down the process. She tells her what she found might cure her but it could also kill her. She says the antitoxins are poison, but she asks her if she wants to take the risk.

Sami and EJ find out that all the doors are locked and so are the elevators. Sami blames Stefano so they head for his room.

Anna goes to Stefano’s room and finds him gone. John says the bastard was faking his paralysis. They hear a special bulletin on TV announcing that the seventh floor at the hospital is locked down in a quarantine situation.

Steve brings Lil Joe in looking for Kayla and gets locked in the room he is in. Suddenly he hears gas coming form the vent He puts the baby further away and then he tries to climb up to reach the vent but starts choking. He has to get down and he covers the baby.

Kayla asks Marlena if she thinks this will work. Marlena says she doesn’t know but thinks she has no choice but for them to try it. Kayla says if she is wrong it could have the opposite effect. Marlena tells her she trusts her and they both decide to go for it. Kayla says she prays it works. As she prepares the needle the gas starts leaking into the room choking Kayla before she can inject Marlena.

John accuses Tony of knowing what Stefano has planned but Tony denies it. Suddenly they notice the gas coming from the vents.. Sami screams OMG look!

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