Max is on the phone when Nick calls. He asks Nick what this is all about Melanie but their connection goes dead again. Nick goes back to talk to Party Girl on his computer. While he is watching her on her web site Chelsea walks up behind him and asks him what he is doing. She remarks that he looks stressed out. He tells her that he is trying to get hold of Max to tell him something. She notices Party Girl on his computer and asks him if he is surfing blogs now. Then she says she never pegged him for that type. She asks who the girl is but Nick says he can’t tell her that.

Ava comes in and tells John she is in big trouble. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is sure that she has been followed. She says who ever it is they are on to her. John tells her the cops have nothing on either one of them. EJ walks in and makes a remark about the fact that they seem to be together a lot lately. John asks him what it matters to him if he whispers sweet nothings into his girl’s ear. John tells him it is none of his business anyway but EJ says as his lawyer it is his business. He tells John if he has something to tell him he should tell him right now.

Hope is trying to get Ciara to eat her pancakes when Bo comes in. He plays with Ciara a little. She asks Bo why her Mom is so sad. Bo tells her that her mom is ok and then sends her out of the room. Hope and Bo start arguing and he tells her he thinks Phillip is innocent. Hope tells Bo he is acting like a Kiriakis now and not the man she loves.

Kate is visiting Victor and she tells him he looks like he is feeling better. Victor is glad that Daniel got the blood type that Phillip needed. She tells him she hopes Lucas won’t go back to Sami. They start talking about Phillip again. Victor thinks Phillip might be heading for a disaster. Kate says she is worried about Phillip. Victor says he is worried that Bo will crack with what he knows. Kate tells Victor that she got an anonymous email the other day saying “I know your secret”. She tells him that Phillip thinks it was John that sent it and that is why he went over there to confront him and he ended up taking the bullet for Morgan. Victor wonders what is going on in John’s mind. He tells Kate that from now on John is going to have to deal with him.

Morgan goes in to see Phillip and they each say they dreamed last night. Phillip asks her what she dreamed. She leans over and kisses him. She tells Phillip she never had anyone save her life before. She tells him he did it without thinking about it. He says if he had it to do over again he would, in a heart beat. He asks her if she meant what she said to him. She tells him yes.

Chelsea and Nick talk more when Lexi walks in with Theo. Lexi talks to Chelsea about her new job. Chelsea promises Theo they are going to have a lot of fun. Lexi invites Chelsea to have breakfast with them she can get to know Theo a little better.
EJ asks John if he can speak to Ava alone. When John leaves EJ tells Ava he has some news but he isn’t so sure if it is good. He tells her that Judge Fitzpatrick has been removed from the case. He tells her the new judge isn’t so favorable toward our situation. He said they have discovered the email she sent and they are using it as hard evidence. She says that is impossible. She says she made sure everything on her computer was erased. He says well it wasn’t because they have it. She asks him what he is trying to say to her, that there is no hope for her. She asks him if he thinks he can still get a deal for her but he said not in light of this new evidence.

John goes to see Paul to see how he is. Paul tells him he can get him the hell out of there but John says he can’t do that. John tells him to be patient. He says once they can get him out of town he will arrange to have Morgan meet him somewhere.

Ava asks EJ not to tell John anything yet, to let her tell him. John walks in and asks to talk to Ava. When EJ leaves John tells her it is too bad he can’t trust EJ enough confide in him.

Chelsea tells Lexi she will take Theo to his therapy for Lexi and she will bring him back. When she and Theo walk off Tony comes in huffing and telling Lexi he has been looking for her. When he looks at her eyes he asks if she hasn’t heard anything yet. She asks him what he means. He tells her their father has had a seizure and they are bringing him there to the hospital. He says he should be there soon. Lexi asks him if they are bringing him there. He says yes and the doctors think there is a chance he could come out of the coma. EJ comes in after they call him and they wonder if Stefano will come out of the coma.

Bo goes home and he and Hope go at it again.  He tells Hope he is going to smoke out the person that is responsible for Paul’s disappearance. They both agree that they think it is John. He tells her now she knows everything which makes her an accessory after the fact.

In France Max and Les wait around for Melanie to come back and when she does Les runs up to her grabbing her by the arm. Max goes up to him and tells him to lay off of her and then offers to pay him what she owes him. Melanie yells at him asking who the hell is he. Max offers him all the money he has. Les says it isn’t nearly enough but Max convinces him to take it. Melanie asks Max why he would do that since she doesn’t even know him. She hands him her bracelet in exchange for the debt of hers her just paid. He asks her where she got the bracelet and she tells him she isn’t answering his questions until she knows how he is. Max tells her to sit with him and they talk. She tells him he is really starting to freak her out when he won’t tell her who he is. Finally he just blurts it out. He says ok, I am your brother.

John tells Ava he can see she is worried. He tells her it will all work out. She tells him she doesn’t want to focus on this right now. She tells him she wants to focus on what has made her so very happy lately and she would like to show him how much she cares for him. He asks what she has in mind. She tells him to come upstairs and she will show him. Later Ava goes downstairs and leaves a note on the table and walks out the front door.

Hope is worried that John is behind this. She says she knows John is capable of murder. Bo asks her if she will stand behind him on this. She tells him she will always stand beside him. They hug and kiss and he tells her he doesn’t deserve her. She says whatever happens they will deal with this together. They hug and kiss again.

Jan Barrett

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