John meets with Paul at The Brady Pub and Paul tells him that if he doesn’t get him out of this mess he isn’t going to go down alone. Marlena sees John talking to him through the window. She walks in and sits with John when he is alone and asks about the man he was talking to. John is waiting for her to let him have it but she says there is nothing else for her to say about it. She says she is not going to interfere in his life anymore. He takes her hand and she says she can’t keep doing this. She says he remembers nothing. He says well then they can just start over. She tells him she wants her old John back. He says well his name is John and he is pleased to meet her.

Phillip and Nicole are at Chez Rouge and Cloe calls and tells Phillip he needs to get home right away. She tells him about the Austrian Consulate being there. He asks Maggie to tell Nicole that he had to go and take care of something and leaves. Meanwhile Nicole is at the table with Sami and EJ and when she is asking EJ questions about her marriage Sami interrupts her telling her they were having dinner. Nicole snaps at her telling her to zip it. EJ tells her she will get no where with him by telling his wife to zip it. She says ok but she wants to know if she is still married or not. He tells her he supposes she could be but this doesn’t please her and she wants to know where he got his license from. Sami tells her she shouldn’t be talking to him like that.

Nicole asks EJ if he will represent her in this divorce case and if he does she will cut him in on a nice percentage of the outcome. Mickey asks EJ if he can talk to him for a minute. Mickey is against EJ working for Nicole Kiriakis. He tells him how she tried to kill her husband. Mickey asks him if he will at least talk to Sami first before he takes Nicole on as his client. He says it is up to him because he isn’t the kind of boss that will tell him what cases to take. He was just trying to give him some advice.

Meanwhile at the table Sami and Nicole start arguing and EJ breaks them up. He tells Nicole if she wishes for him to represent her she can not keep insulting his wife. She asks does that mean he will do it and he says he is considering it. She wants to know what a guy like him is doing with the likes of Sami anyway. She starts telling him some things about Sami and Lucas. Sami walks up and asks Nicole how about that time she poured a drink in her face and then she throws the drink in her hand in Nicole’s face. Nicole just stands there and tells Sami she is so dead. Nicole walks away.

EJ says that was a little inappropriate. She says she deserved more than that. He says ok now can they sit down and eat. Sami asks him if he told her yes about representing her. EJ says ok let’s sit down. Sami can’t believe he agreed to do this even after she warned him about her. She explains to him how Nicole broke her brother’s heart and how Kate paid Nicole $5 million to marry Lucas. He says ok but he wants her to try and understand, he has made his decision and he is going to take her case. Nicole walks back up and says it is about damn time. Nicole tells Maggie to bring a bottle of Champagne because this calls for a celebration.

EJ excuses Sami and himself telling Nicole he needs to talk to his wife a minute. He tells her he wants to take this case. He finally tells her he will make a deal with her. He says he will take the case and if it causes problems during the case then he will tell her to go find another lawyer. Sami looks at him and says she won’t make any deal with him; it will be either Nicole or her, plain as that. Before EJ can say anything else, Nicole comes up and apologizes to Sami and hands her a line that EJ finds charming. Sami doesn’t fall for it though. Nicole says ok then she will just try to find herself another attorney and she walks away. EJ tells Sami to see what she has done now and he goes after Nicole.

Stephanie confesses to Caroline that she misses all the fun she use to have with Max. She says he shut her out after her Grandpa Shawn died and she doesn’t understand why. After Max takes a break at work he sits down with Stephanie. She tells him this is getting ridiculous. She says he needs to get out and do things again. She says he has to move on after Grandpa Shawn died. She tells him if he won’t do it for her, at least do it for himself. He tells her she sounds just like his Mom. She tells him his Mom is a smart lady.

Max gets up to go talk to Caroline. He tells her he thought about what she and he talked about and he has decided to go on and take some time off. Caroline is happy to hear this. Marlena joins Stephanie at her table and asks her if everything is ok. She tells Marlena that it is fine and apologizes about not saying anything to them earlier but she says she noticed that she and John looked a little intense. Marlena tells her that she and John have been trying to work out a few things. After Marlena walks away Max comes back to Stephanie and tells her that he has decided to take some time off. She tells him how proud of him that she is. He says she says that now but will she says that after all the weekends she will have to be putting up with him.

Jan Barrett

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