Cloe tells Phillip that the Austrian Consulate called the house to talk to her. Phillip tells her that they will not get to her. She tells him that they just might have to face it, they may never see Brady again. Nicole walks in and asks them what they are talking about. Phillip tells her they were talking about Brady. Nicole asks if there is anything she can do. She and Cloe start again but Phillip stops them asking Cloe to let him talk to Nicole alone so she goes upstairs.

Nicole tells him she meant it, if there is anything she can do. He tells her he knows that but now that he has her alone there is something he wants to talk to her about. She says ok but she wants something first. He asks her what she wants. She laughs and says food. She says she is starving and she wants to go somewhere like Chez Rouge to eat. He says fine and he will go out to get the car.

When he walks out Nicole calls for the number of the Austrian Consulate. When Cloe comes downstairs she looks for Phillip but he isn’t there. The phone rings and the call is a weird call so she hangs up. Later as she is coming down the stairs the doorbell rings. When she answers it, it is two men from the Austrian Consulate and they are requesting that she go with them for questioning.

Marlena is in her office when John walks in and surprises her. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her he has decided to give her something she has been asking for. She tells him she doesn’t understand. He smiles and tells her she has always been saying that she wants the old John back so now he has decided to give her that back. She says she is confused and asks what is it he wants her to do. He wants her to accept that the man he use to be married to will never come back.

He suggests that she hypnotize him. He says once she does that if she can’t bring the old John back then she should see it is because that man no longer exist. She says hypnosis may not solve his problem. She reminds him about how Stefano went through a lot to make him lose his memory. John admits that it makes him angry when he thinks about what Stefano did to him. He still wants her to hypnotize him and she agrees. He wants her to accept the outcome if his memory doesn’t come back.

Once under hypnosis John starts getting irritated so Marlena tells him to calm down. She starts telling him a story about the two of them when they first met and how they loved each other all those years. She tells him this man and this woman were so happy together. She tells him she is going to ask him to remember something for her that is so important. She asks him if he can do that for her. He nods yes, she says good. He tells her he doesn’t remember a certain day in their life that she just knew he would remember. She wakes him up and then agrees to let him live his life as he chooses to from now on without her interference. When he walks out she tells herself that their love is still there and she knows it. Outside the door as he zips his jacket, John tells himself she will accept him sooner or later and then he walks away.

Chelsea and Daniel are having coffee when Nick walks up. She tells Nick to tell Daniel about the grant he just got. While they talk it is clear that Chelsea is uncomfortable. Daniel notices that Chelsea doesn’t look right. He asks her if she is feeling ok. She makes excuses saying she is fine. She says she is only flushed because she has a lot of layers of clothing on plus she is drinking a hot drink. Daniel isn’t satisfied with that but she insists that she is ok.

Chelsea goes to freshen up and Daniel tells Nick he needs to keep a close eye on her. Nick wants to know if Daniel is making moves on Chelsea. Daniel lets him know he has been close to the Kiriakis’s family for a long time so yes Chelsea is a special patient to him but he admires Nick for calling him on it. He says that tells him a lot about him. Nick confirms it with Chelsea that he loves her. Daniel leaves telling Nick to keep an eye on Chelsea, and Nick says he already does. When Daniel leaves she asks Nick what was all that about.

Sami and EJ have lunch at the Chez Rouge to make a public appearance for them to seem to be a happily married couple. EJ asks Sami if she is going to always let him be a father to Johnny. He says he needs that. Sami assures him that even after Lucas gets out of prison she will make sure he has visitation with his son. She doesn’t want to take the baby away from him.

While they have lunch, Phillip and Nicole comes in and Nicole runs straight over to Sami’s table saying she is hoping she isn’t interrupting. Nicole helps herself to sit down with Sami and EJ. She talks about Sami having twins and then wants to know how EJ knows Sami. She bluntly asks him if he fathered one of Sami’s twins after she finds out EJ and Sami are married. Phillip interrupts and says their table is ready and he whisks Nicole away from Sami and EJ’s table.

When they get to their table Nicole asks Phillip what was it he wanted to talk to her about. He tells her he wants to talk about her. She loves that since she loves talking about herself. He tells her that he wants his father happy and she doesn’t make that happen. She hands him a sad story about how she is sorry about that and wants to be a good wife to Victor but Phillip isn’t buying it.

Jan Barrett

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