Kayla and Stephanie talk about Steve. Stephanie is worried about her Mother. Kayla wants out of the hospital so she can go look for Steve but Stephanie tells her she can’t do that. Kayla tells her that just because she doesn’t know where her father is that doesn’t mean she can’t find him. Stephanie tells her that she can’t get out of there. Kayla calls the nurse and asks for the latest printout of the baby’s heart beat and she shows Stephanie where she has not had one contraction so the baby is fine.

Kayla calls Roman when the nurse refuses to give Kayla release papers. He comes to see her and assures her that Steve can take care of himself. He tells her to stay put and not try and leave the hospital. When she leaves Kayla acts calm making Stephanie think she will stay there. She sends her out for orange juice and as soon as Stephanie is out of the room she starts getting out of bed.

Bo yells for a nurse and Lexi comes in wanting to know what is wrong. He tells her he needs her to release him from the hospital. She tells him not a chance at that happening. He tells her he has got to get out of that bed so he can go and find Hope. Lexi refuses to let Bo out of the hospital. He tells her he is going anyway. She wants to know what he isn’t telling her. She says she can’t let him go and if he doesn’t calm down she is going to call Abe. He tells her that she can’t hold him there and she says like hell she can’t. When she leaves the room he starts pulling the IV out of him arm and then remembers what Steve told him. Lexi comes back in the room and tells him that she called Roman. Bo begs her to call him back and tell him not to come. Before he can talk her into it Roman comes in and wants to know if there is something going on that he needs to know about. Bo tells him it is nothing. Roman tells Bo if he tries getting out of the hospital he will arrest him.

Stephanie comes back in Kayla’s room and finds her gone. She asks the nurse where she is but she doesn’t know. Kayla goes to see Bo. He tells her he is sure everything is ok with Steve. She says she doesn’t think so and tells him about when she called him how Steve talked to her. She says every time she dials the number again it goes straight to his voice mail so she knows something is wrong. Bo tells Kayla about Ava holding Hope thinking she is her. Bo says he has got to get out of the hospital to go look for them. She tells him she told Roman about Steve’s ex and how she had been stalking her.

Ava’s doctor comes in and notices she is pretty tensed up for their session today. She tells him she just isn’t in the mood to talk and wants to know why they have to do this right now. He tells her he noticed that Angelo was acting a little strange earlier when he came in too. He asks her what is going on and she just looks at him. He says well then maybe he needs to have a look around for himself. He threatens to up the dosage of her medicine. She says she is fine but she is just tired of being locked up there and not being able to get out. To keep him from being too suspicious she agrees to their regular session. He gets a chair and says fine, then let them start by her telling him exactly why she has been working so hard to get him distracted from what ever it is that is going on there. She tells him it is because of what she has done. She says she has been pressuring her cousins to let her out of there.

Hope is in a room looking for a way out. She says there has to be some way out of there. Suddenly she hears a tap on the window and it is Steve out there motioning for her to come on. Hope smiles. He tells her that he found out the alarm only works if the window is opened, not if it is broken. She says great but wait she has an idea. She turns a radio on and turns it up loud. Angelo walks in telling her to turn it down. She says no, but he says if she doesn’t he will do it for her. She turns it down a little and asks if that is better and he says yes and then leaves the room. She takes a stool and breaks the window. Steve helps her get out the window. They start running off and then they try climbing over the fence when a guard stops them. Steve knocks the guy out and they try getting over the fence again but this time Angelo and another guard stop them, holding guns on them.

Angelo brings Hope and Steve back to Ava. She tells them she knew he was lying to her. Steve tells her that Hope (pretending to be Kayla) is his wife and pregnant with his child. He only wanted her to be safe. Hope says she just wants out of there and away from this two timing bastard so she can raise her baby alone. Ava says but the baby is his too. Hope says he never really cared about the baby anyway, and then asks Steve did he. He says no he didn’t. Ava says he will say what ever he thinks she wants to hear right now. He says no, but they don’t have much of a chance to get back together like they use to be as long as Hope is there. Ava says he is right, and then says she will just have her guards take care of Kayla. Steve tells her he still loves her but he won’t have her threatening Kayla. She says she wasn’t threatening her, she just said she would have her cousins take her somewhere.

Angelo walks in with a phone and tells her she is going to love this. It has a picture of Stephanie. She says they have lied to her about having other children. She shows them Stephanie’s picture. She says if the two of them try escaping again she will go after their daughter.

Jan Barrett

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