Stephanie shows up for work with her camera crew and Anna tells her that she really doesn’t feel like being taped today. The guy says he guesses he can comes back another time but Anna feels bad and says it is ok, they may as well get it over with. She tells him just don’t get in her way. While sitting at her desk sharpening pencils Anna gets irritated with the camera on her and makes them stop.

Stephanie motions for the guy to turn the camera back on. Anna starts talking about 10 ways to get your man back and doesn’t realize she is being filmed. Stephanie gets Anna to talk about it and she slips and says Tony but catches herself saying she isn’t talking about Tony. This can be about any man. Stephanie tells Anna that she considers Max her boyfriend but then turns the subject back on Tony. She tells Anna that maybe this is the reason she is so sad. Anna says she does like being with Tony but being with him can be a pain. She says Tony is supposed to know what she wants without telling him.

Morgan’s crew showed up with her too and Tony had no objections but he too tells the guy just not to get in his way as he films. Tony asks Morgan about work and she tells him she doesn’t think she can come up with anything today. Tony tells her he can tell something is definitely wrong and offers her some tea but she takes water. He wants to know if she wants to talk so she tells him it is her parents. Then after he reassures her he can listen she opens up to him.

Morgan tells him how her mother comes from money and how her grandparents didn’t want her mother to marry her father. She explains how she is really mad about this all. Kate walks in as Tony is comforting Morgan and notices them being filmed. Tony is showing Kate some of his ads he made for her company. He notices the perfume she is wearing and says it smells nice. Kate asks him if he is coming on to her. He tells Morgan and her cameraman they can take the rest of the day off but tells the camera guy that he can just leave the camera there for now.

Anna goes to Tony’s office and she finds his computer and looks at his ads. She says damn these are pretty good. Then she notices the camera and says let’s see what you have been up to. She sees him comforting Morgan and says she is half his age, and then she sees him with Kate and then gets mad calling him a Bastard. Meanwhile Tony heads over to Anna’s office. He too notices the camera there and decides to see what went on there in her office today. He hears what Anna said about him and he starts thinking about it.

Kayla calls Steve and he tells her this is not a good time. He tells her he doesn’t want to get into it right now. Kayla won’t take that as an answer and keeps at him. She tells him she is not supposed to be under a lot of stress right now so this is not helping her. Ava wants to know who is calling him so she tells Angelo to take the phone and find out who it is. Steve thinks fast and screams at Kayla telling her not to call him back and then he slams the phone on the floor breaking it.

Angelo picks it up saying it looks like someone has a temper. Ava asks him who was it on the phone. Steve tells her it was a real estate agent and he just didn’t want to talk to him. Ava holds the gun on Hope as she asks Steve who was on the phone. He tells her it was a guy that they had talked to about buying a house but the man made him mad and he says he doesn’t like to be pushed. He tells her she knows he doesn’t like to be pushed by anyone. She asks him if she is supposed to be buying this. Steve gets nervous so he has to con Ava into believing him. He makes her think he doesn’t care about Kayla. He tells her he can honestly say he has never loved Kayla (speaking of Hope) like he loved her. He asks her why don’t they go away to a nice quiet beach and forget about her. Ava says she would like that and wants to know if they could really just start over.

Angelo interrupts and tells Ava he needs to talk to her. She tells him she is kind of busy right now. He tells her it is really important. She says this better be really important. Angelo says her doctor is here and she has to see him, it is her Father’s orders. Ava tells Steve and Hope they better not try anything while she is gone and leaves the room. Steve says they have got to find a way to get her out of there. Hope wonders what kind of doctor Ava is seeing. Steve asks her what kind she thinks. Hope says she needs help that is for sure.

Kayla is all upset and confused. Lexi walked in while she was on the phone and can see that Kayla is upset. She tries to calm her down telling her she can’t do this to herself or she will lose the baby. Kayla thinks back to what Stephanie told her about Ava. Lexi tells Kayla to stop calling Steve but Kayla is worried that Steve might be in some sort of trouble. Lexi reminds Kayla that she is pregnant and she can’t go around playing super hero. Kayla says she knows that and then confesses to her about what Stephanie told her about Ava.

Jan Barrett

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