Chelsea is daydreaming that Daniel goes to see her and apologizes to her for taking himself off her case. In her daydream she hears him tell her he is falling in love with her. Hope brings her back to reality when she calls her name.

Max pours Nick a refill on his coffee while Nick works on his grant material. He tells Max that he got the grant but now he has to do the hard part, he has to make it work. Max looks over Nick’s shoulder and suggests that maybe he should take a break. Nick asks him doesn’t he have something to do. He says his hovering over him is making him uncomfortable. Max says he has nothing else to do and sits down at the table. Max points out to him that his figures on one of the problems that he has there is different from his. Nick says well he will recheck it. He finds he did have a mistake and he tells Max he was right.

Abe and Lexi come into the Pub for breakfast. She jokes about how they seem to be becoming a regular there so much so that they should have a booth reserved just for them or at least have a sandwich named after them. Lexi tells Abe they don’t have time for a large order for breakfast because Chelsea is being released today and she is worried about Bo since he isn’t taking the news about Chelsea not being able to have babies very well. Abe tells her that they planned their one hour together in the mornings so they can have time with each other but Lexi is uneasy with it. She tells him they have some other issues that they have not solved yet and she thinks they need to.

Ava wakes up in the hospital handcuffed to the bed screaming for Patch to come help her. She sees the guard and asks what is she looking at and then screams for her to get out of there or she will be sorry. She screams more for Patch and then for her Daddy begging for someone to help her. A nurse comes in with a sedative for her and she tries fighting it with no success.

When the nurse comes out the room Chelsea asks Hope what is going on in there. Hope says it is just a woman that is very sick. Hope asks her what was going on with her before. She says she seemed like she was a million miles away. Bo walks up and asks Chelsea if she is ready to go home. Daniel told Bo that Chelsea’s infection is completely gone now so that is good news.

Stephanie, Steve and Kayla all wake up after sleeping on the sofa all night. Stephanie tells them when she came in last night she saw they had fallen asleep watching TV so she covered them with a blanket and then joined them but she fell asleep too. When Steve goes to take a shower Kayla asks Stephanie how are things with her. She tells Kayla she is happier now than she ever has been. Kayla smiles and then Stephanie says it is because she is in love. Kayla tells her she is so happy for her and she says Max is a great guy. Stephanie tells Kayla how incredible Max was with her while they were gone. She says she doesn’t know how she would have gotten through it without him.

Steve goes to the hospital and sees Hope. He tells her he heard that they were releasing Chelsea today and expresses how happy he is to hear that. Hope asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he is there to see Ava. He goes in to see her and tells the guard that his name is on the visitor list that Abe Carver set. He walks over to the bed and he tells her in a whisper since she is asleep that he did this to her and he is so sorry.

Meanwhile Kayla takes the medicine, she took from Ava’s bedroom, that Ava had been taking, to the lab to find out exactly what they are. She goes to Kayla’s room after and finds Stephanie there telling Ava off for what she did to her family. Abe walks in and asks them all to leave the room so he can talk to Ava. Abe asks Ava about the plane crash but she denies knowing anything about it. Steve tells her she may as well admit it since she has already admitted it to him and to Hope. She tells Abe to show her proof that she had anything to do with it. He tells her they already have her on kidnapping charges and they have her on a surveillance tape showing her driving away with Hope when she kidnapped her.

She says just wait til her Daddy gets there, then she will get her justice. He says she will get her justice alright and he doesn’t give a damn who her Daddy is. She won’t admit anything so Abe gives up after telling her that they have enough evidence against her without her confession. He tells her if justice is what she wants them justice is what she will get and he leaves the room. Steve follows him out and tells him her father always gets what he wants and he has the power to make it happen. Abe tells him not in Salem, not if he can help it anyway. Kayla gets the results back on the pills and she takes the news to Steve and Abe and Lexi. She says they are not going to believe what they had Ava on.

Stephanie goes home and calls Max and asks him to come over. When he gets there she tells him she went to the hospital and had it out with Ava. She asks him if he thinks that was a dumb thing for her to do. He says no way, he thinks that was good and he is proud of her.

Jan Barrett

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