Victor is reading the paper when Nicole comes in saying “Good Morning Sweetheart”. He tells her not to call him that. She says that is no way to speak to his wife. He tells her his lawyers are working on fixing that. Cloe comes in and steps in front of Nicole at the breakfast trays and they fight over food that Cloe takes. Victor says he isn’t going to get in the middle of this and he walks out leaving Cloe and Nicole alone.

At the table Nicole asks her what she did to Brady. Cloe says nothing and then asks her if she is still that upset that Brady chose her over her. They start arguing and finally Cloe tells Nicole to shut her stupid mouth. Nicole responds, “Or what? You’ll kill me too?”. Cloe tells her she is not a murderer. They argue more though. They start throwing things at each other across the tables and Nicole tells her she is going to get her now, she has wanted to do this for a long time now and she chases Cloe around the table. Cloe yells at her to stay away from her. Phillip walks in and asks what is going on, just in time for Nicole to throw a drink in his face.

Marlena tells John good morning and he says it isn’t so good since he barely got any sleep after hearing the babies crying all night. He wants to know how long Sami and EJ will be staying there. Marlena asks him until EJ gets straightened out with Immigration, and then she asks him to tell Sami she is going to work. John is busy when he hears someone coming back in assuming it is Marlena forgetting something but it is Phillip coming in instead.

Phillip tells John that he guesses he has been too busy to look at the paper this morning. He says allow him to give him the good news then, and he hands John the paper. Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted which can turn into a huge scandal. John says he is sure that he had something to do with this. Phillip tells John they should work out some sort of agreement. John says this is too much fun. He isn’t interested in playing fair games.

Steve is brought back into the room with Hope. She asks him how the dinner went last night. He tells her it didn’t happen. He says Ava passed out so they came and got him and took him to his room. He asks Hope if she has seen Ava and she says no. Hope tells him this is his fault and he raises his voice to her when Ava walks in. She asks if she is interrupting something and then wants to know what the two little love birds were talking about. Hope pretends to be mad and jealous about them being together the night before. Steve tells her they didn’t have dinner together but Hope says she doesn’t believe him.

Ava says maybe it is time she and Kayla (Hope) have a little private talk. Hope says she thinks that’s a great idea, she tells Steve Ava will tell her the truth. Ava goes to get Angelo and they take Steve away. Ava tells Hope she needs to eat something. Ava tells her that she and Steve made love. Hope pretends to be upset and then asks her who’s idea was it for them to have sex. Ava says it was making love. Hope accuses Ava of having to get Steve drunk to get him to have sex with her. Ava gets mad and says no.

Hope pretends to cry asking how could he do this to her since she is having his baby. Hope tells her that obviously Steve must still have feelings for her. Ava says of course he does or else he wouldn’t have made love to her. Hope tells her that after this he can do anything he wants to do, she can have him now because she doesn’t want anything to do with that bastard now.

Angelo brings Steve back in and Hope slaps him. She says Ava told her the truth. Steve denies it and asks her if she is giving up on them now. Angelo says isn’t all this a bit convenient. Hope says there is nothing convenient about any of this. A phone rings and Angelo says it is Patch’s cell phone. Ava wants to know who it is. He says his brother in law is in the hospital really sick. Ava tells Angelo to let him answer it but she pulls Angelo’s gun out and points it at Hope. She tells Steve if he says anything wrong she will shoot Kayla (Hope). When he answers it is Kayla wanting to know what the hell is going on.

Kayla is resting in the hospital bed when Stephanie walks in and tells her she spent the night there. She tells Kayla she shouldn’t have left her alone at home or she wouldn’t be there now. She says her Dad is going to be mad at her now. He told her to stay with her while he was out to make sure she would rest. Kayla tells Stephanie that she needed to check on Bo. She wants to know where Steve is. She tells Stephanie she needs to tell her right now what is going on. Stephanie tells Kayla OK, her Dad is keeping a secret from her but it isn’t a big deal. Kayla says she is sick of all the secrecy and she wants to know where Steve is now. She tells Stephanie that she is not going to lose this baby. She is stronger than she thinks. She says she can handle anything. Stephanie says not this. Kayla says yes she can, so Stephanie says ok. She tells her Mom that her Dad has been trying to protect her from his past. She says he has this crazy ex girlfriend and somehow she has reappeared and now she wants him back.

Chelsea goes to see Bo and jumps on him about trying to get out of bed. She brings him some water and asks him why he was trying to get out of bed. He can’t tell her the truth so he just tells her that he got bored and wanted to try walking out. Chelsea tells him he can’t be doing things like that. He needs to get as much rest as he can so he can get better.

Daniel walks in about then and tells Bo to listen to his daughter because she is telling him the truth. Daniel asks Chelsea to step out the room while he examines Bo. Bo tells Daniel they need to talk about his daughter. He tells Daniel she obviously has a thing for him. After Daniel assures Bo that his only interest in Chelsea is as a patient. He examines Bo and tells him he has to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks. Caroline comes to visit Bo.

When Daniel leaves the room he tells Chelsea she can go back in but Chelsea stops him. She asks him if he has a lot more work to do tonight. She asks him to join her for some coffee and he accepts as a friend. While she waits for Daniel she feels a little funny and figures she is getting a fever but decides to ignore it and she leaves with Daniel.

Jan Barrett

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