Lexi goes to the police station to see Abe. She tells him she had a bad day at work and was hoping he had some free time to spend with her. She tells him about how upset she is over the news that Chelsea can no longer have any children. She says her heart goes out to her. Abe take Lexi to the Pub and they have drinks together to spend time together. They say they never can seem to find time to spend together since she got the new job as Chief of Staff.

Tony runs into Anna at the Brady Pub and accidentally drops his laptop while on the phone. He says hang on because some klutz just ran into him. Anna looks at him and says that was mean even for him and she walks away from him. Tony joins Anna at her table and he tells her he is worried about Kate. Anna wants to know why and he says she is worried about Chelsea. Anna says she hopes everything goes well for her.

When Tony is about to go Anna tells him she has something she wants to ask him. She blurts out asking him if there is something going on between him and Kate. His silence scares her so she asks him again saying she is serious and she wants to know if there is anything going on between them. Tony looks at her and says he only loves her.

Kate joins them as she and Tony discuss the ad campaign when Anna asks exactly what they have planned. Tony says his plans are to make Kate the next Martha Stuart. Anna laughs and says excuse her but she can’t imagine Kate like that. Kate says she didn’t either but she is kind of getting use to the idea now. She can see that they need time alone so Kate goes off.

Tony and Anna start to discuss business when Tony gets irritated and tells her that they need to stop all this competition stuff and join together to work. She says she isn’t saying yes or no but they might be able to discuss it over dinner tonight. Kate interrupts and says they have to go for a meeting. Tony apologizes to Anna saying it is only business as he is about to go but he asks if he can meet with her at her place for a drink later. She tells him not tonight because she has a business meeting herself and she calls someone making him think it was a business call. When he walks away she tells her phone that she already knows what time it is and hangs up.

Kate sees Daniel at the Pub and she asks him how come he isn’t at the hospital monitoring her grand daughter. He tells her he is not on call right now. Kate thinks he shouldn’t be drinking in case they need him in an emergency for Chelsea. He tells her that won’t be a problem because he is no longer on Chelsea’s case. She wants to know if something else is wrong with Chelsea but Daniel tells that Chelsea was going to need the support of her family now.

Daniel thinks about Lexi asking him if he has become emotionally involved with Chelsea and it makes him order another drink and he tells the bartender to keep them coming. His phone rings and it is Chelsea asking why he didn’t say good bye when he left the hospital. He apologizes and says he got busy. She tells him that is OK, but he could come back and discharge her. He admits to her that he no longer is on her case. She says she wants him on her case. He says well he is a surgeon and now Dr Carver has her case.

Kate talks to Lexi and asks her what is going on with Chelsea. She tells her what Daniel told her. Lexi says that Chelsea is going to be just fine but she says between just them Daniel removed himself from Chelsea’s case because he felt he was a little too emotionally involved with her to continue.

Stephanie goes in at the Pub and covers Max’s eyes and says “Guess who?” He answers Beyonce! She slaps him and says he wishes and then they kiss. She tells him he is her hero, and he says well she is hotter than Beyonce is anyway and they laugh. Later they go up to his room and he shows her his lava lamp. She tells him as charming as it is she doesn’t think they will need it. They start kissing again. They slowly undress each other and get into his bed and start making love. After they lie there and Max says making love to her is, and Stephanie interrupts by saying amazing and then they both laugh.

They start kissing again when Stephanie’s phone rings interrupting. She tells Max she needs to answer it in case it is her Mom. When she answers it is Chelsea asking if she can talk to her. Stephanie tells her to calm down and tell her what the problem is. Chelsea tells her Daniel dumped her as a patient. Stephanie and Max get dressed and go downstairs. She wants to have it out with Daniel. Max tries to stop her but she says she has to do this. She tells Daniel off and it makes her feel better.

Jan Barrett

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