Sami and EJ are going over questions about each other and they figure out that they know more about each other than they realized. Marlena walks in and Sami tells her that Brady has been found. Victor walks in and wants to know what all the excitement is about. Marlena smiles and says Brady has been found. Sami says to tell Victor something he doesn’t already know about. Sami explains to John and Marlena about how Victor had Brady in a clinic in Switzerland all this time. John doesn’t remember Brady but he is mad. He tells Victor, “You played God with my son, that’s another mistake Mr. Kiriakis.” Victor tells him he is his grandson and he would do anything for him.

Sami and EJ continue with their studying for this interview with the Immigration officer. He asks her to let him see her wallet. Reluctantly she hands it to him. He sees her credit cards under her former name Samantha Roberts. She states it is because that is her name and she is sticking to it. He says she was the one that told him not to give up. He asks her not to quit on him now to go through with this.

Phillip walks in and tells Victor he needs to talk to him. He tells him he went to the police station to make sure Cloe can’t press charges against him. Victor says since when is it against the law to protect someone and to respect someone’s privacy. He can’t believe that Phillip is upset with him for not telling him about this. He reminds him of all the times he protected him and his privacy.

John gets a call to go down to the police station from Roman. He tells Marlena her ex has decided to question him about some things. She says she will go with him. Phillip sees John and Marlena leave after over hearing him tell Sami and EJ where he is going. He tells Victor and then he leaves to see if he can find out what is going on.

Morgan is refusing to leave her Dad alone at the station. She says she won’t leave and let them give him a hard time to make him confess to something he didn’t do. Abe tells Paul that they will drop the charges against him. Roman continues by saying “If you finger John Black for the graft.” John and Marlena walk in. Abe tells John he wants to ask him a few questions. They offer to let him have a lawyer there but John says he doesn’t need one. So they start questioning him. Phillip walks in and listens to what is going on.

Paul tells John they tell him they have solid proof that he is guilty and they offered him a deal. John asks what is this proof and if it does exist for them to show them now. When no one says anything John says that is proof that they don’t have any. Paul says that is fine then he is leaving. When they leave and Phillip is gone John notices Roman’s name on the door and then his name plate on the desk. Marlena asks him what it is. He doesn’t tell her his thoughts but just blames it on how he was just thinking of Phillip.

Bo isn’t taking the news about Chelsea’s condition very well. He tells Lexi and Hope that his Pop gave up his life to save his and now his daughter has saved his life only to not be able not to have children now. He says it isn’t fair and he is irritated tremendously over it. Daniel walks in and says it isn’t fair but there is nothing they can do about it so he tells Bo to calm down. Chelsea wakes up and tells Bo that she trusts Daniel and she asks him to give him a break.

Chelsea and Hope talk when Bo gets a call and he leaves the room. Lexi is outside in the hall when Daniel tells her that he is too close for this and says he wants to be taken off the case. Lexi doesn’t understand this so she tries to talk to him about it. She asks him,
“Are you saying that you are becoming emotionally involved with Chelsea?’ Daniel insists that he is removed from Chelsea’s case. HE gets all her files and records and gives them to Lexi. She asks him if he is at least going to say good bye to Chelsea. He starts to go say good bye but changes his mind and leaves the hospital instead.

Chelsea tells Hope she knew what she was getting herself into when she decided to do this for her father. She says she just got unlucky, that is all. She says the only thing that matters now is that she is alive and so is her Dad. She tells Hope there is something she would like to talk to her about while Bo is gone out the room. She tells Hope all she can think of is Zach. She says she feels like this is some sort of punishment for what she did to poor Zach. Hope tells her no and she never wants to hear her talk like that again. She tells her she is a wonderful person and she tries to make her understand that Zach’s death was an accident. Chelsea thanks her and says she is an amazing person. Hope tells her she loves her and she is proud of her. Chelsea cries and tells her she loves her too. Bo listens in at the door while they talk.

Morgan comes up to Phillip and lashes out at him for trying to attack her father. Phillip tells her he is on John Black’s pay roll. She says John Black is a powerful man but her father is innocent. Phillip tells her he may have told her that but he is not innocent. She asks him where he gets off telling her this.

Jan Barrett

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