Nicole tells Cloe that Victor knows where Brady is. Cloe asks her what she said. Nicole says she heard her. Victor knows where Brady is and always has. Cloe tells her to prove it. Nicole claims she hacked into Victor’s pc and found where he was paying huge funds to a clinic in Switzerland. She says she got suspicious so she hired a private investigator and gave him Brady’s description and he verified it was Brady that they have. Cloe says it just wasn’t like Brady to be on drugs. Cloe says she tried so hard keeping him away from them. Nicole says who and she thought she said she didn’t know what happened to Brady. Cloe says Brady was ashamed that he was hooked on drugs and didn’t want anyone to know it so she respected his wishes.

Victor and Phillip walk up and Victor says “Like hell you did”. He says it is her fault that Brady got on the drugs to begin with. Cloe asks Victor if it is true. She accuses him of breaking into their apartment and having Brady kidnapped. Victor thinks she is to blame. He tells her that her recklessness almost cost his grandson his life. Phillip wants to know how come he kept this from him. He said he wanted to keep it quiet so Cloe could suffer. Phillip takes Cloe out of the Pub and when Nicole starts to leave she tells Victor not to look at her because she warned him that she knew a secret. He tells her well she doesn’t have it anymore so she can get the hell out of his life.

The man at the bar tells Stephanie that he wants her to go with him without making any noise. He tells her he doesn’t care if they catch him or not but he will kill her first if they do. So he tells her not to make a sound so he won’t have to be wiping blood from his brand new knife. He brings Stephanie down to the docks and she hears Max calling out for her. Stephanie yells out for help and he finds them. The guy holds the knife to her neck telling him he will kill her if he comes any closer. Max tells him he won’t. He says if he wanted her dead he would have killed her already. He gets the guy to let loose of Stephanie but before he can fight with Max they hear the cops coming so the guy runs off but Stephanie is safe now.

Chelsea is back in her room being hooked back up to all the monitors. She tells Daniel she doesn’t get it. He keeps running the same tests over and over again and now she is starting to feel like a pin cushion. He tells her he is sorry but he just had to be sure. She asks him to be sure of what.

Abe tells Steve and Kayla that they tracked Stephanie down to the pub. The last she was seen she was sitting at the bar and suddenly she just vanished. They ask if Max is with her. Abe says no, he went to look for her when he found her gone.

The cops show up where Stephanie and Max are and they catch the guy that grabbed her. When Stephanie and Max identify him they arrest him. Kayla and Steve come up and are glad to see her. She tells them she had been so worried about them. Max asks if this has something to do with the crazy woman after them. Steve says Stephanie must have told him. Stephanie apologizes but says she had to tell someone because she was so worried. Steve says it is ok. She says if she hadn’t have told him he wouldn’t have been worried enough to go look for her. Steve thanks Max for looking after his daughter.

Ava tells Roman and Abe they don’t have the first clue as to who they are dealing with. She says her Daddy is going to sue them as soon as he hears about this. Abe says he wants to talk to her Daddy. She yells that she wants to talk to her lawyer. They say she can call her lawyer but when they leave the room she calls someone and tells them to call her Daddy and tell him she needs his help. Roman and Abe go back in and they give her a chance to talk. She refuses to talk unless they bring her Patch. She says she won’t talk unless he is there. Abe tells her that is not going to happen. She tells them she has been in hell ever since Patch left her. She says the pain is unbearable. Abe tells her that she is young and she still has a future. She says without Patch she doesn’t have a future. She starts going into some sort of seizure and Roman yells at her to stay with them as they try to help her.

Abe tells Bo and Hope about Chelsea being in the hospital. They rush right over there to see her. Daniel tells them she has developed an infection. Bo asks Daniel if they are taking care of it. Daniel says well yes she is being treated for it but it isn’t gone yet. Bo is blaming himself but Chelsea says she is going to be fine. She says when she went into this she knew of the possible complications. They ask how serious the infection is. Daniel says it isn’t life threatening but it isn’t cleared up.

Chelsea wants to know just how bad it is then. He looks at her and says he hasn’t lied to her through all of this so he isn’t going to lie now. He tells her the infection she has, has done some extensive damage, some destructive irreversible damage. Bo asks what kind of damage. Daniel says maybe they should talk about this while they are alone but Chelsea says it is ok if they are there.

Before Daniel can say any more they hear Ava screaming out in the hallway. They have her on a stretcher. Bo asks Roman what’s going on. Roman says she started having seizures so she is going to be put on suicide watch. Ava spots Hope and says this is all her fault. They go back into the room with Chelsea and Victor is with them. Daniel says as a result of her infection she will never be able to have children.

EJ tells Sami they need to go over things for the Immigration hearing tomorrow but all she wants to do is go to sleep. She says they are probably going to ask her personal questions about him. She says they can go over this in the morning. He says there won’t be time. He says they are also going to be asking him questions about her too. She wants to know what kind of questions. They start talking about things about each other that a normal married couple would know about the other and he is surprised of some of the things about him that she has noticed.

EJ gets it that Sami doesn’t want to live with him. She tells him that she wants to live as far away from him as she can. He tells her to forget it then and then tells her to just go to bed. She accuses him of being a quitter. She says she isn’t a quitter and says she thinks they should start over. As she says that Nicole walks in and asks start what over. She asks EJ if she can help. She tells EJ that Victor threw her out and she spilled a nasty little secret he was keeping. Sami wants to know what secret so Nicole tells her.

Jan Barrett

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