Marlena gets dressed up for dinner after she thought John was talking about getting ready for his hot date. She asks him who they are having dinner with tonight. He tells her he thinks he said he had a dinner date. She asks who his date is with then. He tells her Nicole Kiriakis. She didn’t think he knew Nicole that well but he says he doesn’t, not yet anyway. He makes her think that his interest in Nicole is for sex and she acts jealous telling him she is his wife and married people do not date others. He tells her she doesn’t sleep with him so what can she expect. She tells him not to do this but the doorbell rings and he says it is too late. Then he tells her he was only joking with her, this date is strictly business.

Nicole walks in and is surprised to see Marlena but Marlena doesn’t stay. Later she is out in the hall and she hears John talking to Nicole and when she turns around Rolf is standing there. She tells him she wants him to bring her husband back. She says she knows he can do it and if he don’t he will answer to her. Meanwhile back in the room with Nicole and John, he makes her think he wants to whisk her off to a romantic weekend in Europe and she suddenly asks him if it would interrupt his schedules. He tells her he was wondering how long it would take her to ask about his business. He tells her that he knows she is only there to spy on him. He says he lost his memory not his senses. She denies it but he knows she is either working for Victor or Phillip.

Stephanie and Max are dancing when it is time to open the pub but he asks his friend to cover for him for a little while to give him and Stephanie some more time together. He asks her if she is going to be able to handle being with him so much. She says oh yes she can. They go upstairs to Max’s room. Stephanie is ready but Max is nervous fumbling around. Stephanie sits on his bed and then tells him to come here. He kisses her and they lie back on the bed.

Abe and Roman come into the Pub and Abe fills him in about Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla being gone and his theory about what happened to them. They find Bo’s informant and make him tells them where Ava’s father’s house is. They pay him off for his information and then they call for back up to go there to look for everyone.

Steve and Ava are in bed together and she is about to get him to make love to her. She tells him how much she missed him. Meanwhile the goons bring Bo, Hope and Kayla in when Kayla insists on seeing her husband. Angelo lets her into Ava’s room and she sees Steve in bed with Ava. She screams out “Steve, What the hell is going on in here?” He gets up and grabs his clothes and tells Kayla he is sorry. He figures out that Ava tricked him. She says yeah she did and now that she knows he wanted to make love to her things are better. She screams at Kayla for ruining things. He shows her that Kayla is not jealous so her plan failed. Ava tells him to get back in bed. He tells her again Kayla is not jealous after seeing them almost having sex together. She calls it making love. He says no, it was just sex.

Outside in the hall they can hear the fighting. Bo manages to loosen the rope on his hands and he knocks Angelo and the other goon out. Steve and Kayla listen at the door and try to figure out what is going on. Steve says they have to find a way out of there. While they look around Ava opens a drawer and pulls out a gun. She aims it at Steve and tells him he is not going to leave her again.

Bo and Hope walk in the room and Steve grabs the gun from Ava but she manages to shoot it into the ceiling. Steve takes the gun and hits her across the face with it. They take Ava with them but before they can get out Angelo wakes up. Bo takes his radio from him and then they lock the two of them in the bedroom. Outside the compound Abe and Roman are looking for them. Steve tries calling Stephanie but she doesn’t hear her phone ringing. As Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla come outside they see Roman and Abe. Abe arrests Ava and they say they are going to get Bo and Hope to the hospital.

Angelo gets loose from the ropes and he gets the other goon’s cell phone. He calls someone and tells them it is a go. Meanwhile Stephanie and Max come back down to the Pub. Max has to go back to work but Stephanie sits up at the bar. The man that had been hired by Ava’s goons to follow her sits down next to her. He pulls a knife out and tells her not to say a word or he will kill her.

Victor throws Cloe and Nicole out of his house. Cloe goes straight to Phillip. He says he will talk to his father but she says no. She says maybe she should just let this go. She says Victor has every right to throw her out. She says she has caused enough trouble but Phillip said she is family and also his friend. Meanwhile Nicole goes to Victor and she tells him he can’t throw her out of her own house. He tells her yes he can. She tells him he should be nice to her. Victor asks her why that is. She says she doesn’t think he wants everyone to know his dirty little secrets. He says he has no secrets. She says everyone has secrets. . She says she is moving back in and he says if she does she will be arrested. She warns him again and he tells her to do what she has to do. With that she leaves.

Nicole sees Cloe at the Pub and they tell each other that they got kicked out of Victor’s. They actually laugh together. Nicole tells Cloe she has changed. She isn’t the nice girl anymore. Cloe gets up and says let’s not do this again and starts to leave but Nicole asks her to wait, she has something to tell her. Cloe asks if it is something she isn’t going to like. Nicole says well she warned Victor and he wouldn’t listen so here goes.

Jan Barrett

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