John tells Paul now is the time to start their plan since Victor is preoccupied with his grand daughter. Paul says that is kind of cold and he says Chelsea is a good friend of his daughter’s. John says he is sure she is a sweet kid. Paul asks John just what is it that he wants him to do. Marlena walks in and says she would like to know too. John said he thought she was resting but she says she heard voices and decided to come down and check on it.

The doorbell rings and it is Phillip. He and Paul start arguing because Paul says Phillip and his father had him framed. Paul leaves and then John asks Marlena to let them have some privacy but she says she doesn’t mind staying. Phillip says he doesn’t mind Marlena being there in fact she was the first one that warned him about him. Marlena says it’s a shame he didn’t take her advice. Phillip says there was a time not too long ago that he respected him. John says he will soon respect him in a different way.

Phillip tells John his father has been in Salem for a lot of years and he has made it his home and his business a success here. He says he has helped many people in this town. Marlena says Phillip is right. John tells Phillip according to Blondie here (Marlena) Salem is also his home and if he is going to be successful here, he and his old man are going to have to step aside. Phillip tells John he feels sorry for him and then he says he feels sorry for Marlena too. Then he leaves the house.

Marlena just stands there. John tells her he supposes now she is disappointed in him once again now. She says yes she is and it is more than she can even say. He says maybe she wouldn’t be so disappointed in him if she would stop looking at him as the old John. He says he needs a reason to get up in the mornings. She says she can give him a reason to get up in the mornings and she walks over to him and kisses him. He asks her if she is trying to bribe him, she says maybe. He says well it just might work and they kiss again. She tries to seduce John but he stops her telling her that he has to get ready for his hot date and walks away leaving Marlena startled.

Chelsea’s temperature is back up again but not as high as it was before. Daniel asks why hadn’t the nurse told him about it but she says she was just about to tell him. Kate is worried and Chelsea asks Daniel if she is going to be ok. Tony barges in with a bouquet of flowers saying they are for Chelsea and then he tells Kate he wants to talk to her about her ad. Chelsea tells Kate to go talk to Tony because she is in good hands with Dr. Jonas. When her temperature starts coming down some Dr Jonas tells her it isn’t down as much as it should be but at least it is going down. She thanks him for caring about her.

Steve wakes up in bed and doesn’t know where he is. He says out loud “What the hell!” Then he turns around hearing Ava telling him “Well it’s about time sleepyhead, Welcome to the good old days”. Ava says that she took his clothes off so he would be more comfortable. She tells him to relax because nothing happened yet. He starts asking about the others, saying Hope needs help and so does Bo since he just had surgery. She tells him they are all ok. She says she and his wife had a nice talk. She claims her taking the baby when it is born is her payment for what he did to her. He asks her if what she is saying is that she wants the baby now more than to get back with him. She says she wants them both. She says she knows he loved her.

She says now she knows he disappeared but it wasn’t his fault. He tells her he did love her but even before Stefano’s men whisked him away he knew something was wrong and he knew he couldn’t go through with the wedding. He tells her he was going to tell her the truth when they grabbed him. He says he knew he was in love with someone else but at the time he couldn’t remember who with. She says no doubt it was with Kayla. He says yes it was Kayla, and she is the love of his life. Ava says as he is the love of her life too.

He asks her to accept that it is over between them and move on with the future putting the past behind them. He asks her if she can do that but she says she can’t because if she does her life will be over. She says she will forgive him for what he did but she can’t give up. She says she loves him too much. He says then he won’t do this anymore. She asks him what does that mean. He says he will quit fighting her.

He says Bo and Hope need medical help and so does Kayla. He says if she has him she won’t need Kayla’s baby. He says they can make their own baby. She asks him if he will do that for her. He and she kiss. He tells her he wants to have sex with her. She says no she doesn’t want sex with him. He asks her if she can accept him with her knowing he is still in love with his wife. She asks if he had to say that. He tells her he has to be upfront with her, no lies. He asks if she can accept him on his terms. She tells him she will make love to him. They lie back on the bed with Ava on top of him kissing him.

Lexi tells Abe that Bo and Hope are missing and she didn’t realize it was a problem until they never showed up when Chelsea was readmitted into the hospital. She tells him that isn’t the only thing. She says Steve and Kayla are missing too. Abe says that if the Vitali clan has their friends they could all be in a lot of danger.

When Daniel is out in the hall Abe asks if he can speak to Chelsea about Bo and Hope. He says ok but only if he doesn’t get her upset. Daniel tells Lexi he needs to speak to her for a minute. Abe goes in to see Chelsea and asks her if she knows what is going on with Bo. She says no but she was hoping he would know. She wants to know if her Dad is in some kind of danger. He says well he didn’t say he was. Chelsea says that she knows her Dad, if he wasn’t in trouble he would be there with her right now. When Abe leaves he tells Lexi and Daniel Chelsea is really worried about her parents, and Lexi says she is too.

Jan Barrett

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