Sami walks in and John is there without a shirt on making her uncomfortable so he puts one on. She asks if EJ is home. He says no and asks why, is she looking for him. She says no and then she runs upstairs. Within a minute EJ comes in and whispers to John is Sami home. He says no, but why are they whispering. EJ says because he doesn’t want her to know he is home and then he leaves the room. John tells himself they all say his life is weird. He is sitting by his computer when Marlena walks in smiling. He stands up looking happy to see her there. He asks her how her vacation was. She says it was nice. He wants to know about them, how they stand. She says he gets right to the point. She tells him she thought a lot about it and her only option is to accept him as he is.

He wants to celebrate but she explains that this doesn’t mean she is giving up on finding the old John. He asks her why is she so afraid to get to know him as he is. She tells him she is tired and wants to take a shower. He tells her he hasn’t showered after the gym so maybe he can join her. She says no thanks. He finds a black negligee in her bags and asks her to model it for him. She tells him to put that back but he plays around with her saying he wants to see her with it on. Sami comes downstairs and EJ comes in and they both see John with the negligee in his hands.

Rolf takes out the chip that holds all of John’s memories on it. He thinks back to when Stefano ordered him to erase all of John’s memory. Marlena walks in to ask Rolf something and startles him. When he starts to walk away she asks him what he was just doing. He brushes it off saying only straightening a crooked picture.

Later Sami comes down and thanks Marlena for the gifts she got her. She tells Marlena that all men are pigs. She fills Marlena in on Nicole being back in town. Marlena thinks Sami is starting to get feelings for EJ. Sami is denying it but Marlena tells her she firmly believes that EJ is really trying to change. She says she would like to give EJ the benefit of the doubt. Sami says she can understand how she feels but she just doesn’t agree. EJ walks in and tells Sami that maybe she should listen to her mother. Sami accuses him of eaves dropping.

They start arguing and John walks in and asks them to keep it down because he is trying to work. John orders them all to be quiet when suddenly one of the twins starts crying aggravating John more so he walks out the room. Sami goes to check on the baby and Marlena follows her. Marlena tells her she can’t run from her problems. The phone rings and EJ is talking to the man from Immigration so Sami goes to see what is going on.

Stephanie goes into the Brady Pub and gets upset when she sees Max hugging Morgan. Max explains it was just an innocent hug. She tells him she is just upset from worrying about her parents. When they all go sit at the bar it is clear that one of the customers in the pub is following Stephanie. Max and Morgan start talking about her problems when Stephanie excuses herself saying she has to go to her car to get her cell phone. Morgan says if she needs to make a call she can just use her phone. Stephanie says no thank you. She wants to check hers for messages in case there is some there about her parents. When she goes out the door the guy watches where she goes.

When she comes back in she tells Max that there were no messages. Max teases her for acting jealous over Morgan. She goes over to Morgan to apologize about how she acted but Morgan apologizes to her and says there is nothing going on between her and Max. She suggests to Stephanie that she tells Max she is in love with him.

Stephanie goes to talk to Max but she can’t tell him there. She says she will save it for when they are alone. He says ok hang on and don’t go away. He goes in the kitchen and suddenly all the lights go out and Max comes out and tells everyone they have to leave because the power is temporarily out. When everyone is gone but Stephanie and Morgan he goes and puts the lights back on. When he comes back out Morgan says this is her sign to go so she leaves. When they are alone Stephanie finally tells Max that she is in love with him. She tells him how she pictured herself telling him this. He tells her it isn’t like she pictured it but they have wine and some music and he looks into her eyes and tells her he loves her.

Angelo and one of the goons walk into the room where Kayla is. She demands to know where everyone else is. Angelo tells her they are being looked after. He says they are taking care of the one with the gunshot wound and she need not worry about it. They are taking her to a nice fresh room fixed just for her. She pulls away and says NO. He says she better come along and do as she is told because she doesn’t want to get hurt. She tells him he won’t hurt her since she is pregnant with the baby that Ava wants. She demands to speak to Ava alone. Ava comes in and Kayla talks to her.

She notices she is taking some sort of pills and she asks Ava about them. She asks her if she can see those pills but she says no. Kayla says she is a doctor so maybe she can help her. Ava throws them up and she catches the bottle but after she questions her Ava doesn’t want to talk anymore. Kayla tells her if she is going to take her baby from her she wants to make sure she is healthy enough to raise it.

Ava promises her she will be a good mother. Kayla says she believes her and that’s why they need to talk. Kayla asks Ava if she tried to kill herself. Ava admits she did right after Patch left. She tells Kayla too bad it didn’t work huh. She says she wishes it had. Kayla tells her she knows very well about what she has been diagnosed in having. She says but they usually only last for a month or so. Ava says well so she has been misdiagnosed. Kayla says maybe not. Kayla tells her that if she has been misdiagnosed then maybe the pills would do her more harm than good. She tells Kayla the pills relax her so stop with her damn questions. Kayla tells her she thinks that who ever gave her those pills might not have her best interest at heart.

Jan Barrett

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