Sami is working out when EJ comes in. While they talk Nicole walks in and irritates Sami. Jillian, the trainer from The Biggest Loser tells Nicole “These days we like to say no investment no return. And it looks like your assets are bottoming out.” Sami stands in the back ground and giggles when Nicole says there is nothing wrong with her bottom. Jillian tells her that might be fine while she is young but if she doesn’t do something now it will affect her when she gets older.

Sami is talking with Maggie when she notices EJ has the twins and he has them around Nicole. She goes straight over there and warns Nicole she does not want her around her children. She complains saying she was the only one authorized to take the kids out of day care but EJ says that isn’t true. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t see what the problem is. It isn’t like she has some sort of disease. Sami tells her to stay away from her kids. If she wants kids to have some of her own, and then Sami walks away after the baby starts crying. When Sami is ready to go she warns Nicole to stay away from her children again. Nicole says she doesn’t know what her problem is but she doesn’t want to be around her brats anyway. She says it is a good thing she didn’t have triplets or they wouldn’t have known who the father of the third would have been. Sami takes a swing at Nicole and knocks her to the floor with her fist in her face. EJ jumps in the middle stopping Sami.

John talks to Paul at his house and he asks if Phillip or Victor ever tried to bribe him. He says so much for loyalty and for him trying to keep him out of jail. Paul says he never took any money from the Kiriakis’s. He said yes they offered but he never accepted it. He tells John what they wanted him to do. John tells Paul either he trusts him or he can go back to Victor. Paul tells him he is in. John says that is good and then hands him a wad of money. Paul says it is funny, he got into all of this to regain his daughter’s respect but look at where it has gotten him now.

Phillip is working out when Morgan walks in. He tells Morgan his problem is not with her, it is with her father. Phillip tells her she would be smart to take his advice. He said it is actually for her father. He says he would advise him to steer clear of John Black.
He tells her that John has ruined her father’s job and reputation. He says if he keeps hitching his future to John then things will only get worse.

Morgan starts on her workout while she talks to Phillip. She tells him about how Chelsea is in the hospital. Phillip says he had no idea she was sick again. Morgan tells him that she was white as a ghost when she saw her. He asks if she has been to the hospital but Morgan says they only let family only in and Nick of course. Phillip asks if it would help if he called his father to check on her. She says yes it would, because she is so worried and not knowing what is going on is what makes matters worse. He finds out that Chelsea is going to be ok which helps Morgan’s worries. He offers to try to get her in at the hospital to see Chelsea. When they are about to go he asks her to please ask her father to stay away from John Black.

Kate and Victor and Nick are all worried about Chelsea. Daniel tells them what she has is serious but they have got her started on treatment. When he starts to leave Kate ask him if she is really going to be alright. Daniel tells her he is going to do his damnedest to make sure she is.

Lexi tells Victor about how Kayla and Steve and Bo and Hope have all pulled a disappearing act. He asks her if that is all she knows. Victor says they asked him about the Vitali family. She says she remembers that name from when she was a cop. It is connected to organized crime. She wonders if they should bring the cops in and Victor says no, if Bo said no cops then they should leave them out.

Later when Daniel goes to see Chelsea Kate asks if she is worse. They realize her temperature has come down showing that the treatment is finally starting to work. Daniel tells Victor he would say the prognosis would be in his opinion a complete recovery. Victor tells him that Bo has come up missing. Daniel says he gave Bo strict orders toi stay put and not to over exert himself when he released him. Victor promises to let him know as soon as he can locate them all

Jan Barrett

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