Chelsea has been admitted to the hospital and Lexi asks Daniel if he thinks her fever could be complications from the surgery. Kate pulls Daniel to the side and asks what kind of complications. They want to run tests but Kate doesn’t want to leave her til they tell her what is going on. Nick shows up and tells Chelsea she isn’t supposed to be there. He wants to know what happened. Daniel and Lexi run him and Kate out so they can find out what is causing her fever.

Out in the hall Kate tells Nick she wishes Billie was there and then they say they called Bo but neither could reach him. The nurse goes in and shows Daniel some of the tests results. He puts a rush on the rest of the tests. Chelsea asks him what it is. He doesn’t say anything except that they need to wait til the rest of the results come in. To get her mind off things he asks her if she had her choice of anywhere in the world to go where would she go. She says a few places and then she says Australia. He tells her of a few places her has been in Australia. She says she hopes that one day she will be able to go to a place like that. He tells her she will get the chance.

Chelsea sees right through it and tells him it worked. He says what did, his means of distraction? She says yes. He tells her she is going to be ok and then he leans over to her and kisses her. It was her imagining him kissing her and when she realizes it she hears Daniel telling her that he heart is racing and he asks if she is feeling ok. He tells her he will be right back. Lexi sees Daniel out in the hall and she asks if he got the results back. He says he did, so she asks what they are. He says it is not good.

Ava screams at Steve saying he left her at the altar. She says she will never ever forgive him. Angelo tries to comfort her. Bo whispers to Steve if they don’t get out of there soon bad things are going to happen. Hope tells Ava they understand and Kayla tells her that she can get help. Ava says she hates him and then she says she hates all of them and in a fit of anger she breaks a vase. Ava starts hugging Steve and says she wants to dance.

When she opens her eyes and sees Kayla standing there she starts screaming who invited her there. She says this is her day and she isn’t supposed to be there. Kayla screams at her and blames her for the deaths of the pilots and her Pop. Ava says that was an accident and they were not suppose to die. She says she is sorry about her Pop. Then she leans back on Angelo and she says she wants them all dead.

Kayla begs her not to. She takes Ava’s hand and puts it on Kayla’s stomach telling her to feel the baby. Steve pulls Angelo to the side and tells him if they all die Ava will be blamed. He says she is a good person. She isn’t like her father. He says she isn’t a cold blooded killer. Angelo thinks and then he goes back to Ava and tells the goon to put the gun down.

They tie Kayla and Steve and then Bo and Hope all to chairs and leave the room to decide on what to do leaving one of the guards there to watch them. Bo asks Hope if she is ok and she says she is fine but she is about to pass out only he can’t see. They talk back and forth and Bo says Hope won’t be able to hang on much longer. He asks her again if she is ok but he head just falls. He can’t get her to answer. Kayla says she is unconscious. Bo starts to panic trying to wake her.

Bo asks the guy to untie them because Hope needs help. Kayla asks him to untie her, because she is a doctor and she can take care of her. The guy walks over to Hope and says she is still breathing so she will be ok. Bo tries tripping the guy when he passes next to him and makes him mad. He hits Bo across the face with the gun knocking him out. 

When Angelo and Ava come in they get Angelo to check out Bo and Hope. He says they are both breathing so they are ok. Ava tells them if Angelo says they are ok then that means they are ok. She says she has made a decision and she has decided not to kill them. Kayla asks if she is going to let them go. She says oh no. She is going to keep them there til Kayla has the baby and she is going to keep the baby and then she will decide on who is going to live and who is going to die. With that she walks out the room.

EJ comes home boasting about the office that Mickey set him up in. He tells Sami how nice it is. He notices she seems to be busy and he asks what she is doing. She tells him she is going to the park with the twins. He tells her great he will go with them but she tells him no. He says it will be better if they do this together. She says she can go alone and take care of her children on her own.

She tells him if he goes maybe his client might need him while they are gone. He asks her if this is about Nicole. Sami says she specifically asked him not to represent her. He asks her if they can just forget about her fight with Nicole at Chez Rouge. She asks does that mean he will drop her as his client. She hands him the phone and tells him to call her and tell her to get herself a new lawyer. He said that would be totally unprofessional.

She tells him that until he drops Nicole he is not going to the park or anywhere with his son. He tells her she has no right to do that to him. He throws it up about her past with things that Nicole told him about. She says maybe she could talk to that Immigration officer and tell him a lot of things. He says she won’t do that. He says maybe for once John is right. He thinks she is jealous of Nicole. Sami denies it and she says to give her a break. Sami asks EJ if he is falling for Nicole. He says of course he isn’t falling for her. Sami says fine, he can be with Nicole if he wants to, then she leaves the house with the twins.

Jan Barrett

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