Kate and Chelsea are out for breakfast and Kate thinks it might be a bad idea for them to be out. She finds Chelsea looking a little pale. Chelsea only wants a little tea so that worries Kate. Daniel walks in and says Chelsea promised to take it easy today. He wants to know how she is doing and she says fine. He thinks she is hiding something from him. Daniel gets a call and while he is on the phone Kate takes Chelsea back home. Once they are there Chelsea admits she isn’t feeling good and then she passes out. Kate yells for someone to call 911.

Daniel is knocking at the door when he hears Kate yell so he goes in on his own and looks at Chelsea. Kate asks him where he came from. Daniel says he didn’t think Chelsea looked so good at the pub so he came to check on her. Daniel tells Kate to call for an ambulance while he checks Chelsea out. When they get there they find her blood pressure is up and her temperature is really high. Kate asks if that could be why she passed out. Daniel says could be. Chelsea wakes up before they leave for the hospital. She asks Daniel if he will stay with her. He tells her he won’t leave her, and he will take good care of her.

Nicole tells Phillip that he still hasn’t told her who he wants her to spy on for him. She says she thinks it is Cloe and she says that would make her happy to do. He says it isn’t Cloe but it is someone he thinks she will enjoy spending time with. He tells her it is John Black. She says but John hates her. She goes to the Brady Pub and pretends to accidentally run into John. She introduces herself to him when he doesn’t remember her.

Nicole starts flirting with John. She tells him she has to admit that she use to have a crush on him, then she says well the old John. He says he thought she said the old John was boring. She said she never said he was boring. She asks him if he gets bored all alone in that big house. John tells her he isn’t alone anymore. He says his staff and Rolf are there. Nicole asks John to have dinner with him. He hesitates on the invitation at first so she tells him to relax, she isn’t asking him to marry him,. She is only asking him to go on a date with her. He says ok and asks her if she wants to come to his house for dinner. She agrees.

Paul tells John that he has big problems. He says his ex wife is demanding his child support payments and he has no money. John tells him he is putting him back on top and when he is finished with him he is going to owe him big time.

Morgan catches Phillip spying through the window watching John. She tells him she might look stupid but she can assure him she isn’t. She wants him to quit gunning for her Dad. Phillip says it isn’t her father that he is after. He invites her to join him for some breakfast. She tells him she is there to have breakfast with her father and about then Paul walks up.  Morgan is mad at John and feels uncomfortable sitting where she can see him. Paul tells her that John is a friend of his and he is helping him get out of this mess. He tells her everything is going to be just fine.

Ava tells Hope that she will tell them what Steve done to her that was so bad. Angelo tells her they don’t have time for this and besides it is just a waste of time. Hope tells her that she has been friends with Steve for a long time and she just can’t imagine him doing anything that bad. Bo says he can’t either. Kayla says that is because he wouldn’t. Ava says well she is sure they all know by now that she and Patch were once lovers until her wedding day. She describes the day of the wedding and how she even picked the flowers for her bouquet herself and how nothing else mattered to her because she was about to marry the man of her dreams. Ava tells them she thinks Patch should tell the rest of the story since he is so good at telling stories.

He starts telling her and Ava starts crying. He says he was starting to have flash backs and he didn’t understand what was going on. He said he doesn’t know what happened but the next thing he knew he was outside the door. He said he knew he had to go back inside and explain it to her but before he could two guys grabbed him and threw him in the back seat of his car. Ava asks him if he really expects her to believe that. Steve looks at her and says it is the truth. Ava asks him if he has any idea how she felt. She says she wanted to die right there.

He tells her there is more if she will just let him finish. Everyone else says let him go on. She says ok go ahead and finish. He starts telling her about how Stefano DiMera had kidnapped him and wiped his memory out and how he made everyone think he was dead. Ava admits that Hope had mentioned to her about that part. He said after that he met her and he fell in love with her and he wanted to marry her. He said it killed him that he could never tell her good bye. He says he swears on his life that this is all the truth.

Ava tells him she will take the story from there since he obviously doesn’t know the rest. She says she ran after him but she couldn’t catch him. She says the next thing she remembers is waking up and being in the hospital. She said when she was released her father had her brought there and she has been held prisoner ever since. Steve tells her he is so sorry. She says that is all she has been hearing from him. She starts screaming that she hates him and she hits him and tears were in everyone’s eyes.

Jan Barrett

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