Max is in bed sleeping when someone comes in through his bedroom window. It is Stephanie and she wakes him up. She tells him she couldn’t sleep. He looks at the clock and tells her it is 3 am. She tells him her Mom is missing and she doesn’t know what to do. She is worried that maybe Ava has her Mom now too. She thinks about what Steve told her about how dangerous this woman Ava is. Max asks her if she feels better and she says yes but she just wishes she knew where her Mom was. Max tells her he thinks that Bo is with her Mom. He says they both were released from the hospital at the same time. She says that could be true.

Nicole comes downstairs dressed all sleazy and she stops to think about the day she overheard Cloe talking about Brady to Phillip. She finds Phillip downstairs sitting in the dark and asks him if he can’t sleep either. Phillip asks her how much has she had to drink tonight and then asks if she really needs another one. She says she doesn’t need one but she does want one. Phillip asks Nicole why she came back to Salem now. She starts to say she told him but he says he knows she told him it was for money but he doesn’t believe her.

He wants to know why now after she had been gone for over 2 years. He wants to know if something happened to her in Los Angeles. He tells her he wants the truth but before she can say anything else Cloe comes in and accuses Nicole of calling the Austrian Consulate. Finally she admits she did it and then she says it was because she thinks Cloe knows something about Brady’s disappearance and she has made it her mission to prove it. Cloe claims she had nothing to do with Brady disappearing. Cloe gets mad and shoves Nicole starting a fight between them. Phillip breaks them up and says to stop it before they wake up his Dad.

He sends Cloe up to bed and says he and Nicole have some business to finish. Nicole tries to go to bed but he stops her and says he isn’t done with her yet. Phillip tells her that if something happens to his Father he gets everything that his father owns and she will get nothing. She asks him what he wants from her. He tells her he wants her to work for him. Phillip tells her his father is planning on delaying their divorce til he dies and then she will get nothing. He says if she does what he wants her to do then he will help her get her divorce and get a fair settlement. She asks how much of a settlement. He says let’s say it will be one where she will never have to work again

Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla are going out the door when Ava picks up the gun and shoots Hope. Bo pulls a gun on Ava and is about to shoot her when Steve stops him. He knocks Ava out and they check on Hope. Kayla looks at the wound while Steve ties Ava up. He tells them they need to get out of there fast.

They get Hope where she is stable enough to walk out. Steve tells Kayla that he and Hope had everything under control but the look on Hope’s face contradicts that. They say they need to get the hell out of there so they leave the room leaving Ava tied up to a chair knocked out. They are trying to find a way out the house when Ava’s goons walk in holding guns on them. They tell Bo and Steve to drop their weapons. Bo tells them to drop theirs first and they say yeah right. The alarm stops ringing and suddenly Hope starts to pass out causing the guard to leap towards them.

Ava dreams in the chair about when she and Patch were together. She remembers telling him that deep down he has a good heart. She told him she knows he would never hurt her. She says she feels so good with him and he makes her feel safe. He told her she is his angel and she saved his life. She told him he saved hers too in ways he will never know. She dreams of them kissing. Suddenly she wakes up and says “Patch, How could you do this to me?”

Ava’s goons bring them all back to Ava’s room. She tells them to untie her. She looks at Steve she asks him how could he do this to her. Then she looks at Kayla and asks her if she is Steve’s wife, Kayla. She says yes and she must be Steve’s crazy ex girlfriend. Ava says she is not crazy and then suddenly starts with the headache and ringing in her head. She tells them all to shut up and when all is quiet she says that is better. She looks at the 4 of them and then tells them she is so sick of this and orders the goons to kill all of them.

Steve begs her not to kill anyone else. He tells her Kayla and Bo and Hope are innocent. He wants her to blame him for all of this not them. He says she can hurt him. She applauds him for his performance but says she doesn’t believe him. She goes up to Kayla and shoves her back on the bed. Steve grabs her and yells at her not to touch Kayla. Ava says OK, she says fine. She walks towards the door where her goons are standing and takes a gun from one of them and points it at Steve. Angelo walks in and grabs the gun from Ava telling her that her father wouldn’t want her to do the job no matter how much he wants to see Patch dead. She says he is right and then tells him he can do it for her then. Steve tries talking to Ava. He says she is not the woman he fell in love with.

Jan Barrett

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