Bo and Kayla walk in holding guns to save Steve and Hope! Sami gets a glimpse of the Old John! Ava shoots Hope!

Sami and EJ have a discussion over the twins. EJ wants to know why Sami seems so tense and she tells him several reasons one being that she is living there with the next generation of Salem’s most evil residents. John walks in and tells her she doesn’t have to worry, because even though he and Elvis may both be DiMera’s they are both on opposite sides. Then he asks isn’t that right, Elvis. Sami asks him what does that mean. He says that it seems that EJ is working for his enemy. EJ asks since when is Mickey Horton his enemy. John says he isn’t but Nicole Kiriakis is. Sami says well Nicole is a low life slut.

EJ tells John that Nicole is a Kiriakis in name only and she may very well hate the Kiriakis’s more than he does. He tells John that by law he is bound by the privilege to privacy in this case. Sami asks if he is going to protect Nicole’s privacy. He says regardless of what she thinks he has decided to take the case. John says well actually he hasn’t decided to let him yet. EJ asks if he heard him right. John says he hasn’t decided if he will allow his nephew work on this case. EJ tells John that he doesn’t take orders from anyone. He gets mad and tells Sami to get the kids and her things because they are leaving. Sami tells him she is not going anywhere. They argue over his representing Nicole. She says they have no money and nowhere to go so she is refusing to leave.

When EJ goes to check on the babies John and Sami have a talk about Nicole. Then John asks about whether she talked to her mother. Sami starts to see a glimpse of the old John. He tells her that she and her twins are safe as long as they are living in his house. She thanks him. Later John tells EJ that he thinks Sami is jealous of Nicole.

Kayla and Bo are outside the compound when Bo looks like he is hurt. Kayla checks on him when the dogs start barking. Bo is hurting so Kayla wants to go on without him. Bo says no way because if anything happens to her Steve would never forgive him, and then he says hell he would never be able to forgive himself. She tells him he is in too much pain so he needs to go with her plan but even with Bo arguing she walks out and the guards spot her and tell her to freeze. She holds her hands up and tells them she wants to see Ava now. Bo hides in the bushes so they don’t see him. The guard tells her that she is trespassing. Kayla tells him she is Steve Johnson’s wife. The guy says that is impossible. She says she is the real Kayla Johnson and she wants to see Ava right now. They start to walk off to take her to see Ava when Bo hits one of the guards on his head knocking him out and then he knocks the other one out.

Angelo puts Steve and Hope in the same room together and they say security problems. Steve listens at the door and he hears Ava ask Angelo what is going on. He tells her they have intruders. She panics but he tells her not to worry that they have Patch and Kayla (Hope) secured til they can find the intruders. Angelo tells her that her father won’t be happy if he finds out she has brought people there. He tells her there is only one way to fix that. Steve and Hope are listening through the door. Hope asks Steve what he thinks will happen to them. Steve says he thinks Ava will want to get rid of the evidence. Hope asks if he means Ava will have them killed.

Steve bangs on the door and yells for Ava. Angelo tells her not now, it is a bad time. Steve tells her he wants to see her. He says he heard her voice out there so he wants to see her. Ava tells Angelo to open that door now, Patch wants to see her and she wants to see him. When she goes in to see Steve he tells her he is ready for them to pick up from where they left off. He suggests that they go away together. Angelo reminds her that this is not the right time. Ava tells him Angelo is right, it is not a good time right now. Steve says ok he understands but then he tells her how he remembered all the good times they had when they were together and asks her if she remembers them. She remembers and starts thinking about it.

Suddenly Ava starts acting weird and then starts holding her head. Angelo shuts the door and tells Patch she needs her medicine. Ava is fighting them screaming no. Steve fights with Angelo telling him to leave her alone. He says something is wrong with her. Steve tells Angelo she is trying to sort through her feelings after Ava says she doesn’t want to be responsible for more bloodshed. Steve tells her she doesn’t have to kill anyone. She says they can’t be together as long as his wife is alive though. He says just let her go.

Angelo pushes Steve out the way to get to Ava to try and force her to take the medicine but Steve grabs him and punches him. Hope goes after Angelo’s gun but he is too quick. He tells Steve he is going to regret doing that. He knocks Steve out with a gun and they tie him and Hope up. Angelo comes in after Steve wakes up. He tells them that Ava brought this mess in and now he has to clean it up.

A guard on the radio calls for Angelo telling them that they just found two of their guys handcuffed and knocked out behind bushes on the grounds so who ever it was that broke in must still be on the grounds. Angelo tells Ava not to worry they will get out of this before her father finds out. Angelo tells Ava he will take care of it but he wants her to stay put. Before he walks off she hugs him telling him she is so sorry.

She lifts the room key from his pocket without him knowing it. She thinks back to when she told Steve that she has to get her guards to take care of Kayla. She goes in the room and tells Steve she can’t let them go because she doesn’t believe anything he told her. She asks him if the intruders that are there are here for him and Kayla, right. Just then a voice says, that’s right and it is Bo and Kayla (the real Kayla) holding a gun on Ava. They tell Ava that she kidnapped the wrong woman. They try going out the door when suddenly Kayla doubles over. When they all grab Kayla Ava sees a gun, picks it up and shoots hitting Hope.

Jan Barrett

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